Friday Opener Challenge…. How would you open this girl?

umbrellaIt’s about 8am here in NYC and I’m just waking up… The past few days have been awesome, sunny and hot! Spring is here and I couldn’t be more happy. Although today, I’m reminded of the typical random cycle of weather NYC always seems to offer. It’s rainy and cold again! YUKKKK… So, I figured it would be appropriate to put up a picture of girl that represents the current weather situation! For me and many NY’ers this is what you could expect to see running around the streets… How would you open this girl?

All openers have to be original. Nothing scripted! Make them funny, flirty and most importantly get her attracted to you instantly by what you say to her! When it comes to generating massive attraction, you don’t have much time. Maybe 3-10 seconds at the most! Let’s see what you’d say to make this woman want to be in your life.

On a side note, last night I gave a speech for my Meet-Up group and it was amazing! Almost 40 people showed up and we all had a blast! I’m so excited about this group. All the guys that showed up were amazing and were very serious about learning how to better their Dating lives. I hope to see more of my readers at the next one!

18 thoughts on “Friday Opener Challenge…. How would you open this girl?

  1. For some strange unknown reason, it’s hard for me to come up with openers (situational also) in the challenges lately. It’s sort of like brain freeze or something but I just cannot come up with an opener. In cases like these, I’d just go canned. But I wouldn’t post a canned since it’s not relative to the post.

    • Sk…

      And that’s why we have canned openers. I love them and the serve the purpose just well! But I think it’s a great idea to train your mind to be a better improviser. Being witty and quick on your feet is essential. Women will say shit sometimes that will throw you off and you won’t have a routine to fall back on. These opener challenges will help guys develop that wit which will ultimately help you in all areas of your conversational repertoire.

  2. Glenn: Great to see you again in the Meet Up group last night. You look good! Btw, I’m stealing your version of the “sincere compliment” opener. I love it.

    This is a tough one, but this is what I would go with:
    “Hi, So sweet of you to have showed up in spite of the weather…..and sorry I’m late. I’ll make it up to you next time”

      • The original opener (not sure who came up with this):
        You: “Can u take a sincere compliment?”
        Her: “Yeah”
        You: “so can I! Why don’t u go first?”
        Glenn put his own spin on this that I liked (below):
        Scenario: On you way to work, say in the subway:
        You: “do u think it is too early to give a sincere compliment?”
        Her: “No, it’s fine”
        You: Why don’t u give me one? I had a rough night”

      • Kojo:

        You: Hey… Do you think it’s too early in the morning to give someone a sincere compliment?
        Her: No… Not at all!
        You: Great! Cause, I could really use one right about now. I kinda had a really rough night and I’m feeling kinda down on myself! Make it a good one…


  3. I usually don’t carry an umbrella. When I see a hot girl in the rain with an umbrella, I usally slide in under her umbrella ans simply say “thanks…this is really sweet of you. I don’t want to catch a cold or something.” . Surprisngly no one is told me to go away or acted strange. I usually then go into normal banter.

  4. “you’re staying dry under there huh??…” her: “yeah…” (lightly and sensually touch her arm) “how about now?”

    • Hahaha Chris I swear I hadn’t seen your opener before I posted mine. They aren’t the same but they’re similar and I think I like yours a bit better.

  5. You know, you don’t need that umbrella. If you wanted to not get wet, you could just ask me to stop being so damn sexy!

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