I WANT TO (fill in the blank)!!!!

WANT: Verb (Used with object);  To feel a need or a desire for; wish for: to want one’s dinner; always wanting something new.

Want- is the one word I hear from guys from all across the pick-up community more than anything else. They say things like, I want to sleep with 9’s and 10’s, I want to start going out more to meet women, I want to open better, I want to stop being scared to approach women, I want to learn Day Game, I want a threesome, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want…….. The list goes on and on. Could there possibly be an end to any of this? Chances are, if you are saying “I want” to any of the above than you are more than likely saying “I want” to ALL of the above and then some! Continue reading

What does being a great Pick-Up Artist mean?

What does being a great pick-up artist mean? I think this is the million dollar question for most men. How will you know when you’re finally good at meeting women from a cold approach? What is it all about? It took me a few years to figure it out for myself but when I did I had a smile on my face for days! Continue reading

I’m exhausted… 4 nights in a row!

I’d love to write a LR for each girl this past weekend but I’m just waking up and not in the mood to write a full novel but what I will do is break it down to a degree. My game right now is on fire and I have more women in my life than I can possibly handle. I think I’m going to do some Spring cleaning and narrow it down to the ones that I have a higher compatibility with and cut the rest from team GlennP. Continue reading

Shit tests… Can you handle them? Some examples from me at the bottom of this post…

Good ol’ shit tests. You gotta love them. When passed, you can see attraction go through the roof! Her pussy gets wet and tingly. You just told her that you ARE the man who is gonna ravish her from head to toe. When failed… You are almost certainly put into the chump category along with all the other undesirables. If anyone needs an explanation of what a shit test is, just ask and I will explain it but for now, I wanna tell you a little story and see how you would handle a certain “SHIT-TEST!” Continue reading


I love this routine for getting lots of phone numbers from hot ass chicks! I can’t believe I’m actually sharing this. Brad even told me NOT to share this little routine! It might be something you’ve heard before?! It might be something totally new to your ears! It’s seriously the best routine ever and it’s been left out of every so called “routines book” in the PUA marketplace. Only read more of this post if you’re truly ready for the most awesome routine ever posted!

Here’s how the routine goes. Follow it to the letter. It will not fail you! Get out your paper and pencils. Copy this down now!   You don’t want to forget this when your out in the field and…… I just might take this post down in the next few days! Here it is… I even highlighted this routine in RED so you can’t miss it… Continue reading

Ho Ho Ho… Merry Pick Up!

The countdown to New Year’s has begun, a brand new new year is on the horizon and have you fulfilled last years promises about becoming a better pick up artist, achieving your dating goals, approaching more women and bettering yourself in all areas of your life yet alone preparing for new set of promises/ New Years resolutions that may or may not be fulfilled?

It’s gonna be 2012 in just a few days. You’ll have 365 new days to fulfill your dreams of seducing beautiful women. AND… Let me tell you that 365 days is a very long time. A lot can be done in 365 days. Let’s do a little math here… Shall we? Good! Let’s talk about approaches! Continue reading