bootcampwomanHere it is…. My first DAYGAME WORKSHOP in almost a year!

In my last post I announced that I was back in action with a vengeance and that will officially launch on the first or second week in May.

Today, I’m letting you know that I will be hosting a 3 day DAYGAME workshop on MAY 9, 10 and 11th…. 3 FULL DAYS of learning everything you will ever need to know about how to seriously attract women during the daytime.

And if you sign up early, you’ll get in at almost half price! 917-797-2445


I only have a few spots available. I will never teach a workshop with 20 guys again. I won’t even teach a workshop with 15 guys. I am purposely keeping this very small and I’m being very selective with who I allow to join.

I want to be able to make sure that EVERYBODY who signs up gets very personalized attention with me and is serious about taking his game to the next level.

ONLY men who want to bang hot chicks and who are willing to push themselves to become more confident and attractive will be allowed to attend!

If you’ve ever thought about learning Day-Game or taking your existing skills to the next level, here’s your only chance! On Friday May 9th, 10th and 11th I will be teaching my daytime dating secrets right here in NYC and it will probably be one of the most legendary workshops ever. You will NOT want to miss this as I am sure it will go down in PUA history.

People have been asking me to do a Day-Game Bootcamp for years and I’ve finally decided to do it to coincide with the launch of

Usually, I only teach my secret day time dating secrets weapons and techniques to students in a One-on-One setting but now you will be able learn from me in a small group setting with your peers for a fraction of my personal coaching price.

Basically, you get the very best coaching and in-field experience for almost half of my one-on-one normal price.

I love Day-Game. Can I say that one more time??? I LOVE DAYGAME. I’ve met some of the most beautiful women on earth during the day. Women that were so HOT they almost made me nervous to approach them! hahaha

Over the years I have become arguably one of the worlds most recognized Day-Game experts. My skills in this area are legendary and unparalleled as I am sure you already know. I am the pioneer of the Same-Day Lay.

I invented and perfected a style of Day-Game that the rest of the world lives by and follows. You will not find anyone better than me in this area…. GUARANTEED!

You can try to find someone better but to be honest… That person has probably learned from myself, literally! I have coached countless other coaches from some of the biggest dating companies out there. No lie! They all seem to come to me, privately of course or when I hang out with them for the first time they ask me to help them with any problems they may be having with their game!

Day-Game is amazing. During the daytime you will meet women that you would never see in a bar. A different caliber of woman. Party girls in mini-skirts with high-heels are fun but typically I prefer a woman who isn’t always looking to get drunk, go out every night or do drugs.

I love a hot, smart, intellectual woman who can bring value into my life and I’ve yet to meet a woman like this in a bar or club.

I’ve met some amazing women at night, don’t get me wrong but not even close to the type of women I’ve met at Whole Foods, the park, a book store or just walking down the street towards me.

Day-game is amazing and you should never underestimate its power and how it can lead to a fulfilling life.

You will learn how to generate instant explosive attraction with women in EVERY type of Day-Game setting there is. Whether she is sitting on a park bench, walking down the street, shopping in a store, reading a book, etc…

YOU WILL LEARN- How to overcome any approach anxiety you may have, properly approach her, generate attraction, build a connection and get a date with her. I will hold your hand, side-by-side every step of the way.

Generating attraction and building a deep personal connection the she will remember for years to come are the keys to making Day-Game successful and you will learn all of those skills.

YOU WILL LEARN- How to generate explosive instant attraction with women in stores, the park, the street, walking towards you etc…

YOU’LL LEARN- How to eliminate flakes.

YOU’RE GOING TO LEARN- ALL of my top secret routines.

YOU’LL DISCOVER- How to properly stop a woman walking down the street and get her to give you her full attention.

I WILL TEACH YOU- How to build a deep connection with any woman you want and that art of having a great conversation.

YOU’RE GOING TO FINALLY LEARN- What it takes to eliminate approach anxiety from your life. Imagine what your life will be like if you had ZERO approach anxiety!!!!

YOU WILL RECEIVE- A perfect routine-stack designed by me that will be perfect for YOU! (This is very personalized to each student). With a routine stack, you’ll always have the prefect thing to say to her when you first approach her.

I WILL HELP YOU develop an amazing story that will get her laughing and even more attracted to you!

YOU’LL ALSO DISCOVER HOW to finally have FUN while you’re out IN THE FIELD approaching women.

I’M GOING TO TEACH YOU- How to sexualize your interactions and make sure you’re NEVER in the friend zone again. This includes, kino, sexual banter and escalation!

I WILL SHARE WITH YOU- The top 3 reasons why most men never get good at meeting women during the day.


The list goes on and on!!!

Here’s a recent review from my last bootcamp just a few weeks ago!

“Anyone who has a chance to do a workshop with Glenn P should not think twice. Jump at the chance to transform your dating life in the space of 72 hours. Glenn P is a bona fide Master Pick Up Artist. The term is bandied about lightly, but Glenn is the real deal. This is a man who cut his teeth on 400 approaches a week, and whose identity is unmistakeable in the field. He has done such a painstaking and thorough job of developing an attractive and unique identity and of honing his pickup skills, that I could totally envision him doing same night pulls night after night. During the workshop, however, his focus is not on pulling girls for himself, but rather on helping his students. He will spend hour after hour with you and he will put you into more sets, have you do more approaches, than you’ve probably done in your entire life before that. He will pick apart every approach you do, and by the end of the workshop, you will be far more aware of what your real strengths and weaknesses are in the field. His assistant has great game, and will also be relentless about getting you to approach and to work on your sticking points. The feedback they provide is honest and right on the money. To sum it up, if you have doubts about how good Glenn’s game is, stop doubting. He will demo any kind of approach you want to see. If you have doubts about whether you will get to spend time in the field and do lots of approaches, forget about it: you will do so many approaches that you won’t be able to keep track of them all. Glenn P’s workshop is not the typical community seminar that is heavy on classroom seminars. You will get more openers and routines than you could ever use, but more than anything, your classroom will be the field, and you will spend a weekend constantly approaching and improving, and finally understanding all the stuff you’ve been reading about. In a word, Glenn P’s workshop is transformative. Don’t miss it!” – Christian

Here’s what David Shade had to say about me…

I can highly recommend a one-on-one with Glenn. All evening long he was totally focused on watching me in set. After every set he would explain to me exactly what was going on, exactly what the girls were thinking, where I blew it and what I should do next time. Glenn is SO insightful. Glenn really cares about the success of his students. I can honestly say that Glenn is a phenomenal coach. I am so grateful his help!

Like I said… This workshop is gonna be insane.

Stop waiting around. More than likely you’ve already spent your Winter walking around and NOT approaching women. The time is now! This is your big chance to learn Day Game from one of the worlds best and meet the woman of your dreams.

Sing up now…. This will sell out FAST!



I’M BACK!!!!!! And I have some BIG NEWS!!!!!

BIG_NEWS1Wow…….. It has been SO long since I last wrote a blog post. To all of you who were kept waiting and wondering if I had fallen off of the earth for good…. I would like to say SORRY!!!!!!

Life has been crazy this past 6 months and I’m sure most of you could understand or have even been in the same position yourselves! Sometimes you just need to put certain things on the back-burner so that you can fully concentrate on what life is giving you in that moment.

Even though, I wasn’t posting or writing articles for you guys to read and learn from, this blog was always in the back of mind. Day after day I was telling myself that I can’t wait until the time is right to start writing again! I missed it SO MUCH!


In about 2 to 3 weeks from you’ll be able to find me at Continue reading

LR: From a crazy chick to an even crazier chick in one night…

This has got be one of the all times craziest pulls I’ve had in a long time!

The other night I went out on a date with this super cute chick I met online. I’ve been really working on my online game lately and getting about 4-6 lays a month. It’s been a great experience, it’s like a total freebee! I’m starting to like sleeping with chicks I meet online. I figure if I could meet 3-5 women a month with a cold approach and meet another 5 or so online, I’ll be sleeping with about 10 new women a month. Continue reading

LR: How to get the girl next door…. HB9 Best Blow job EVER!!!

Ahhhh, there’s is nothing like using your hard earned skills to pick up and seduce a hottie who lives on your block for some of the most outrageous sex I’ve had in years!

Funny but I’ve been living on my block for a little while now and I haven’c come across not one single hot woman yet. Here’s my little ritual. Wake-up, usually earlier than I’d like to. Make some coffee, put some clothes on, fix my hair and go out front for a breath of fresh air! Day after day, even at 8:30am I’m on the look out for a real beauty walking down my street  to share my wonderful positive attitude and morning coffee with. But day after day… NOTHING! Until now! Continue reading

Free 30-minute phone consultation to 1 lucky person who takes this poll…

Before you found the Seduction community, how were you feeling about meeting women and your dating life? This poll will better help me understand how you guys are feeling and what types of posts I should be putting up so you may learn better!

Please subscribe to my blog(bottom right hand corner of blog there is a “FOLLOW” button) so that I can accurately choose the lucky person who gets a FREE 30 Minute phone consultation about anything he desires. Normally I charge $125 for this and not to mention the advice you will get and having your questions answered will be invaluable!

Don’t be afraid to share this poll on other websites as well! the more info I get on this subject the better. Thank you guys..

Also, if you would like to write something in the “other” box at the bottom of the POLL BOX that I have not mentioned and you feel is a major issue for you to overcome, please do so.

Russian Models… Why do they love me? Great Pick Up Game LR

People always ask me how to pick up Russian women or they ask me, what do you say to a girl that’s Russian. For some reason Russian women flock to me like I’m a country with better politics where they won’t have to wait in line for toilet paper, especially the Russian model types! They love me and fall for me hard. Continue reading