A new way at looking at Pick-Up? Maybe…

statemodelI was out with a student and he was watching me do a demo and getting this super cute red-head all hot and flustered in her panties and after I got her phone number, I walked over to him and broke down the set. I was telling him what I did, why I did it, why it worked, what I said to her and what she said to me… And as I was breaking down my Game to him, I said something that I’ve never said before. It was a huge Ah-ha moment for both me and him. I kinda felt like the Albert Einstein of Pick-Up and I knew that I needed to share this with my readers as I think if they(YOU) can adopt this mentality and think of cold-approach pick-up in these terms you might be able to have some more success.

It all boils down to a concept that once understood will re-frame your way of thinking about Pick-Up and what your goal actually is.

PIck-Up can be summed up in one simple term. It’s a term that truly encompasses everything about Pick Up that you need to know. If you can remember this when you’re out sarging, it will certainly change everything.

It’s…. State Management

Essentially we are trying to become better “State Managers”!

Think about it for a moment…

When you walk up to a woman and you are trying to attract her, all that you are doing is eliciting a certain “state” from her. If you’re losing her, you raise her state to get back into you. If she “shit tests” you, you reply in a certain way that either raises or detracts from her current state.

If you’re battling approach anxiety, you’re in a bad state of mind. The way out of this mind-set is to get yourself into a better state! A state that is more empowering and confident!

If you’re back at your place with a chick and it’s about to get pretty hot and heavy… You’re both in a sexual state. If she’s putting up some LMR(last minute resistance) she’s in a state that’s not allowing her to say yes to herself to have sex with you and your job is to change her state of mind from a “NO’ to a “YES”!

If you find yourself in flirting war with a woman, you’re raising her state.

If you’re in deep-rapport with a woman, you’re eliciting another state from her. A state of connectedness and closeness and trust.

Come to think of it, I can’t really think of any area of pick-up that isn’t “state” related.

When you kino, you’re raising her state into a more sexual one. If she’s friend zoned you, she doesn’t view you as a sexual option for her which is just a state of mind that she’s in. That’s why we do certain things to try and get “un-friend-zoned”. I.E. Changing her state.

And some states are harder to change than others but certainly not impossible.

We are all just becoming better managers of state! Learn to properly manage another persons state, and the world is yours. Learn to manage your state at will and miracles will happen.

Think of motivational speakers… They are professional state raisers!

Guys who are great with women are just better able to manage a woman’s state as well as their own.

Next time you’re out picking-up chicks, take a close look at what state you creating in her… and try to calibrate accordingly. If she’s low energy, raise her state. If she’s only somewhat interested in you, raise her state…

Please share your thoughts and lemme know if you agree or disagree. I love hearing from you guys! Hope you all are having an awesome Summer and getting laid.

Text Game Fully Explained…

hot-girl-textingThis has got to be one of the BIGGEST questions I get asked besides how to be beat approach anxiety… “Glenn, What’s the best way to text a girl to get her out on a date?”.

You might be somewhat surprised but texting a chick into the bedroom is one of the easiest things ever! It doesn’t take much skill at all. There are millions of women being texted everyday and there are millions of chicks meeting up with the lame guys texting them… but most of these people haven’t met their potential new sexual partners from a cold-approach. They’re usually Facebook friends, blind-dates, from social circles, co-workers, etc… But rarely are women meeting men from a cold-approach. Here’s where the dilemma arises!

Here’s the deal… If you’re meeting a woman from a cold-approach and you can’t get her out on a date or if you’re constantly losing her over texting than…. Chances are it’s not your texting that sucks!


Just because she gave you her phone number doesn’t mean she’ll meet up with you for a date and it definitely doesn’t mean she’ll have sex with you! It doesn’t take much to get a phone number from a girl… As a matter of fact, it only takes a tiny bit of interest from a woman to agree to give you her number…

The real reason most guys lose the girl they got a phone number from isn’t from bad texting, it was because your game wasn’t good enough to seal the deal.

Texting, although it could be a very powerful tool in your PUA arsenal of tricks should only be a formality, a prelude to the actual date!

If you’ve run solid game, your texting just has to be normal at best to get her out on the date.

If you’ve run some shitty game, than you have a lot of work to do with texting to get her out on a date!

Now, can you run some killer text game to get her super turned on and ready to fuck you the second she meets up with you for the first time? Of course you can.

Can you text a chick into liking you more than she already does? Of course you can.

Can you come across creepy and fail some of her tests that she gives you along the way via texts? Yes!

Nowadays my game is all about sealing the deal before we ever meet up. If I decide to go out on a date with a chick you better believe that she’ll be 100% committed to hooking up with me the very same night we have our date. I make sure that all the work is done before we meet up. The date is just a formality. This is why I never get any LMR(Last minute resistance)!

I do this by making sure my cold approach is rock solid! I screen for compatibility, sexual receptiveness and personality traits that I know will lead to sex. I make sure there’s massive attraction. I qualify the hell out of her. I make sure there’s plenty of chemistry and connection(Rapport) and I am constantly testing her level of compliance and commitment to my advances!

I won’t even ask her for a phone number unless all the above is in place or it will be a waste of my time. This is why when I text a girl for the first time she’s immediately responding and asking me out on the date!

My Pick-Up has to be rock-solid because I know that if it’s not, I’ll get a flake or have to spend way too much time texting a chick into the bedroom. I just don’t have the time anymore to play games or spend two weeks texting a chick to get her out on a date with me!

And I like to do as little work as possible when it comes to seducing women. I’m kinda lazy in that area nowadays. I prefer to do the bare minimum of game for sex and it works like magic, at least for me.

But… If you want to improve your text game or if you’re losing chicks over texting than you need to take a really close look at your game! This is where your problem really is.

Like I said, it doesn’t take much to get a chick out on a date and you don’t really need fancy texting skills either… You just really need to make your approaches better and more powerful.

If your pick-up is amazing, you’ll need very little text game to get laid!

Now… Go out and meet some women. Make you approaches magical, spend some quality time with her when you meet her and you’ll see how little text game you need to get laid!

Who’s gonna pay the check???

bill1We’ve all been on a date and the bill gets dropped on your table and there comes a moment of awkwardness(At least for the guy) about who should pay… personally, I think that assumption that a man should be responsible to pay the bill is utter and complete bullshit!

After all, just because we asked a girl out on a date to get to know her better doesn’t mean any sort of financial commitment, does it? Hell no… I’ve actually had women ask me out on a date and than expect me to pay for them. WTF???

Does paying for her night of free drinks and food make men look any better in her eyes? If it did, than we’d always be getting laid for just paying for the bill, wouldn’t we? But the sad fact is that women don’t fuck guys just because he pays for her and it doesn’t make him more attractive in her eyes either. There’s either sexual chemistry or there isn’t. She wants to hook up with or she doesn’t and paying the bill isn’t going to stack the odds in your favor. Believe me on this!

So… What should we do and how can we avoid always paying for her?

Here’s a few things to consider, that I do…

Go for drinks and not dinner!!!! Dinner is always a bad idea anyway… When you get to the bar, say to the girl… “I’ll buy the first round, you get the second round. Deal?” She’ll always say ok! And make her pay for the second round! Don’t be a pussy!

Now… there will be times where a woman will say… “But, I’m used to the guy paying and taking me out.” If you hear these words, say this and nothing else!!!!!!!!

“And I’m used to getting a blowjob for paying… It’s up to you!”

Here’s something else that I do….

If I’m at a place where we can’t order rounds of drinks and it’s going to be put on a check… What I’ll do is, when the check arrives I’ll ask the girl if she has a quarter… She always says “Yeah. Why?”. Then I tell her that “We’re going to flip the quarter to see who pays for who. If it lands on heads, I pay. If it lands on tails you pay! Orrrrrrrr we can just split it so it’s fair!” It works like magic! I promise… I’ve actually had to flip that quarter a few times and sometimes I pay and sometimes she pays but in either scenario you’re not the chump who automatically assumes he’s paying which is far better than trying to buy you’re way into her pants.

Dating can be expensive if you’re always going to be the person paying…. If you go out on two dates a week, you’ll probably spend about $100 a week. That’s $5,200 a year! Fuck that…. The average woman goes out on two to three dates a week… She’s saving thousands of dollars a year and getting her belly filled for free with great food and drinks by Beta boys she won’t sleep with. Seem a little unfair???? Will she think that it’s unfair? NO WAY!

There comes a time where once you and a woman get to know each other a little better that you should pay for her. There’s something to be said about taking your chick out for a night on the town… This is always after you’ve had sex and you’ve been seeing each other after a month or two BUT you shouldn’t pay every single time. Once in while, say “I got dinner/drinks the last time. Why don’t you get it this time.” She’ll actually respect you more for taking this approach.

Hope this clears some things up!!!

I Have A Boyfriend….

boyfriendDon’t worry… I don’t have a boyfriend and no, I’m not gay and coming out of the closet! Wouldn’t that make some big news in the PUA community if that was what this post was about???

I was recently working with a student on his DayGame. He’s a great guy, very successful and handsome. He’s basically overcome all Approach Anxiety but there was something lacking in his game and he wasn’t able to figure out what was wrong. So, he gave me a call, booked a one-on-one and before he knew we were in the field talking to women.

The first thing I noticed was the he had great body language, his positioning was perfect and wasn’t fidgety or nervous while he was approaching but yet the first 10 women he approached said, “Sorry, I have a boyfriend”! Now, unless this guy had the worst luck in the world and every woman he approaches has a boyfriend, there must be something going on with his game that’s causing women to give him the boyfriend excuse. What was interesting was the fact that he never got blown out, they all talked to him and then within minutes they told him about their imaginary boyfriends.

It’s definitely likely that maybe 2-3 of those women actually had boyfriends and were telling the truth but all 10 or so???? No way!

Women will throw out the boyfriend excuse for one of 3 reasons:

1) She really has a boyfriend and is NOT interested in cheating on him

2) She really has a boyfriend and is subtly letting you know her deal and testing to see if you’re OK with it. In other words, she’s trying to find out if you’re the type of guy who will get her busted for cheating and ruin her pretty little way of life.

3) She¬† doesn’t have a boyfriend, feels bad for you and wants to let you down easy!

#3 IS THE WORST KIND!!!!!!!!! Who wants a girls sympathy anyway?

And that is what this guy was getting… Like I said earlier, women weren’t blowing him out. They’d usually talk with him for a few minutes and then give him the bad news about their wonderful monogamous relationship that they were in!

So, what was going on with this game and what did we do about it??? The sad truth is that there wasn’t much we could fix in just one day. He had a lifetime of experiences and beliefs that he needed to start working on to start truly succeeding…


Even though we couldn’t “fix” his entire belief system in just one day we did work on some stuff to give him the advantage that he was looking for to get laid.

That’s the beauty of learning Dating Education. You can still get results while you’re working on yourself. You don’t need to be 100% fixed or cured before you can start getting laid on a regular basis! Most guys get that part wrong!

The first thing I had my student do is when a woman said they had a boyfriend was to say…

1) That’s cool, we’ll be discreet.

2) (sexy eye contact) I never said I wanted a girlfriend(and grab her hand to hold it)! (Implying that he was there talking to her for only sex)

3) Her: I have a boyfriend… Him: How does he treat you?…. Her: Good…. Him: I wouldn’t do that! (credit Fader)

AND ESCALATE AGGRESSIVELY WITH KINO… Put it all on the line at that point! She’s either in or she’s running away.

Can anyone guess what my students main problem was and why I gave him this stuff to say???

If you were thinking it was related to his value-projection, you were right! He also had a slight case of approval seeking going on as well…

Even though his body language was great, his eye contact was strong, his voice tome was awesome and he was good looking… He was still unable to convey any type of value with women he was approaching due to his negative internal dialogue. He had some nice-guy issues going on and on some level he didn’t believe he was worthy of the woman’s attraction and started to exhibit some needy behavior.

The Second thing I did was to have him say some pretty sexual-ballsy banter lines in the beginning of his interactions. My goal was to throw her off of the scent of his low value and raise his value slightly higher than hers. It worked great!

The banter lines + lots of kino + boyfriend lines = Success…

It’s kinda funny that once I gave him the ballsy banter lines and had him aggressively kino throughout his interactions , he heard the words, ” I have a Boyfriend” so much less.

He left the coaching session with 4 phone numbers and a new empowering hope that he could actually do this and get laid while trying!

I guess the point I’m trying to make is that with Dating Education you don’t need to be perfect on the inside to see outer results. You can somewhat fake it until you make it…

Even though he was faking it and seeing some instant results I could tell that it was having an immediate impact on his beliefs and internal dialogue. Sometimes that best and fastest way to change is from the outside in…

Sorry for being absent for a while… I was away on vacation for about 2 weeks with no laptop and I’ve been literally locked up in a room working on putting the finishing touches on all of my products. It’s a lot more work than I’ve ever thought but I want to deliver to you guys and I want to deliver some killer products and services at all costs! It’s worth it to me….

Great new routine….

goatsI just love when it when I coach someone, take him out into the field and watch him transform right before my very eyes. It’s the ultimate reward for me. Helping someone achieve his goals and than looking into his eyes as he slowly starts to realize that he “Can do this”! I refer to it as his epiphany moment. It’s the moment where my students see what he’s capable of when it comes to cold approach pick-up, it’s the moment where his inner confidence shines through, it’s the AH-HA moment… After all these years I still love it just as much as the first time I saw it. It never gets old.

A few weeks ago I was out running around in NYC with a student and he came up with a great spin on an old routine! And this routine was KILLER… I’ve since adjusted it a bit but I’m gonna save my tweak for one of my books that I’m releasing but his original take on it is awesome. It was so awesome that I just had to share it with everyone. Here it goes!

You: So, where did you grow up?

Her: (Wherever)

You: No way! I used to have a friend who grew up in (Wherever she’s from) and he used to tell me that at Christmas time instead of getting I-phones and I-pads as presents they would all get goats and chickens!

Her: Really?!?!

You: Yeah! So… How many goats do you own?

I promise the chicks you say this to will be laughing their asses off! Have fun with this one! It’s been field tested by me many times, my student and many students since him and it always get a great laugh or a fun little slap on the arm!

If you guys can think of any great variations of this routine please let me know… I might put into my book!

Stop Being A Pussy… What a post!

A fellow blogger wrote an awesome post about how she wishes a certain man in her life would just be a MAN and lead her to the bedroom in a dominant and masculine way and stop being a pussy. A lot of men are still under the impression that women don’t want sex or that if you “try” to fuck her you’ll be disrespecting her or somehow you’ll make yourself look bad. Nothing could be further from the truth! Continue reading

Monday Morning Banter…

???????????????Sorry for missing the past few Mondays…. I’ve been basically locked up in my house writing away and putting the finishing touches on my Dating products. I’ve really put my heart and soul into everything I have been working on. I won’t let you down… It’s my personal life’s mission to make sure everyone who follows me gets the best coaching and teachings possible. I’m holding nothing back and as soon as I think I’m done with one thing, I go back and read it again just to be sure and then tell myself I could give more, my students NEED and EXPECT more… I need to figure out when to say to myself, I’ve given everything and the product is perfect. Ok…. Enough about me…

Here are some great banter lines you can use this coming week. It’s getting warm out and chicks are everywhere! I hope you guys are going out and making your dreams a reality! Continue reading

What do women think about facial hair?

subble11Hey guys… Sorry for being MIA for the past week or so. I’ve been locked inside my tiny NYC apartment working on putting the finishing touches on my new website and dating products… AND THEY ARE KILLER! You won’t be disappointed with what I’m about to unleash into the world of dating education! I’ll keep you posted on the progress…

As many of you men know, I’m a fashion expert! I’ve been in the fashion business for almost 15 years! I know exactly what women want and don’t want when it comes to fashion. I can turn a geek into chic in about 3hrs of shopping! Frog to prince! Literally. Continue reading

Excuses, Excuses….

mocking_strangers-620x412I came across this article about an over-weight woman who decided that she should point out the fact that so many people make fun of her because of her weight and the way she looks. To me, it’s a pathetic cry for sympathy just to make herself feel better! She claims that she was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. First of all, who knows if she’s even telling the truth since every fat person in America claims their complete lack of sustaining a wonderfully thin body is due to some hereditary disease or hypothyroidism. Continue reading