Monday Morning Banter…

???????????????Here’s this weeks banter lines. Have some fun, talk to some girls and have some sex! Spring is officially here! And if you guys have any banter lines that you like to use, please share them with us!


Are you always this masculine with your groping? You sure there isn’t a dick under there? (In some circumstances, you can pull on the waist of her jeans and look down into her pants while saying this.)

Don’t stand so close. I need to look single

Ok… You’re acting like every other girl I meet. Why can’t I just meet a girl who doesn’t want to have sex with me?

7 thoughts on “Monday Morning Banter…

  1. Just used the second one a few hours ago when me and her were walking down the street, while she was holding my arm with her two hands and I saw two girls passing by us and said to her .. Get off me, I need to look single, so these girls won’t think you’re my girlfriend…

  2. I hate to be a spammer and write 3 replies in a row, but I just thought of some other things I did last night and wanted to give credit where it’s due to Glenn for them.

    Right after we had sth to drink and eat we got out of the cafe and we started role-playing at the street screaming at each other how could I cheat at her with her sister and how she never wants to see me again and me trying to do everything so she could forgive me (this is happening at the main street in Sofia, Bulgaria, while there are people around us). I didn’t hear it but she told me that some woman said to her sth like “go, honey, show him, that bastard ..” LOL. (this is sth I’ve read in one of your posts that you did with some girl to make some other couple sitting next to you get away).

    After that I remember trying to kiss her, while walking with her on the street and she gave me the cheek, while explaining to me that she doesn’t kiss on first dates. And right after that I thought .. Damn I should’ve licked her cheek .. but I knew I was going to have a second shot, so .. there we are at her door and of course I try to kiss her again aaand .. sure enough she … gives me the cheek .. aand I licked her cheek, haha. I don’t know about her but I fuckin Loved it! It was so damn hilarious .. and she was like Oh my god, wtf, while laugihng .. and a little bit after that we kissed so that’s how it ended.

    Maybe I did some other things I’ve read on your blog but that’s what I remember, thanks for the ideas and I promise not to spam your post anymore, haha!

    • Zlatan!!!!


      Seriously man… Post and comment as much as you want! I love reading about what you guys have to say! I never get tired of it!

      Next time you try to kiss a chick and she says no… Just play it off as casual, wait a few minutes and TRY AGAIN! Keep repeating this process until you wear down her defenses. Never ask her “Why won’t you kiss me”? Instead something, like… “I admire your self restraint… Most girls are trying to drag me into some random bathroom to have sex with me by now.” or “I think you’re scared to kiss because you know what what will happen to you if you do”. She’ll be like… “Oh yeah… What’ll happen if I kiss you”? That’s when you pull her in by the hips, pull her face close to yours, don’t try to kiss again and you say something very sexual to her…


  3. “Don’t stand so close I need to look single”

    I LOVE it! I know I’m a gal.. However I used a similar line Friday, it was “sit” instead of stand. I was at happy hour with some guys from work and used that. They all looked at me and died laughing.
    “Do your thing Vixen.”
    Love it 🙂

    • Vixen….

      NIce one!!! Never really thought how these same lines could turn the tables on the guys!!! Very impressive! If a girl said something like this to me when I was out with her, I’d be in LOVE!!!!

      Thanks for saying hi and commenting. I hope to see you around here some more! I’m gonna go check out your blog now!


      • I’m pretty fiesty 😉 keep the boys on their toes for sure!

        And thanks for checking out mine 😉

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