Voted one of the world’s greatest pick-up artists and coach of the year… 

I am here to share the unofficial truth behind the secret life of a master seductionist who has the typical zero to hero story.
He has climbed the ladder from being called a big nosed zit-face and getting rejected left and right to sleeping with runway models and celebrities…
If he can achieve such a level of mastery, SO CAN YOU!!!

I’m here to share his inner most guarded thoughts and secrets to mastering your dating life, becoming the person you always dreamed about and above all becoming a better more confident and dynamic person who will live life to the FULLEST…

Please join me on this adventure, learn from him as he has learned from the best and let’s make sure every woman on this big blue ball of a planet gets chatted up and seduced by me and most importantly… YOU!!!

The unofficial blog for Glenn P, one of the top-ranked PUA’s in the world.

6 thoughts on “About

      • Glenn, I received training from you a while ago and I was approaching another girl I’ve been dating almost 2 years now. However, things are the best, they’re not bad per se but I think they could be better. I was wondering what your thoughts were on approach in women if you’re already in a steady relationship. Is this wrong? If it isn’t, should I inform her and let her know this is what I’m doing. I’m on sure about how to go about this.

      • James…

        Sorry for taking so long to get back at you. I’ve been traveling and super backed up with work on my new company…

        I would suggest that it’s always a good idea to keep your skills sharp! There is nothing wrong with approaching while you’re in a relationship as long as you don’t cross any sexual commitments that you and your woman have. APPROACHING IS NOT CHEATING. Flirting is perfectly ok.

        AS far as telling your woman that you’re gonna be out flirting with women, only you can decide this. If she truly trusts you not to cheat on her than she should have no problem, if she’s a jealous type or insecure than you are going to hurt her feelings and give doubt in her mind as to your love for her.

        I hope this helps….

  1. Hey I’m interested in a one on one workshop. You can contact me at the email used to sign in. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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