Early Grooming… A conspiracy- Part 2- “F.E.M.”

mother_sonMy last post on this topic had some amazing comments and a ton of views! Now, it’s time for part 2.

Is there a covert conspiracy going on behind the backs of men? A conspiracy that women have been perpetrating for hundreds if not thousands of years upon weak and unsuspecting men? Are women purposefully manipulating men for their own selfish reasons to ensure the survival of their species? I used the word species because it is very appropriate for this agrument. In theory, although we are all human beings, we differ enormously in regards to sex gender. Women are for all practical purposes a different species than the male with a different set of agendas and programming than men. The mind of a woman is different from the mind of a man. No news there.

I’m going to try and keep this as short as possible and straight to the point. Forgive me if this turns into a thesis of sorts. Here we go!!!!

We all know that men have, need and crave sex for a completely different list of reasons than women do. Both men and women equally enjoy the erotique pleasures we derive from having our sexual desires fulfilled and achieving orgasm but that’s where our similarities ends. Men on an evolutionary level wand and need to ensure the survival of their genes at all costs!  Take a look around at the world we live in and you’ll see evidence of this everywhere you look. Men want to impart their knowledge to his offspring so that his children will survive healthily and have a certain social status so that they in turn will have kids as well that will carry on his gene legacy. Men want their children to follow in their footsteps in terms of career choice and religious beliefs. Why else would a man go to such great lengths, more than that of any woman to teach his kids the basics of life and survival skills. Here’s another example, why does a man’s kid almost 100% of the time keep his last name even through a separation. Did your Mom ever bother to really teach you  any of these things? I seriously doubt it. It’s just not in her best interest or genetic makeup. Men do this because these actions are representative of his genes ability to survive. It’s an outward expression of his internal evolutionary motivation.

Women on the other hand will have kids for the SOLE purpose of ensuring their own well being. Many women will try to argue this point but science has confirmed this over and over again! Sorry ladies but it’s the truth. Why else would women be so attracted to power, wealth, social status, Alpha Males, strength, etc.? If you don’t believe me, ask yourself this… Are men attracted to any of these things? Nope! We are attracted to a woman’s beauty first and foremost. Everything else is of secondary importance! This is just who we are and this is the reason why humans have been able to last so long as a species on Earth. Women will have the kids of the best and most suitable sperm donor or they will mary a man with money who is a great provider and then run off with a bad boy/alpha male because they know that because they’ve had that mans child he is financially obliged to her at least for a certain period of time. In either case, it’s a survival technique that only benefits her and not the child.

So, what does all this have to do with my conspiracy theory or female emotional manipulation? Or as I call it F.E.M.! Yes, I invented that term and want men everywhere to start using it and spreading the word!

What I am about to say isn’t supposed to degrade women or make men hate them. Women are just doing what they were programmed to do. They literally don’t know any better. Most are not even aware of their manipulative actions but there are slews of them that are. These women are AWAKE! We’ve all met them before. They’re sly, cunning and can get whatever they want and typically can take or leave any man they meet! They won’t take NO for an answer and if they do, it’s only to get the YES they want at a later date. I’m sure you’ve met a few yourself. I know that I have and winning a battle with these women can be a daunting and almost impossible task. It’s almost not even worth your time or energy because even if you win temporarily she will battle you again to get her needs fulfilled. Also, these women are the most insecure women you will ever meet. They are vampires who prey on the gullibility and neediness of men only to use them up and trade them in for a more suitable donor. Typically, these women will bring almost no value into a mans life. Who wants to spend the rest of his life with this type of woman anyway? I sure as hell don’t no matter how hot she is!

Now, whether a woman is “awake” or not they will all still be operating on the same set of evolutionary needs. Some are just more cunning at it than others. In either case they will do whatever it takes to ensure their survival as a whole. That’s what species do. On a micro scale it will seem as though women are just in it for themselves but on a macro level they are doing it to ensure the survival for all women as a whole! And this leads me into the realm of F.E.M.

In my last post I discussed how women will give young boys and men pernicious advice when it comes to how they should act towards women, dating and becoming a man or what a mans purpose in life should be. Think about how preposterous this actually is… How in the world can a WOMAN truly know what a being a man is and should be like when she herself has never walked 5 feet in the shoes of a man? When did it become acceptable for women to decide what being a man is and isn’t? Who gave them the right to define masculinity? Why do they dictate “proper” dating etiquette? Why do they feel the need to inform men about what is to be expected of him as he grows older and matures? Why do they define the word gentleman? I know I didn’t vote for that, did you? Ummmmm, no you didn’t! With faulty advice there is always an ulterior motive and it’s usually selfish.

In today’s society we have fully allowed women to rule men. We are the lions and they are our trainers. Women decide what is masculine and what isn’t. Women have decided how we should treat them. They have decided all by themselves without first consulting with men what we should do, what we should say, how we should act, how THEY should be treated, how we should provide for them, what WE should do for THEM… The list goes on and on and on and on. This is especially evident in Western cultures and yes that means good ol’ America! When did this all happen? Why is still happening? Have you ever heard any woman giving any other woman advice on what SHE SHOULD BE DOING FOR HIM? Have you heard any woman ever telling a man that some women just don’t deserve his generosity?

It’s happening because men have allowed it to happen. We’ve allowed it to happen for thousands of years because the female vagina is the ultimate prize for a man to ensure the survival of our own genes! We have also allowed women to dominate men because of a fear of lack. As men we have put so much importance on a woman’s sexual attention in the hopes that she will bear our children that we’ve succumb to all of their need and desires for the fear of being ridiculed or rejected by them… If you and I are ridiculed or rejected by a woman would we be getting laid and would we be able to have kids so that our genes may survive? This is part of a males survival instinct but this instinct has been brainwashed into us to the point of NO return.

When a mother gives her son advice on the birds and the bees, when she gives a man advice on dating, where is this advice coming from? Is she grooming men both young and old to ensure her survival and the survival of other women? BINGO! She sure is…

Women have been brainwashing men for thousands of years for their own betterment and the betterment of women on a whole. It’s time for men to become AWAKE.

Be aware of F.E.M. tactics. Be aware that is only for their benefit and not yours. Be aware that you can be a real man and still get the girl and keep her! Be aware that their version of what a “man” is is only an illusion for their own gain.

By studying dating Education and working on yourself to become a better and more confident person you will become increasingly aware that women don’t truly want the Beta Provider or what they say they want. You no longer have to compromise your values just to put a temporary smile on her pretty face. Take comfort in the fact that women will always opt for the Alpha male in ANY scenario.

I hope this post doesn’t give you the impression that some of things that society and women think about being a man is not true at all. I do believe that men should be men. There’s a time and place for all forms “typical” male behavior but it should be given out sparingly and only at the man’s discretion!

8 thoughts on “Early Grooming… A conspiracy- Part 2- “F.E.M.”

  1. Hey Glenn,

    Kris over here. I’ve been following your posts for quite some time and have to say they’re all awesome. Always an enjoyment to read what you gotta say!

    I was just wondering if you’d be able to make a post every month or every couple of weeks dedicated to text game, showing examples of your text game like you did in your ‘Millionaire woman’ post awhile back. After reading that, i totally saw how much my text game sucked lol, and have encountered many flakes and nonresponsive women due to poor texting.

    It would be awesome if you could do something like that! Thanks, and keep the cool posts coming!


    Date: Thu, 25 Apr 2013 15:45:00 +0000 To: k_k123@hotmail.com

    • Kris…

      What’s going on man??? Hope you’re well.

      I’d love to put up some more text examples but I’ve been saving all of my texts for a future product release! Shhhhhhhhh…. It was supposed to be secret.

      But if you want help with your text game, I am your man! My text game is killer! We should do some Skype coaching. You’d be able to email me all of your texts and then I can go through them with a fine tooth comb and tell you what you’re doing wrong, what you’re right and most importantly what you’re NOT doing… I’ve done it with many students before and they have all improved their text game and learned a ton.

      Let me know… We’d have a blast!


  2. So many of your latest posts are so negative and filled with hatred and rants it’s almost as if you’re trying to lose all your prospects for when you are launching your own company. I myself am losing respect for you little by little with every post I read and I’m starting to think about unsubscribing.

    • Hey Ice…

      Thanks for speaking your mind!! I wish I could win everyone over and always say exactly what all people want to hear… But if I came across negative, I apologize. That is by far not my intentions. And if I’m only apologizing to you, than so be it.

      I’m just so tired of seeing men lose their personal power amongst women that they are attracted to, their families and workplace. Sometimes, I feel the need to be extra passionate about speaking my mind in ways that are very blunt and not sugar coated. Most of the guys reading my posts are on the same journey I am on and we are tired of living from a place of dis-empowerment.

      When you write about a certain topic that may be not commonplace you would hope that by seeing the reality or at least a different view-point than the normal it may facilitate change.

      For the life of me, I can’t figure out why my posts about an overweight girls cry for sympathy(which should teach everybody who read that a lesson to not play the VICTIM, CRY and do something about their situation that were unhappy in) or my 2 part posts about F.E.M (Which is all 100% true and learning female psychology to better your pick-up skills needs to fully understood) would come across as negative.

      Please share some more… I really value your opinion!

      • It comes off as negative because I feel your anger. You dig yourself deeper and deeper into these emotions and then you do nothing to bring a greater amount of positive emotions, which would be required for me to leave with “good feelings”.

        The value we place on people is the value of the positive emotions we associate with them. Since you’re so angry lately this value is going down and down for me. I understand that you’re passionate, but the way you’re coming across is negative.

      • Iceman…

        Excellent advice… Thank you for being upfront and honest. If you’re going to give advice, you have to be able to take it as well…


  3. Hey Iceman…

    Just sent you an email. In case you don’t receive it, call me at 917-588-2139. Let’s talk and see what we can figure out.


  4. Hey Iceman…

    Just sent you an email. In case you don’t receive it, call me at 917-588-2139. Let’s talk and see what we can figure out.


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