What do women think about facial hair?

subble11Hey guys… Sorry for being MIA for the past week or so. I’ve been locked inside my tiny NYC apartment working on putting the finishing touches on my new website and dating products… AND THEY ARE KILLER! You won’t be disappointed with what I’m about to unleash into the world of dating education! I’ll keep you posted on the progress…

As many of you men know, I’m a fashion expert! I’ve been in the fashion business for almost 15 years! I know exactly what women want and don’t want when it comes to fashion. I can turn a geek into chic in about 3hrs of shopping! Frog to prince! Literally.

I’ve probably given 100 or men fashion makeovers with devastating results. I’m know as the got to fashion guy in the PUA world.

One of the questions that many guys ask me is: “How much facial hair do women like on a guy”? When I give them the answer, which is always the same… They usually tend to doubt me!

I typically recommend a slight bit of facial hair. Just like the picture in this post. Women LOVE STUBBLE! The exact amount of stubble was even concluded…. 10 days worth is the perfect amount!

400 women were used in this study. The stats can’t be wrong!


Facial hair tells a women that you are rugged, tough and a bad boy! Think about it… Clean shaven is pretty boy. It’s attractive for sure BUT give that clean shaven guy a little stubble and now he’s a bad ass!


I decided to put a link to an article that proves what I have been saying all along! Take a look for yourself… There’s also a video to go with the article… It’s good! Read and watch it now!


11 thoughts on “What do women think about facial hair?

  1. You don’t really have the choice if you can’t grow a proper beard. I prefer being clean shaven than having a spotty, patchy beard making me look like a homeless dude lol

  2. So true!!!
    I like the pretty boy look, but a day or two without shaving and my hands are all over him!
    I just had a facial hair conversation today with a guy. He is normally clean shaven and had a few days growth on his face so I asked him what was that on his face, I was digging it.

    “It’s concentrated man” was his response. I giggled but really thought about it and he’s right. Slap some scruff on a boy and he’s a man! A wanted one at that 😉

  3. My hair grows really fast…..my 10 day stubble probably looks like 20. Also, I am Indian…I end up looking like Yasser Arafat when I grow my beard. Also, I have some white facial hair. So, they really come out when I grow the beard too long. I am not sure if this article applies universally to all men.

    • Lol I can relate. Mines grow fast too but I just keep some hair on the face whenever I shave. I have a few white hairs in the beard too which makes me feel uncomfortable as fuck!

    • Tempted…

      It defintely doesn’t apply to all men!!! I get asked that question about facial hair all the time, so I figured I’d write a post about it… But most times, I’m clean shaven if that makes any difference.

  4. I haven’t been completely clean shaven for years. I always keep some stubble going, sometimes shorter, sometimes longer. It’s definitely a masculine indicator if you can grow it. Trimming and grooming it is really important too.

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