Friday Opener Challenge…

dogIt’s Friday again and it’s time to sharpen our opening skills. How would you open this woman? Make it funny, flirty and most importantly make sure it will get her massively attracted to you! The whole purpose of your opener should be to generate Explosive Attraction! If you can’t think of anything good, TRY ANYWAY! Oh, yeah… Make it original!!!

This week, I’m gonna give you one of my favorite openers for a woman who is with her dog!

You: Hey… I know this is gonna sound kinda crazy… But your dog just told me I should come over here and talk to you/get to know you better!

Her: They always laugh or say.. Ohhhhhh, really???

You: That’s really cool how he’s trying to hook you up. Can I pet him?

Her: Yessss

You: Does he bite?

Her: NO

You: What about you??? Do you bite???

I hope you guys have an awesome weekend!!!!

16 thoughts on “Friday Opener Challenge…

  1. Honestly, I can’t think of a pertinent opener. In such cases where I can’t go situational (the dog, etc.), I’d just open with something random unrelated to her (the dog in hand).

  2. “You know, it’s really funny, you know what I’ve noticed, so many people name their dogs after old ladies. It’s really bizarre. I’ve met Maude’s, I’ve met Isabelles, I’ve met Ruths…”

    “But you know what’s even funnier?—kids are now also named after dogs. Just the other day I met a kid named Dakota. When I was growing up, only dogs were named Dakota. I’ve met kids named Chance. I’ve met kids named Spot—okay, no, maybe not Spot…”

  3. “Good day ma’am, my name is Officer YouSoWould (flash wallet). I regret to inform you that I am an undercover canine enforcement officer, and you appear to be in possession of an extremely ferocious, man-eating dog. I’m going to have to take it into custody.”

    Wait for response.

    “I’m not an unreasonable man however, and we may be able to come to some arrangement. I will agree to overlook this incident this time if you put your number in my phone, and we can discuss the matter over a drink.”

    Take number.

    “Have a nice day ma’am. Oh, one more thing – don’t bring the dog” (wink and grin)

    • YSW….

      Way to soon to go for a phone number! it will 100% be a flake! Attraction with no rapport/connection will be a flake! Spend more time with the girl and give her a reason to see you again besides intimacy! Connect with her, especially during day-gmae!

      • Hah if you say so – this is purely an intellectual exercise, although it does help ones creativity. It’s nothing like I’d actually approach in reality. If something situational doesn’t immediately spring to mind, I just go direct, since the longer I sit there mulling over an opener, the less likely I am to do it.

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  5. “Wow” (to get her attention)…..”That is a cute dog. You must be using that to catch my eye. I’ll make it easy for you….I am…..” (then introduce myself with a handshake).

  6. Another variation of my opener:
    “Cute dog. Very clever of you to use that to catch my eye! You get points for that” (High Five)

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