Great new routine….

goatsI just love when it when I coach someone, take him out into the field and watch him transform right before my very eyes. It’s the ultimate reward for me. Helping someone achieve his goals and than looking into his eyes as he slowly starts to realize that he “Can do this”! I refer to it as his epiphany moment. It’s the moment where my students see what he’s capable of when it comes to cold approach pick-up, it’s the moment where his inner confidence shines through, it’s the AH-HA moment… After all these years I still love it just as much as the first time I saw it. It never gets old.

A few weeks ago I was out running around in NYC with a student and he came up with a great spin on an old routine! And this routine was KILLER… I’ve since adjusted it a bit but I’m gonna save my tweak for one of my books that I’m releasing but his original take on it is awesome. It was so awesome that I just had to share it with everyone. Here it goes!

You: So, where did you grow up?

Her: (Wherever)

You: No way! I used to have a friend who grew up in (Wherever she’s from) and he used to tell me that at Christmas time instead of getting I-phones and I-pads as presents they would all get goats and chickens!

Her: Really?!?!

You: Yeah! So… How many goats do you own?

I promise the chicks you say this to will be laughing their asses off! Have fun with this one! It’s been field tested by me many times, my student and many students since him and it always get a great laugh or a fun little slap on the arm!

If you guys can think of any great variations of this routine please let me know… I might put into my book!

13 thoughts on “Great new routine….

    • Yael… Hey man!!! No official date as of yet. But it’s looking like June 1st. Keeping my fingers crossed that my team and I can meet that deadline!

  1. This is not a comment, but rather a question for you Glenn.

    What’s up with the speeches you were going to upload here on the blog. I don’t know if you did or are doing more, but I remember the first happend about a month ago and you said you were going to upload a video of it. Soo .. did you give up on that idea?

    • Zlatan…

      Hey… I definitely haven’t forgot about it. I actually just sent it off to my editor for him to clean it up! The second I’m happy with the quality… it will go up for everyone to listen!!!

  2. I like this playful tease! However make sure you are smiling when you deliver this otherwise it may come off as insulting as with every tease.

  3. Hi Glenn! How are things going on in the headquarters, working hard?
    Keep it up! I’m sure your new project is gonna be a success.

  4. Hey Glenn,

    Any updates about the launch of your new web? In the above comments something about June 1st is said, it looks like that?

    Looking forward to it ;]

    • Herno…

      It’s looking like a July launch. Every time I think we’re done and everything is ready to go… something else comes up! It’s coming soon. I promise!


  5. What’s up Glenn,

    Haven’t seen you posting for a while, where you at?!

    I wanted to tell you a bit about my approaching…I stacked up about 300 approaches in 2 months, going out 4 days a week. You were right. Anxiety is almost gone and doing MUCH better. So thanks to you.


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