I Have A Boyfriend….

boyfriendDon’t worry… I don’t have a boyfriend and no, I’m not gay and coming out of the closet! Wouldn’t that make some big news in the PUA community if that was what this post was about???

I was recently working with a student on his DayGame. He’s a great guy, very successful and handsome. He’s basically overcome all Approach Anxiety but there was something lacking in his game and he wasn’t able to figure out what was wrong. So, he gave me a call, booked a one-on-one and before he knew we were in the field talking to women.

The first thing I noticed was the he had great body language, his positioning was perfect and wasn’t fidgety or nervous while he was approaching but yet the first 10 women he approached said, “Sorry, I have a boyfriend”! Now, unless this guy had the worst luck in the world and every woman he approaches has a boyfriend, there must be something going on with his game that’s causing women to give him the boyfriend excuse. What was interesting was the fact that he never got blown out, they all talked to him and then within minutes they told him about their imaginary boyfriends.

It’s definitely likely that maybe 2-3 of those women actually had boyfriends and were telling the truth but all 10 or so???? No way!

Women will throw out the boyfriend excuse for one of 3 reasons:

1) She really has a boyfriend and is NOT interested in cheating on him

2) She really has a boyfriend and is subtly letting you know her deal and testing to see if you’re OK with it. In other words, she’s trying to find out if you’re the type of guy who will get her busted for cheating and ruin her pretty little way of life.

3) She  doesn’t have a boyfriend, feels bad for you and wants to let you down easy!

#3 IS THE WORST KIND!!!!!!!!! Who wants a girls sympathy anyway?

And that is what this guy was getting… Like I said earlier, women weren’t blowing him out. They’d usually talk with him for a few minutes and then give him the bad news about their wonderful monogamous relationship that they were in!

So, what was going on with this game and what did we do about it??? The sad truth is that there wasn’t much we could fix in just one day. He had a lifetime of experiences and beliefs that he needed to start working on to start truly succeeding…


Even though we couldn’t “fix” his entire belief system in just one day we did work on some stuff to give him the advantage that he was looking for to get laid.

That’s the beauty of learning Dating Education. You can still get results while you’re working on yourself. You don’t need to be 100% fixed or cured before you can start getting laid on a regular basis! Most guys get that part wrong!

The first thing I had my student do is when a woman said they had a boyfriend was to say…

1) That’s cool, we’ll be discreet.

2) (sexy eye contact) I never said I wanted a girlfriend(and grab her hand to hold it)! (Implying that he was there talking to her for only sex)

3) Her: I have a boyfriend… Him: How does he treat you?…. Her: Good…. Him: I wouldn’t do that! (credit Fader)

AND ESCALATE AGGRESSIVELY WITH KINO… Put it all on the line at that point! She’s either in or she’s running away.

Can anyone guess what my students main problem was and why I gave him this stuff to say???

If you were thinking it was related to his value-projection, you were right! He also had a slight case of approval seeking going on as well…

Even though his body language was great, his eye contact was strong, his voice tome was awesome and he was good looking… He was still unable to convey any type of value with women he was approaching due to his negative internal dialogue. He had some nice-guy issues going on and on some level he didn’t believe he was worthy of the woman’s attraction and started to exhibit some needy behavior.

The Second thing I did was to have him say some pretty sexual-ballsy banter lines in the beginning of his interactions. My goal was to throw her off of the scent of his low value and raise his value slightly higher than hers. It worked great!

The banter lines + lots of kino + boyfriend lines = Success…

It’s kinda funny that once I gave him the ballsy banter lines and had him aggressively kino throughout his interactions , he heard the words, ” I have a Boyfriend” so much less.

He left the coaching session with 4 phone numbers and a new empowering hope that he could actually do this and get laid while trying!

I guess the point I’m trying to make is that with Dating Education you don’t need to be perfect on the inside to see outer results. You can somewhat fake it until you make it…

Even though he was faking it and seeing some instant results I could tell that it was having an immediate impact on his beliefs and internal dialogue. Sometimes that best and fastest way to change is from the outside in…

Sorry for being absent for a while… I was away on vacation for about 2 weeks with no laptop and I’ve been literally locked up in a room working on putting the finishing touches on all of my products. It’s a lot more work than I’ve ever thought but I want to deliver to you guys and I want to deliver some killer products and services at all costs! It’s worth it to me….

7 thoughts on “I Have A Boyfriend….

  1. Glenn..

    I’m glad you’re back!! those two weeks felt forever. Great post, i love the 2nd and 3rd banter line… They’re GOLD!
    I hope everything is going as you plan with your product i can’t wait to put my hand on it!…

  2. Solid post. Enjoyed this a lot. It also sounds like this is exactly what I needed… What are some ballsy banter lines you tell your students or is that the best kept secret in town?


    • Stephen…

      Just go back and read some of my Monday Banter lines… Normally, I’ll give guys some of my old ones and make new ones up as we go along and I get to know my student a little better so that they better suit him and his personality!


  3. Looking forward to your products Glenn. Can you give an idea on what topics you covered? Personally, I would like to see the following topics being addressed:

    – Genuinely being less needy (not just appearing it). I tend to text girls right away, even when they take hours or days. I appear too enthusiastic in my texts to a point that it can be annoying. Even in person, I tend to be too hyper and excited. IT comes off as needy and approval seeking.

    – Premature ejaculation – How to prevent this? This happens with new girls and f*ck buddies.

    – Mixed sets – How to not give a f*ck if their are guys in the set?

    – How to view yourself as worthy of the 9s and 10s?

    • Tempted…
      I can’t really let the cat out of the bag just yet… BUT… I’m putting out two products that have never been done before in PUA community. I think it’s gonna really change things.

      About texting… You know the answer. Give back exactly what they give… No more and no less.
      Premature Ejectulation- Give yourself a NO EJECT RULE! Stay in until she walks away from you!
      Mixed Sets- Do 100 mixed sets over 1 week and it will be gone
      9’s and 10’s- This will take some time. You need to sleep with a few 9’s and 10’s and approach them every chance you get. You need to build up a tolerance to their illusory value and beauty!

      The answers are very straight forward and to the point. You don’t really need a huge explanation. If you just do exactly what I have said above, you’ll be cured!


  4. Haha, nice! One slight variation to add to the list –
    #4 she has a boyfriend, but is really bored of him and although she won’t say it, wants you to be Mr. Exciting and just sweep her off her feet like “it just happened” so that she doesn’t have to dump him and be left with nothing.

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