Ready for some fun???? I am…

largeI know most of you guys LOVE it when I post routines that seem to make panties drop and get the girls giggling! So, I figured why not give you a couple of routines that you can easily use when you’re out talking to a new woman!!!

This first routine is something that my new assistant coach came up with. He sent it to me over text and I loved it! But I changed it around just a tad to be slightly more funny….

You see, when you start getting really good with women you typically won’t need routines anymore. At this stage in your development you more than likely would have already developed a natural ability to flirt with chicks and come up with sexual banter on your own! At this stage in your game you would have also developed an uncanny ability to “just know” what will work and why it will work depending on the type of woman you are talking to.

Some women need more flirty/sexual banter and some women need a lighter less sexualized form of flirting. This is called calibrating. This is the ability to immediately sense what a woman needs from you at any given moment in the interaction and to be able to adjust your style of communication accordingly! It takes some practice and along the road to victory you’ll certainly lose a few women by testing and challenging yourself in this area but there is really no other way to learn.

You’ll also learn how to change your pre-existing routines at a moments notice and without even field-testing it know that it will have a devastating result and this is exactly what I did with these next two routines!

So…. Here they are and here are some different variations. Don’t be afraid experiment.

You: “You see… You and I are two very different people! You’re the type of girl who will take me home to introduce me to your Mom and I’m the type of guy who will take you home to introduce you to my handcuffs!”

Is that an amazing line or what??????? It’s AWESOME!

And here is a quick example of changing it with just a little bit of imagination.

You: “You see… You and I are two very different people! You’re the type of girl to pull cute flowers out of her garden and I’m the type of guy to pull your hair and give your neck a nice little lick!”

I would imagine the possibilities are endless! If you have any ideas on how you would change this, please leave a comment!

This next one is a take on the “Smart, Hot, Rich” routine! It originally goes like this.

You: “I only like to date girls who are smart because I think it’s sexy if a woman can teach me new things. She also has to be HOT because I’m HOT and she has to rich… Because I love expensive gifts and to spoiled.”

Here is a cute flirty variation….

You: “I only like to date girls who are smart because I think it’s sexy if a woman can teach me new things. She also has to be HOT because I’m HOT and….. Oh yeah, she has to be good at cleaning… Can you clean? Because I just bought a new vacuum cleaner and i think it would look awesome in your hands!”

It’s fun to able to change around routines but still convey an Alpha, flirty-high-value vibe. With some time and practice you’ll be able to do the same. Routines are fun, remember that. And like I said, you’ll fuck up and lose some chicks because your new take on an old routine may not go over well but the only way to get good is experiment and NOT be afraid to lose the girl.

Like I always say… “Who cares if you lose a certain girl. There will ALWAYS be another one who looks just like her or who is even hotter just around the corner.”

If you don’t put her on a pedestal when you meet her you won’t be afraid to lose her and that attitude alone is VERY ATTRACTIVE.

Please leave a comment or a variation that you think will be funny or if you have any examples of routines that you’ve changed around, lemme hear them!

And tomorrow, I’ll be posting a sort of field-report! It’s awesome…

Be sure to come back tomorrow and read that post!


If you are interested in coaching please gimme a call at 917-797-2445.

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