Glenn P. is one of the best coaches out there!!!…..
He not just understands female psyche but he explains it to you in a way that is very easy to understand. In my 1 on 1 with him i learned so much about women and inner game than all those years reading about the community and trying different techniques. Within those hours i spent with him my game improved a lot, my confidence went through the roof and the response from women were absolutely amazing.
The best part is that he will not just teach you that day and forget about you. He’ll try to help you as much as he can. Proof to that is that he does what none of the other coaches do, and that is this blog, where he gives you information on how to develop and improve your game, you can ask any question and he’ll answer it. It might take time, but hey!! What else you expect from the world greatest pickup artist?!?




Glenn is one of the greatest guys on earth! His skills with women are insane and his coaching is top notch. I worked with EVERY other pick-up company there is and when I was at the end of my ropes and about to give up I found Glenn P. Thank God I did! He helped me get past all of my limiting beleifs and helped me take my game to the level of the worlds best! I have no problems generating attraction and getting dates now. My approach anxiety is totally gone. My life has been transformed. I never want to lose these skills. I will always keep working on myself and my game!

Jon Strats


“I have paralyzing anxiety”- those were my first words to Glenn.  Six hours and five months later I haven’t said those words again.  Glenn made me a machine.

I was turning 25 and I knew that my crippling fear of women was not something I was going to out grow.  After one more night of the same routine, me seeing a girl I thought was hot, not being able to open my mouth and then going home by myself I was finally ready to do whatever it took. I felt awful.

I had been listening to tapes and watching vides on meeting chicks for a year, but it didn’t make things better, actually it made me feel like even more of a failure.  I knew I had to grab this thing by the balls so I signed up for a special 1 night workshop with GlennP-BradP and the other coaches.  I ended up spending most of my night with Glenn.

Looking back, I wish I’d done a 1 on 1 and spent the entire day with him.  He’s got superpowers.

I watched him take those ridiculous sounding openers and make chicks melt into the sidewalk, again and again.  Another time, I pissed this chick off and he went right over to her, stroked her shirt and she almost came.  It was unreal.

After a few approaches Glenn identified my problem.  I smashed through it.  Then we found the next issue.  And I broke through that barrier too.  It wasn’t just some theoretical bullshit- Glenn systematically improved my game.

What I appreciated was that Glenn was a real coach- he could pass his information on in a way that I could I use it immediately and get results.  I ended the night with a fistful of numbers and kissed two chicks at the same time (they opened me…wtf.).  To some that’s not a lot, to me that was more then I’d had in years.

I can’t believe I wasted so many years of my life afraid to talk to women.  It’s actually fun and I owe it to Glenn P.  I would without a doubt recommend him to you, the guy who’s tired of the way things have been going.

It might be humbling to admit you need help.  It might seem like money better spent elsewhere.  But I had enough frustration that I was willing to do anything and it changed my life.

Thanks Glenn,



I have had the good fortune of knowing Glenn P for the last five years. In that time I have recognized Glenn as a responsible, caring, and intergral member of our society.   Glenn’s heart is enormous and is always trying to help people reach their full social, physical and mental potential.

Glenn is a dynamo when it comes to strengthening the grasp people can have within their own personal social expansion.  His attention to detail and concrete life-lessons serve as the bedrock to any human spirit reaching its full potential. Glenn has aided me on numerous occasions in expanding my circle of friends by instilling in me the confidence to explore different cultural and artistic activities in New York City. Whether it be attending an art gallery, poetry reading, a wine tasting, learning the benefits of yoga  or expanding my career network reach Glenn has been a trusted ally to this pursuit.

Next, as Glenn’s social growth began to sprout new roots within me – I began to externally wear this fresh and exciting enlightenment. This unique confidence was evident in his fashion advice that’s tailor made for my inner persona. Glenn emphasized alpha characteristics that can be touted to help showcase my individual spirit.  Glenn understands the total package that people should outwardly display in helping reach any multitude of personal or professional goals. His attention to detail and outward and inner beauty makes Glenn a truly unique and trusted individual.

Finally, Glenn helped me take my burgeoning inner and outer confidence to new heights when it came to meeting women. Through most of my life I found that I was only attracting one specific type of female.  I knew I had more to showcase that would ultimately open my world to other females but was lacking the confidence and know-how to proceed.  Glenn patience was unmatched when it came to elevating my characteristics that were consistent with the needs of the twenty-first century woman.  Glenn promoted my inner and outer beauty so that women would take notice. He helped deconstruct any anxiety I had in approaching women.  Glenn’s listening skills are so acute that he was able to process a specific plan that was best laid for me in attaining my ideal female companion.

Simply put, there should be more Glenn P’s in this world.


Brian Schulz

New York, NY


I recently had the pleasure of working with Glenn. I came to Glenn because I was at a point in my life where I belived that I had reached my limits I felt  that my life was going nowhere and I was not sure what my next move in life should be.  I contacted Glenn in desperation hoping he may be able to steer me in the right direction. Upon our meeting I told Glenn I wanted to work on goal setting, life purpose, dating and direction. Working with Glenn was really the defining point in my life. I now look at life much differently then I did prior to our meeting. I am more confident and I look forward to achiving the goals Glenn had help me set. I am no longer depressed and feel great overall I have to attribute all of this thanks to my coaching session with Glenn.

Since working with Glenn I have recomended many of my friends to him in which he has helped as well. Glenn is an abundance of Great information and I look forward to the day when I will be privaleged to work with him again.

I would be happy to discuss my support in further detail if needed.


Paul Hagan


I first found out about Glenn P. through a very close friend of mine and I had told him that I was having difficulty getting my lifestyle, dating and fashion sense in order as well as my relationship with my family, friends and women… That was some time ago… So I contacted the Underground Dating Seminar as I was curious about dating education as well and my frined said that Glenn might be able to help me with that as well.. When I called to find out more I was told that there were dating coaches to choose from and lifestyle coaches. I could not afford both so I chose Lifestyle as that was most important to me at the time. Glenn was their number one Dating and lifestyle coach.

With my work with Glenn I have truely become a better more confident person and can for the first time say that I have a better relationship with myself as well as my friends, peers and co-workers and women. He was a wonderful person to be around and even better to work with. I hope to use his services again in the future.. He literally has transformed this shy, co-dependent person into a new human being, a better person to be around and a better contribution to society!! Since working with Glenn my dating life has been better than it has ever been!

Jon Scrant-


I was first introduced to Glenn Jason through the Underground Dating Seminar, Inc. At the time, the Underground Dating Seminar Inc. was primarily known for offering dating advice and coaching. And indeed, during my time with Glenn we focused solely and intently on maximizing and optimizing my image, my attraction game and evaluating my life goals.

Through my work with Glenn, I have grown into a more confident and effective as a person. He intently listened to my needs and gently directed me towards becoming a better version of myself. Through my work with Glenn P. my pick-up skills have skyrocketed and have had more dates than I can handle. Thank you Glenn.

I whole heartedly and completely endorse Glenn P’s character and fitness.


E. H.


I first met Glenn through the Underground Dating Seminar, Inc.  At the time, the Underground Dating Seminar, Inc. was mostly known for offering dating advice and coaching.

When I spend time with Glenn fashion, pick-up and life coaching was all we focused on. Glenn took me shopping and we went to the diesel store and showed me how to shop for fitted jeans. We also went a couple of vintage stores around the city to shop. Glenn is really patient, nurturing and caring. He could have easily just picked the clothes for me. But he actually took the time to teach me to have an eye from the things I needed to get.

Glenn P. gave me routines that were amazing and always worked. I was amazed. His demo sets were flawless and effortless! He has the gift. He basically taught me everything he knows.

Throughout our time together I also noticed that Glenn is very spiritual person and his ability to attract women is legendary.  He really cares about nature and takes a leadership role in being responsible for our environment. It was very inspiring and it motivated me to act this way. I am proud to say that because of Glenn I was inspired to fill volunteering applications to hospitals so I can teach music to children with cancer. I must still do the interview so I am really excited about that.

During our life coaching part, we sat down at a little restaurant called Pure Food and Wine and Glenn encouraged me to pursue my dreams and go for after what I want in life.  He gave me the example of his life and how he achieves his dream. He is a very inspiring person and has been one of my role models.

My life has completely turned around since I met Glenn. I can get dates anytime I want and now I completely understand why women act the way they do. I am very grateful of the time spend together. It was a turning point in my life that I will never forget. Glenn did truly change my life.

This is a person who adds great value to our world and I am glad to have met him.


“Anyone who has a chance to do a workshop with Glenn P should not think twice. Jump at the chance to transform your dating life in the space of 72 hours. Glenn P is a bona fide Master Pick Up Artist. The term is bandied about lightly, but Glenn is the real deal. This is a man who cut his teeth on 400 approaches a week, and whose identity is unmistakeable in the field. He has done such a painstaking and thorough job of developing an attractive and unique identity and of honing his pickup skills, that I could totally envision him doing same night pulls night after night. During the workshop, however, his focus is not on pulling girls for himself, but rather on helping his students. He will spend hour after hour with you and he will put you into more sets, have you do more approaches, than you’ve probably done in your entire life before that. He will pick apart every approach you do, and by the end of the workshop, you will be far more aware of what your real strengths and weaknesses are in the field. His assistant, Mark, has great game, and also be relentless about getting you to approach and to work on your sticking points. The feedback they provide is honest and right on the money. To sum it up, if you have doubts about how good Glenn’s game is, stop doubting. He will demo any kind of approach you want to see. If you have doubts about whether you will get to spend time in the field and do lots of approaches, forget about it: you will do so many approaches that you won’t be able to keep track of them all. Glenn P’s workshop is not the typical community seminar that is heavy on classroom seminars. You will get more openers and routines than you could ever use, but more than anything, your classroom will be the field, and you will spend a weekend constantly approaching and improving, and finally understanding all the stuff you’ve been reading about. In a word, Glenn P’s workshop is transformative. Don’t miss it!” – Christian

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  1. Glenn skyrocketed my game more in one day than I could in a year! The man knows his stuff. He could easily spot my weaknesses and correct them. I highly recommend taking a coaching session with him. I’ve tried lots of different dating companies (which I shall not name). None compare to Glenn P. None!

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