Excuses, Excuses….

mocking_strangers-620x412I came across this article about an over-weight woman who decided that she should point out the fact that so many people make fun of her because of her weight and the way she looks. To me, it’s a pathetic cry for sympathy just to make herself feel better! She claims that she was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. First of all, who knows if she’s even telling the truth since every fat person in America claims their complete lack of sustaining a wonderfully thin body is due to some hereditary disease or hypothyroidism.

Doctors and scientists all over the world have conclusively PROVEN that this may be the case in ONLY 1% of ALL obese people! Even in these cases there was medication they could take to regulate their thyroid gland and in EVERY CASE it has been proven that the weight can come off! END OF STORY!

You don’t eat like shit and you DON’T GET FAT! You eat right and exercise weight comes off!


When did we as country become so complacent about a condition that’s totally preventable. If you went to bed thin and woke up 300 plus pounds I would think that it’s the worst disease on earth but that is not the case. It takes years and years of waking up day after day and noticing weight uncontrollably being put on. Obesity is a gradual occurance. These people have had 1000’s of chances to do something about their weight and they do NOTHING!

In America, women are becoming increasingly fatter and fatter. Thin women are almost a thing of the past. I find myself being attracted to women who are somewhat ugly in the face but their figures and bodies are slim and in shape?!?! This is due to the lack of thin available women. The thin 5-6 has become a 9 or 10!

Men are entirely putting up with women’s rise in obesity. If men weren’t dating or marrying these women, women would be losing the weight at all costs!

I myself personally am tired of being politically correct about FAT people! I don’t feel bad for them at all! Sorry guys! Gluttony is a disease not obesity!

By America becoming politically correct about fat people, we are essentially sending them the message that it is ok to be the way they are. They are becoming a burden to society in more ways than I can mention. We give them handicap parking spots and electronic carts to drive around stores like WalMart when in reality we should be making them park as far  away from the store as possible and no carts so that they know they should be exercising! It may sound mean but a change in our acceptability of fat people would be doing them a huge favor in the hopes that by not being accepted they will in turn start LOSING WIEGHT and therefor live a healthier and longer life!


17 thoughts on “Excuses, Excuses….

  1. For a minute there, I thought I was reading a RooshV article.

    I agree fully! I’ve hammered this point home many times on my blog during the past. I’d fatty shame so hard that I actually felt bad that an obese relative of mines may actually stumble upon my blog and read my disdain with fatness.

    The #1 blame is laid on heredity, which is still BS in my eyes. If you were an average weight up until you’re 14 years old and gradually getting fatter, I think eating is the problem.

    • Social…

      Maybe if more people write about this issue it will help people actually decide to take a healthier path with their eating and exercising decisions!!! Doubtful… but you never know.


  2. The funny thing is that you can’t actually get fat by doing anything other than eating and drinking things with calories.

    You eat too much –> you get fat.

    Even people with genes for obesity (the 1% in which 67%+ of the US is overweight…) if you cut back on the calories you can still lose weight.

    Obesity is not like Huntington’s disease where you always get it and always die in your 30s, 40s and 50s at the latest.

    It’s not that hard people. Stop stuffing your face.

    /preaching to the choir

  3. I recently came across an article on a beauty pageant for fat girls, and I was like, why would anyone promote something like that? This is not something that we should put up with! I feel the same way. Obesity is largely preventable!

    • KOjo…

      You’re SO MEAN! Even fat ugly girls deserve a beauty pageant! LOLOL

      It’s a horrible way to promote obesity but television is all about ratings and advertising dollars and since most of America is overweight, many people will be watching these kinds of shows and big companies who sell diet products will pay top dollar for air-space with TV programming with a largely obese audience! YUK!

  4. Glenn,

    I don’t know what’s gotten into your posts recently, but I like this side of you! I was just thinking that myself… Ever make an online dating profile? JEEEEBUSSSS. The amount of FAT aka “curvy” “Voluptuous” “BBW (Big Beautiful Woman)” or whatever the hell they want to call themselves, is on the rise. The most hilarious one I’ve read was a chick referring to herself as a “small bbw” And men are so eager to get laid that they are giving these fatties attention. For the sake of fucking around I decided to message one that was well below my social value and she had the audacity to be snappy with me. LMAO! Online dating: Where even fat chicks have standards.

    Magazines and other news sources are beginning to say being big is “normal” or “natural” – NO IT FUCKING ISN’T. Look at pictures from the 1960’s of college campuses, most of the chicks there were thin and in shape. I think a lot of these fatties just want to hear everything BUT the truth. That is, quite eating like shit, quit smoking, quit drinking and exercise. Believe it or not, it’s not a difficult science.

    Every single guy that I work with is in shape and athletic, where as the majority of females I work with are out of shape, obese, and are having knee issues because of their obesity.

    That’s the thing though. No woman wants to hear to truth or what they need to do to correct the issue. It’s too harsh. We’re a society that sucks up to them, compliments them, and are mindful of their feelings.

    I’ll say one last thing. If there is any woman that says they can’t lose weight for one reason or another. Go watch ANY season of “The Biggest Loser” and quit yer bitchin’!

    • Rich…..

      Glad you’ve been diggin’ my posts. You’re probably hearing a different side of me because what I was working for BradP I wasn’t allowed to say or act certain ways in regards to Pick-Up… I had to model myself after his system. I’m loving the new freedom to express myself in any way I like and I also figure that since I’m on my own, people should get to know me better. Give men a better look inside my head.

      Like I just said to Kenny… The internet and online dating has turned the 4,5 and 6’s into internet 9’s and 10’s! Literally! The ugliest and fattest chicks now have more sexual options than they know what to do with. The women who would have never noramlly been hit on or approached in real life is now getting 100 plus emails a day from guys who are probably decent looking.

      It’s sad but….
      Men are dating down in term in value and women are dating up!!!!!

  5. @socialkenny
    Bro, you have no IDEA how many single mothers there are in their 20’s on POF. I love how you were trolling them on facebook though, HAHAHA. Any chick who has a kid that is a couple of years old and is prowling POF is a whore. What are you doing looking for another guy? Take care of that bastard child you spawned and quit looking for more dick. What really tickles my fancy is when they say, “I’m looking for something real”.

    I’m just so annoyed with all of these whores producing one useless kid after another and suckle off of the system.

    • Lol you’re right. I also noticed that those chicks on POF are looking for surrogate fathers, but they all whores. I can’t believe some guys have probs picking up on POF since most of those girls are looking to get laid.

      • SocialKenny…

        YOu have to rmember that even the ugly chicks that are 4 or 5’s in real life are what I call “Internet 10’s”. So many guys are hitting pn them that they can actually be choosy for the first time in their lives… For me personally, I’ve always found it much harder to Game a 6 than a 9. I can bang 9’s all day long but if I need to demo for a student and there’s only 6’s or 7’s around… No WAY! They hate me!!! LOLOL Seriously! I’ve often said that it takes better game do do a fat ugly girl than a hot chick…

  6. Couldn’t agree more, Glenn. There’s a whole “fat rights movement” out there trying to get fatness accepted. What they don’t seem to get is–fatness IS ALREADY accepted! Most people in the US are fat, how is it not accepted? Lol!

    The genetic argument is nonsense because if it was caused by genes, that would mean people in earlier generations would have had the same rates of obesity–but of course they did not. Almost nobody was fat in the 1950s.

    The woman you linked to also dresses terribly (like many fat people). She has a ratty t-shirt and shorts, and her hair looks awful. This is typical of many fat people because all aspects of your life feed on each other–if you let your health go, chances are your self-confidence and clothing/ hair go with it.

    I have some respect for fat men/women who at least know how to dress in nice clothes to flatter their body, instead of just giving up and looking like a bum.

      • I did dude! I was Justin, the guy in the black coat (friend of Saul). I had to bolt out of there right after cuz I was meeting up with a girl. Actually I remember seeing you randomly the other day near Union Sq while I was eating a sandwich, lol.

  7. I wish it didn’t require you to make an account to post a comment. I want to write something about how I recently resolved to lose 50 pounds, and I’ve already lost 20, but the article inspired me to give up and just regain the weight. See what she says to that.

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