A new way at looking at Pick-Up? Maybe…

statemodelI was out with a student and he was watching me do a demo and getting this super cute red-head all hot and flustered in her panties and after I got her phone number, I walked over to him and broke down the set. I was telling him what I did, why I did it, why it worked, what I said to her and what she said to me… And as I was breaking down my Game to him, I said something that I’ve never said before. It was a huge Ah-ha moment for both me and him. I kinda felt like the Albert Einstein of Pick-Up and I knew that I needed to share this with my readers as I think if they(YOU) can adopt this mentality and think of cold-approach pick-up in these terms you might be able to have some more success.

It all boils down to a concept that once understood will re-frame your way of thinking about Pick-Up and what your goal actually is.

PIck-Up can be summed up in one simple term. It’s a term that truly encompasses everything about Pick Up that you need to know. If you can remember this when you’re out sarging, it will certainly change everything.

It’s…. State Management

Essentially we are trying to become better “State Managers”!

Think about it for a moment…

When you walk up to a woman and you are trying to attract her, all that you are doing is eliciting a certain “state” from her. If you’re losing her, you raise her state to get back into you. If she “shit tests” you, you reply in a certain way that either raises or detracts from her current state.

If you’re battling approach anxiety, you’re in a bad state of mind. The way out of this mind-set is to get yourself into a better state! A state that is more empowering and confident!

If you’re back at your place with a chick and it’s about to get pretty hot and heavy… You’re both in a sexual state. If she’s putting up some LMR(last minute resistance) she’s in a state that’s not allowing her to say yes to herself to have sex with you and your job is to change her state of mind from a “NO’ to a “YES”!

If you find yourself in flirting war with a woman, you’re raising her state.

If you’re in deep-rapport with a woman, you’re eliciting another state from her. A state of connectedness and closeness and trust.

Come to think of it, I can’t really think of any area of pick-up that isn’t “state” related.

When you kino, you’re raising her state into a more sexual one. If she’s friend zoned you, she doesn’t view you as a sexual option for her which is just a state of mind that she’s in. That’s why we do certain things to try and get “un-friend-zoned”. I.E. Changing her state.

And some states are harder to change than others but certainly not impossible.

We are all just becoming better managers of state! Learn to properly manage another persons state, and the world is yours. Learn to manage your state at will and miracles will happen.

Think of motivational speakers… They are professional state raisers!

Guys who are great with women are just better able to manage a woman’s state as well as their own.

Next time you’re out picking-up chicks, take a close look at what state you creating in her… and try to calibrate accordingly. If she’s low energy, raise her state. If she’s only somewhat interested in you, raise her state…

Please share your thoughts and lemme know if you agree or disagree. I love hearing from you guys! Hope you all are having an awesome Summer and getting laid.

8 thoughts on “A new way at looking at Pick-Up? Maybe…

  1. Definitely really good points. Attraction is all about emotions and feelings for the woman. However you make her feel, that will determine whether she wants to see you again, text you back, etc. And managing your own state as a man is probably the most important of all. You have to be able to control and direct yourself before you can lead someone else emotionally or sexually.

    • Playboy….

      Great words!!! How the hell are you? NYC is fucking sooooooo hot right now! Help!!!! Makes it hard going out to sarge… I find myself calling one of my chicks and sitting around an air-conditioned apartment. You?


  2. Lol now im pissed, I should have listened to my self a long time ago, just be in alignment with yourself and law of attraction studies. Because you become like jesus and your dominant vibration overpowers the other.

  3. Why is it that some coaches are now preaching that state isn’t important nor does it exist?

    I had a huge argument with some guys on a PUA forum where they were saying that state doesn’t exist and trying to work off of state is unnecessary.

    That shit literally blew my mind!

    • everything blows your mind kenny. thats why you pick up fat chicks and are a keyboard jockey trying to be a guru.

      • Well said…

        Hey man… I’d have to say that I know Kenny pretty well and he’s a stand up guy… I’m not sure what his end goal is with the Pick-Up community but I know his heart is in the right place. He loves the Game, he lives the Game and is willing to humble himself and take advice.

        As far as him fucking fat chicks?!?!?! Who cares. If that’s his thing, than that’s his thing… I’ve coached a number of guys who only date “larger” women. Personally, I like them thin and extra hot…

        But anyway… Thank you for speaking your mind. I appreciate your words and time. I hope to see you around my blog some more!!!!


      • Kenny…

        Remember that any new mind-set or technique a so called “Guru” is teaching is just another form of marketing! Everybody is trying to sell something. It’s bullshit!

        If you’re going to make money in this business, be honest, fair and KNOW YOUR SHIT!

        If a guru is selling his mentality of “state” not being necessary for success, he’s just trying to be unique to make some money. That guy should listen to some of the greatest teachers, like Tony Robbins, Eckhart Tolle, Brendon Bruchard, Dali Lama, Gandhi, etc… They all preach about the importance of state!

        Also, most of the guys on those forums aren’t out there in the real world picking up chicks. They just sit around and debate and debate and debate and debate shot they have no idea about!

        Don’t even bother with them.


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