Text Game Fully Explained…

hot-girl-textingThis has got to be one of the BIGGEST questions I get asked besides how to be beat approach anxiety… “Glenn, What’s the best way to text a girl to get her out on a date?”.

You might be somewhat surprised but texting a chick into the bedroom is one of the easiest things ever! It doesn’t take much skill at all. There are millions of women being texted everyday and there are millions of chicks meeting up with the lame guys texting them… but most of these people haven’t met their potential new sexual partners from a cold-approach. They’re usually Facebook friends, blind-dates, from social circles, co-workers, etc… But rarely are women meeting men from a cold-approach. Here’s where the dilemma arises!

Here’s the deal… If you’re meeting a woman from a cold-approach and you can’t get her out on a date or if you’re constantly losing her over texting than…. Chances are it’s not your texting that sucks!


Just because she gave you her phone number doesn’t mean she’ll meet up with you for a date and it definitely doesn’t mean she’ll have sex with you! It doesn’t take much to get a phone number from a girl… As a matter of fact, it only takes a tiny bit of interest from a woman to agree to give you her number…

The real reason most guys lose the girl they got a phone number from isn’t from bad texting, it was because your game wasn’t good enough to seal the deal.

Texting, although it could be a very powerful tool in your PUA arsenal of tricks should only be a formality, a prelude to the actual date!

If you’ve run solid game, your texting just has to be normal at best to get her out on the date.

If you’ve run some shitty game, than you have a lot of work to do with texting to get her out on a date!

Now, can you run some killer text game to get her super turned on and ready to fuck you the second she meets up with you for the first time? Of course you can.

Can you text a chick into liking you more than she already does? Of course you can.

Can you come across creepy and fail some of her tests that she gives you along the way via texts? Yes!

Nowadays my game is all about sealing the deal before we ever meet up. If I decide to go out on a date with a chick you better believe that she’ll be 100% committed to hooking up with me the very same night we have our date. I make sure that all the work is done before we meet up. The date is just a formality. This is why I never get any LMR(Last minute resistance)!

I do this by making sure my cold approach is rock solid! I screen for compatibility, sexual receptiveness and personality traits that I know will lead to sex. I make sure there’s massive attraction. I qualify the hell out of her. I make sure there’s plenty of chemistry and connection(Rapport) and I am constantly testing her level of compliance and commitment to my advances!

I won’t even ask her for a phone number unless all the above is in place or it will be a waste of my time. This is why when I text a girl for the first time she’s immediately responding and asking me out on the date!

My Pick-Up has to be rock-solid because I know that if it’s not, I’ll get a flake or have to spend way too much time texting a chick into the bedroom. I just don’t have the time anymore to play games or spend two weeks texting a chick to get her out on a date with me!

And I like to do as little work as possible when it comes to seducing women. I’m kinda lazy in that area nowadays. I prefer to do the bare minimum of game for sex and it works like magic, at least for me.

But… If you want to improve your text game or if you’re losing chicks over texting than you need to take a really close look at your game! This is where your problem really is.

Like I said, it doesn’t take much to get a chick out on a date and you don’t really need fancy texting skills either… You just really need to make your approaches better and more powerful.

If your pick-up is amazing, you’ll need very little text game to get laid!

Now… Go out and meet some women. Make you approaches magical, spend some quality time with her when you meet her and you’ll see how little text game you need to get laid!

One thought on “Text Game Fully Explained…

  1. Great post..

    This is so true about why it works and it why doesn’t. If your pick up is solid, you know you are seeing her again. If it wasn’t, relying on text-game is not a game at all. I realized that a couple of months back. The sad thing is guys go out to get girls phone numbers and not the girl herself. And as soon as they get the phone number (min 5 or 10) it feels like mission accomplished and they eject .. but it is a little bit of a numbers game at that point if she is going to agree to go out with you or not.

    I am concentrating more and more on extending my sets to a 30 minute long duration at least, than to have 3 approaches that last 5 to 10 minutes.

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