How desperate are you???

WOW… I read this story and literally cringed at the actions of this poor delusional man! People actually feel bad for this guy? WHY? Can any man be so desperate and naive  as to actually believe that a model of this caliber would be trolling the internet in search of real love from an unknown man? I can go on and on about this for hours but I won’t bore you… I’d love to hear your thoughts about this! I think this is becoming more and more commonplace amongst men!


One thing you can do right now to instantly change your results with women…

tomWhen it comes to learning “Game” and becoming the ladies man you’ve always dreamed about there’s one thing you can do immediately that will 100% get you better results. As a matter of fact, I would say that it is the easiest thing to change about your game! It’s instant and full proof! I bet by now some of you are wondering what this little tweak in your game could have such a profound result is? This one thing, this one change can even get you laid without even having to open up your mouth! Continue reading


friday2How would you open these girls???  A while back we were doing a weekly “How would you open this girl?” challenge and the people loved, I loved it and my friend Kenny reminded me the other day how much he loved it!

The idea is simple. Open these girls! It has to be 100% original, flirty and hopefully funny. NO CANNED ROUTINES! 100% NATURAL. If you can’t think of something, give it a try anyway! Me and my readers will give you feedback! But try! Don’t be shy! Try to generate instant attraction.

For this one… You can open these girls while the cop is still there or you can pretend like he is leaving as you walk up and the cop won’t hear what you are saying!!! No other scenarios!

Have fun… I will comment on everybody’s opener!

Insta-Date with a PLAYBOY BUNNY….

playboyWow, and wow again! One of my students while out on a coaching session with me was lucky enough to insta-date a Playboy Bunny. She was the hottest thing ever and I was soooooo envious! But, I had to just sit back and watch him game the girl of my dreams!!! And YES!!! She really was in an issue of Playboy, so at least I got to see what she looked like with no clothes on!

On my last session, Glenn and I… Continue reading

Monday Morning Banter…

mondayI woke up this morning (way too early if you ask me!) with a great idea… I was thinking that every Monday I will give you some amazing banter lines/ roll plays/ and flirting techniques that you guys can use and try our for yourself through out the week.

Banter and flirting is crucial in your learning process. It is essentially female language! Decipher how to use banter and learn how to flirt and you will watch your results sky-rocket!

The Monday Banter lines will all be the very same lines that I use and have tested 100’s of times! No need to worry if they work! They do!!! Have fun boys…

Here are two awesome lines you can throw in at anytime during your interactions with women. I love these!!!

I am so attracted you (sexy eye contact-long pause)….. As a friend!

I’m actually starting to like you… So don’t fuck it up

Have some fun with these and please lemme know your thoughts, if you used them, how you used them, how the ladies responded and if you tweaked them in a way that worked!

Thanks for all the support…

Has women’s entitlement issues squashed masculinity once and for all???

Bad DateI just love the title of this post… but the question is a serious one that needs to be addressed.

Let me ask you this… Have you ever been out on a dinner date and when the hostess escorts you and your girl to your table your left with a decision about where you “should” sit and where she “should” sit? Has that same hostess or host made you follow them to your table and they have already chosen where the man should be seated and where the woman should be seated? I bet you have and if you haven’t realized this is happening, GO ON A DATE TONIGHT AND SEE FOR YOURSELF. Continue reading


relationshipodcastI will be recording a podcast this Sunday afternoon with Eric “Disco” from…

The topic is relationships and relationship management.

We want questions from you guys! And we promise to try and answer every single one of them. Here’s your chance to have any relationship question you’ve ever thought of answered in full detail.

The Podcast will be posted FOR FREE for everyone to listen to. We will reveal all and hold nothing back!

What do you want to know about relationships?

For example:

  • How do I maintain a casual relationship?
  • How do I keep her attracted?
  • How do I get her to do X with me/for me?
  • What’s the best way to get her to be my girlfriend?
  • How do I make sure she isn’t cheating? Etc.
  • How Do I maintain a dominant position in times of adversity?
  • How do you keep her sexual satisfied? ETC…..

Post some detail about your specific situation so we can give you a better answer.

When to kiss a girl…

sexykissHave you ever wondered when the perfect time to kiss a girl is? Have you ever wondered how tell if she is ready to be kissed? After reading this post you’ll never have to wonder about when to kiss her again! It’s almost 100% full-proof.

As many of you guys know there is tons of info floating around the internet about the tell-tale signs that a woman will give you when she’s ready to be kissed. The signs that a woman will give are usually more than 100% accurate and if you know how to read them, you’ll be shoving your tongues down countless women’s throats more times than you can count BUT…………. Continue reading