The Alpha Male Prevails…

maleeyesCan an Alpha Male’s gaze alone make a woman’s panties wet with hot anticipation of his attention? I think so and this recent post by another female blogger proves what I and many other people have been saying all along!

Here’s what she had to say about a man she met…

Until I met this Alpha, that night.

He looked at me in a way that completely made my normal way of reacting to people melt away. It wasn’t a dirty look per sé, but more a look like he could see right through me. Like he knew what I was thinking, and that knowledge made him smile this crooked, secretive smile – exactly like he knew a secret I didn’t. He’d hold the eyecontact with that look, making -me- be the one who broke the eyecontact, literally close to giggling, as I’d look down. It wasn’t -what- he said to me, it was the -way- he said it. And I was stunned and surprised at the fact that he was reducing me to -blushing-, by flirting in such a discrete, yet very clear and immensely powerful way. There were no cheesy pick-up lines. No game. No nothing, aside from a look in his eyes and a smile on his lips as we had our conversation, with pauses in between where he’d just look at me like that… Me doing what I could to hold the eye contact, but being the one breaking every single time, feeling put on the spot in a not unpleasant way at all. I rarely blush, but I could feel myself doing just that.”

I’ve been asked many times over and over again about eye-contact! Students of Dating education ask me, “How should I look at a woman, how long should I hold eye-contact, is eye contact really that important?”

The woman’s post above sums it up pretty well, almost to the point that I don’t even have to write much more.

The million dollar question is… How do I develop this talent of being able to look into a woman’s eyes and see right through her and make her want me!

The answer is you will be hard pressed to fake such a look especially if the woman is super hot unless you can view her as the same or lower value than yourself. This is a talent that most men will NEVER be able to full enjoy to further their own needs. The eyes are the windows to ones the soul. You can fake body language, tonality, value, etc… But what you can’t fake is the eyes! The eyes will always reveal the truth.

Women won’t be able to consciously detect whether or not your eyes are trying to fool her but on a subconscious level, a deep emotional level she will know that your eyes are telling her what the real YOU is like. Your eyes will give you away each and every time!

The man that this girl is talking about was obviously an Alpha Male. He knew he could have her at any moment he wished and this was being telegraphed through his seductive eyes! She was all his and it made her feel alive!

To develop this type of seductive eye-contact will take time and perseverance. You will have to become more experienced with women. You will have to grow more as a person. You will have to know that you can do things to her mind and body that no other man can do!

But once you get to the point where your eyes can do most of the work for you… Watch out women! You will hypnotize them with just your gaze!

6 thoughts on “The Alpha Male Prevails…

  1. I’m a big proponent of eye contact. Probably one of the most important factors in attraction and seduction. When I started really looking women in the eye, my results changed in a huge way.

    I enjoyed the talk yesterday too Glenn.

  2. Wow, and I’d just blogged about this days ago on my main site.

    This is sort of 1 of those things where you won’t know for sure if it works, but you just have to read the nuances. And probably not an overnight process.

  3. hey glenn, congrats on starting your own!

    I’ve got a question i wanted to ask you. what’s ur take on “building a bad rep” when we’re sarging the same places over and over?

    obviously, I try to change the places I go to. But, frequenting the same venue can’t be helped. im worried about being seen as the “guy who has nothing else to do but hit on girls/ be a creep”.

    my guess for the solution is – 1. become a cool person overall (have a lot of things going for me) and 2. just ignore the “reputation thing”.

    anyway, i’d like to hear your thoughts on it. if its something you’ve had to deal with too. etc….

    • John….
      Just ignore the reputation thing! I call what you’re experiencing “Small Town Syndrome”. It’s like when a guy who lives in small town where all the people know each other and is always worried about people labeling him or looking creepy for going after what he wants(in this case girls)! Better to be the man who looks stupid and gets laid than the man who looks cool and doesn’t have any women in his life!

      I see the same problem going on even in NYC… All pua’s love to go to Whole Foods, Barnes and Noble, etc… Sooner or later the workers and even some customers are gonna recognize you! No way around it! Oh well!!!!! Do it anyway.

      And what’s actually wrong with being viewed as the guy who has nothing else to do but hit on girls??? Who cares what these people think?!?! Go for what you want and screw everyone else!

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