Early Grooming… A conspiracy? Part-1

mother_sonWhat if there was a conspiracy against us men and women were the culprits of this elaborate hoax? I’m not saying there actually is a conspiracy, that it’s true or untrue but I’m gonna lay down some serious thoughts and facts to make us think about the women that raise us and how they are protecting their own survival by the potential manipulation of men!

As you all know by now, I read relentlessly and have been studying Human Behavioral Psychology for almost 10 years. I’m fascinated by the subject and usually read an average of 2-3 books a month on this subject and enroll in educational classes pertaining to these very topics as often as I can. I love to read arguments for and against both men and women’s rights, how we chose partners, why we chose our partners, how sex plays a pivotal roll in just about every decision process that we make, why we cheat, why we marry, gender rolls, etc… Give me a book on any of these subjects and I won’t put it down until it’s finished and I’ve highlighted every meaningful and important thought and fact in that book for future reference! Some might even call me an expert in this field!

Currently I’ve been studying about the manipulation of men and I came across some interesting information and hypothesis’s that I would like to share with you in my own words.

One topic in particular is about basic human survival techniques. No, not the typical Darwinian foundation of thought but the more subtle gender specific tactics that most of us are 100% unaware of that we employ to ensure our species and in particular our genders survival.

I’m giving this the name of “Early Grooming”.

Before I get into the conspiracy theory that many authors are proposing(which will be Part 2 of this post, I would like to talk about what’s going on on the surface of what virtually ALL Women, this includes Mothers, Teachers, Baby-Sitters, Television, Media, etc… are teaching little boys about their rolls as men in life, dating and attitudes towards the women who are the objects of their desire which are nothing but the younger versions of themselves.

The potential manipulation of men starts at a very young age! If you’re a man, it will be impossible to protect yourself from the mind-games that women will play with you. We are just way too young to know any better and our brains aren’t fully developed enough to comprehend what’s going on or able to recognize the truth or untruth in what they are saying to us… So, what happens is that we just whole heartedly believe what we are told and then, even worse, carry that advice into adulthood and never question what we were taught despite seeing the obvious facts that what were taught doesn’t work to our advantage in regards to a mutually fulfilling relationship with women and only leads to a quite resentful outlook towards dating and our own masculine self-fulfillment!

When men are young, the women in our lives love to tell us how to date, what it is to be a man and how treat women! They really do LOVE it to give us their advice, it makes them feel whole and complete! They tell us what to say, how to dress, how to act , what we should be doing and they lead us to believe that they are the sole authority on “What women want, expect and need” even if they themselves are in a miserable relationship or have had no real long-term relationship experience to offer as a foundation for their advice. They lead us to believe what it is to “Be A Man”!

Women will give us faulty advice… They will try their best to mold us INTO WHAT THEY WANT from relationships and a man despite knowing that their advice is not the true key to their heart or the ways in which a man can show his masculinity.

Now, I wouldn’t even be writing this post if the men who surrounded us when we were younger were capable of steering our fertile and developing brains into a masculine Alpha direction but these men were either too scared to contradict the ultimate female authority for fear of being ridiculed by the opposite sex(Hence, lack of female attention) for being a misogynist or they just flat out didn’t know any better.

Either way, both women and men give the male youth of this world the worst dating advice imaginable and I would venture to say that the very people we look to for advice to make our sexual lives more enriched and teach us about love are the very sources of most of our failures.

My Mother’s dating advice was HORRIBLE, she’s no exception! Sorry Mom! And I never had a father in the picture to teach me otherwise. My Mom had some men in her life and eventually remarried but their advice to me, if they even gave me any advice at all was just as flawed. At the time, I thought I was being taught the most valuable lessons in life but as I grew older and was experiencing failed relationship after relationship, I just thought I was implementing their advice wrongly. I thought I needed more practice with women. Little did I know! All of the early teachings I was getting was from a woman or a Beta Male. A recipe for disaster!

Doubt me about the bad advice we’ve been handed??? Look at the divorce rate. Look at the cheating rate! Look at the rate of rape on this planet! Look at how unhappy men and women are in their relationships. How many times have we heard that BULLSHIT phrase, “Relationships are hard work”? I’m not sure about you but life is already hard work and the last thing I want is more hard work just be in relationship that isn’t making me happy! If we were being taught the correct way to have wonderful relationships as kids by competent adults the above wouldn’t be happening on a scale that has never been seen in history before!

The traditional “politically correct” model of dating is fundamentally flawed, it all starts from an early age as a form of brainwashing. It’s the classic case of the blind leading the blind and NOBODY will admit that they’re wrong or change their opinions.

What kind of advice do we receive as young men from our elders, especially women?

And when we were young, why wouldn’t you think and believe that the dating advice from a grown woman wouldn’t be correct?!?!

Let’s see what type of advice women will give men about courting and committed relationship dating…

-If you like a girl. Just tell her that she’s beautiful.

-Give her flowers.

-Tell her about your feelings towards her

-Ask her parents if it is ok to ask her out on a date/marry her

-Don’t let her carry heavy things

-Hold the door for her

-Laugh at her jokes

-Don’t tease her

-Open all doors for her

-Take her out to dinner

-Happy wife equals happy life

-Walk in front of her to clear the way for her

-Give her your umbrella if it’s raining

-Pull the car around for her

-Pay for everything you do on your date

-Plan an elaborate date

-Drive her around

-The woman always comes first

-Open the car door for her

-Take off her coat for her

-Pull the seat out for her to sit down

-Don’t try to kiss her

-Tell her how much you appreciate her

-Ask her if it’s ok to hold her hand

-Don’t sit to close to her

-Be nice to her friends

-Compliment her on the way she’s dressed

-Walk her to the front door of her home when you drop her off

-Thank her for going out with you

-Commit to her after you have sex for the first time

-Get a great job so you can provide for her

-Take her on vacation

-Make more money

-Give her space if she needs it

-If you think a girl is pretty, ask her out to dinner politely

-Write her a love letter

-Buy a diamond ring for her

-Ask her out on a second date

-Do whatever you can for her!

-Compliment her some more

Etc… Do I need to give more examples??? Read that list again… Is there something missing? Hmmmmm…. Is it me or was all this advice from your female authority, all about her, another woman?

To me, the above advice from women actually disempowers women! It almost makes women seem like they are incapable of even the easiest of tasks.

It’s a giant list about what we should be doing for her to make her life easier and to make her feel special and nothing about what we should be expecting from her. It was already assumed that she is the prize whether or not that female authority giving you advice knew the slightest thing about your date and that your date was doing you the favor by gracing you with her presence. Where is the advice about what you should be looking for in a woman or how she should be trying to WIN you over or her expected roll as a woman in a long-term relationship.

It’s a giant list that we’ll take with us into the later years of our lives and wonder why we aren’t successful with women or relationships! We’ll hold on to that list or a version of it for dear life and be hard pressed to alter it in any way shape or form!

It’s our Dating Blueprint!

Keep in mind that I am not saying that we shouldn’t do any of things on that list for a woman that we fancy. I think that chivalry and being a “gentleman” has it’s place in the dating arena but the point I am stressing is that the advice we get from women on how to date and win over other women is selfish as hell and just makes women look feeble minded!!!!

Try reversing that list and see if women don’t slap you in the face and call you a misogynistic pig!

So… If that list does nothing to empower women or men, why is it the bible of dating etiquette?

Why would women be so eager to impress on us from an early age the importance of a list such as this?

I smell a conspiracy brewing!

Part 2- Coming soon!

7 thoughts on “Early Grooming… A conspiracy? Part-1

  1. I understand this topic of brainwashing boys very well because of the circumstances that I grew up in.

    I lost my father rather early, and while my mum meant well in raising me, I became a victim of the same flawed advice without a father figure in the house to balance this out. Little did we know that the so called “Bad Boys” who rebelled had it all figured out, while we followed rules given to us by our mostly female teachers, mums and the women around us.

    I am so glad that there are guys like you leading this community in getting this knowledge on what works in the real world out to guys who are wise enough and ready enough to make the necessary changes in their lives.

    I don’t think that this body of knowledge that this community is putting out there will go mainstream anytime soon because there are too many forces against that trend. It would be cool to see that happen, but will take some time.

    But nevertheless, I still hold on to this dream that this community will blossom in spite of all the forces against it, and that there will be a time when there is an Alpha male in most households, balancing this out and teaching young men what it truly takes to be a man.

  2. Deep stuff GP.

    I’ve always been fascinated by human and female psychology, which drew me in deeper to pickup since we advocate this as you’d know.

    Question though, so you’re saying that women are consciously misleading men and giving us wrong or flawed advice?

    I’ve never asked myself this question before whether their actions are deliberate and consciously done or just sporadic stuff?

  3. “It was already assumed that she is the prize whether or not that female authority giving you advice knew the slightest thing about your date and that your date was doing you the favor by gracing you with her presence.”

    Very true! Ironically, this attitude actually dehumanizes women because it looks at them as objects to be placated and “taken care of” instead of real people with hopes and desires and flaws and positive and negative attributes. Relationships are seen as a project of the man impressing and placating the woman, instead of a mutually beneficial experience where both partners need to give something and get something.

    There are certain other cultures where young men are raised with different messages about gender roles and dating. I wonder how that plays into things.

  4. Women are definitely unconsciously giving us advice about other women. Especially when it comes from your mother. They are not event thinking about it, because in their unconscious that’s what .. Society tells them to say/do etc.

    Be nice to her, buy flowers, make compliments, buy the dinner etc. They are not even thinking about what they are saying, because they themselves are not giving much thought to what works and what doesn’t. They just think of the things society has set as the right thinkgs to do. They are only trying to help, but it’s our job to seek for the truth. Because you can’t expect your mother to advice you umm, son .. show her some DHV, by saying that you hang out with cool female friends, travel to different places of the world, have perspective job and do boxing as a sport. But .. don’t forget! If she is a 9 or 10 definitely throw some neg just to lower her value a little bit and not make her think that you’re one of those guys that will compliment her every 30 seconds.

    No, in their mind is like .. buy her a drink aaand .. maybe she will like you, maybe not .. maybe you could be `her type` maybe not .. But we know better.

    “It was already assumed that she is the prize whether or not that female authority giving you advice knew the slightest thing about your date and that your date was doing you the favor by gracing you with her presence.”

    This is like 10/10. (ROCK)!

    Just yesterday I approached one girl and we discussed a little bit about the topic of marrying and how the guy gets on his knees and waits for her Yes, when he may have all the value and she may have none and even then he is the one on his knees. (your articles are giving me topics to talk about with my sets, thanks I guess! hah)

    Why is she the price, when we have so much more to offer? In reallity they should be chasing high value man down the streets and approaching them, lol.

    In conclusion I think we have to `play the game`, take what we deserve and laugh at society and their illusions about what’s right and what not. I think it’s better to concentrate on what works ..

  5. What’s the saying? We all want what we can’t have???

    From a female prospective… (take this with a grain of salt because I am told I don’t think like a female)
    I can agree with you. I think that we as mothers, wives, sisters, etc to boys, we want them to be that prince charming, what we fail to realize is prince charming has a friggin’ brain too and wants and needs that are different from ours.
    The brainwashing goes further we also tell males they should want or expect a female to cook and clean and make babies… I know society is slowly changing these but I am in the south… there are people that still send their girls to college to only look for a perspective mate!!!

    I am getting off topic… I guess all I wanted to say is while it is nice to have some of those things you listed, I know for me if a guy would do 2 or more from that list I would be throwing down a BS card. He is doing those things out of obligation- because someone “taught” him that.

    I like originality, genuineness (is that even a word?) Just real, a real guy with a real penis and a real love for life.


    • Hey VixenJones….

      Interesting thought… “The brainwashing goes further we also tell males they should want or expect a female to cook and clean and make babies…”

      I would agree and yet disagree that this is the case. Sure men have an image of this in their minds but is it brainwashing? Were they brainwashed into believing that this is what he should expect from women? I think that if a man has a child with a woman and that man is the main financial provider it would be only logical that she should take on the responsibilities of the household. If she is going to stay at home and raise that kid while he puts in 40-60 of hard work each week than it would only be fair and a natural assumption that she cooks and cleans. He would have come to this conclusion whether he was brainwashed or not. Whoever works less hours at their jobs should be the one who does the majority of child raising and household work!

      “I know society is slowly changing these but I am in the south… there are people that still send their girls to college to only look for a perspective mate!!!”
      Very true. Women will even chose on their own to work in environments that will have the type of men she is looking for to provide her with the security and financial freedom that she wants.

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