Friday Opener Challenge… How would you open this set?

ShoppingHere’s a scene that I’m sure we can all relate to. Let me hear how you guys would open this set. As always, make it flirty, fun and original. I’ll be sure to critique everybody’s responses. Let’s have some fun… She’s HOT AS HELL…

23 thoughts on “Friday Opener Challenge… How would you open this set?

  1. Love this feature. I’d probably just go real direct on this one, but in the spirit of the post I’ll say…

    Ok, silly/funny one to make yourself stand out, you’d have to move fast.

    Quickly get in the shop, stand in the window between the mannequins, adopt a silly flexing pose, grab a “Special Offer” sign and hold it up. Give her a big wink when she catches your eye, wait for her to laugh and come back outside, and ask “Anything catch your eye?”

    • Yousowould…

      This type of approach may come across as try hard and the odd’s of being able to get inside, jump in the window and do all of that before she walks off is very slim…


  2. I would smile and say “Hi” to get her attention, and then follow up with
    “With your figure, I’d suggest that you pick this one. It’ll suit you” (then point to one of the mannequins).
    I’d use her response to take it further.

    • Kojo!!!!

      You know better than this!!! Boring situational stuff!!! Make her laugh and get her all hot and bothered! INSTANT EXPLOSIVE ATTRACTION is what you’re looking for.


    • Irv….. WHAT’S UP??? Hope you’re awesome man!!! How’s the ladies treating you??

      I like where you were going with this! Could be fine as is but could be better if you amp it up a little. “Sweetie… You don’t have to go out and buy a new outfit just for me. It’s just a first date, don’t try so hard. I like you as is!”


  3. Shopping for a wedding dress already? but you haven’t even proposed!

    That was the first thing that came to mind, but I would probably say something related but different in a “positive” way like I’d already accepted her proposal and be on our way of getting married, and we would just start planning the wedding and talk about our grandchildren

    • Coinboy…

      Sounds good but you would have to deliver it correctly… In a situation like this, you don’t get much time to THINK of something to say. You literally just have to say it when you think it or she’s moved along!


  4. OK let me guess, 14 shopping bags and staring at a window display, that means you HATE shopping.

    i would just take it from the above and continue conversating.

    • Lithius…

      Where you been hiding??? LOL

      I like it… Or you can say… “Smile, your shopping” or “Wow…. You’re staring at that window like there’s a little puppy dog in there. Lemme guess, you hate shopping?!?!”


  5. Hello, you’re holding alot of bags…..I get it…you are a shop-lifter! Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone cuz you look friendly. I’m Casper, what nice name do you go by?

    • Casper…
      I would drop the name intro part and continue the teasing and roll playing…. But good job man. Delivered correctly, I’m sure you’d get a laugh from her!

      • Glenn, be a sport and give us one example of how to continue with teasing and role-playing in this kind of situation. Thanks in advance. I can’t wait to do coaching with Glenn again !

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