Monday Morning Banter…

???????????????Sorry for missing the past few Mondays…. I’ve been basically locked up in my house writing away and putting the finishing touches on my Dating products. I’ve really put my heart and soul into everything I have been working on. I won’t let you down… It’s my personal life’s mission to make sure everyone who follows me gets the best coaching and teachings possible. I’m holding nothing back and as soon as I think I’m done with one thing, I go back and read it again just to be sure and then tell myself I could give more, my students NEED and EXPECT more… I need to figure out when to say to myself, I’ve given everything and the product is perfect. Ok…. Enough about me…

Here are some great banter lines you can use this coming week. It’s getting warm out and chicks are everywhere! I hope you guys are going out and making your dreams a reality!

Wow… Did you see that? That was like the 5th hot chick who’s winked at you since we started talking

If I decide to make you my new girlfriend.  I promise I’ll give you at least a two-week notice before I break up with you so that you have time to find a replacement. The thought of you being alone and missing me is horrible. And people say I’m not considerate

For text:

Her: What are we doing? or Where are we going?

You: So cute! Trying to figure out what kind of shoes to wear??? Wear high heels… and dress HOT so we match!

Have some fun with these!!!! And let me know your experiences with my banter lines and if you want to share some for the rest of us to learn from… Please do!

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