One thing you can do right now to instantly change your results with women…

tomWhen it comes to learning “Game” and becoming the ladies man you’ve always dreamed about there’s one thing you can do immediately that will 100% get you better results. As a matter of fact, I would say that it is the easiest thing to change about your game! It’s instant and full proof! I bet by now some of you are wondering what this little tweak in your game could have such a profound result is? This one thing, this one change can even get you laid without even having to open up your mouth!

Change the way you dress! A man’s style is the easiest thing you can do to change your game right now and see instant results!

We live in a world that is almost solely based on perceived value, I.E. judging a book by it’s cover. We live in a time in our society where  your ultimate value to the world and other people is judged almost solely by the way you look, unless you’re rich, powerful, or famous! You gotta love the world we live in, don’t you?!

I wish things were different. I wish we were judged on who we really are and not who people perceive we are. Value is unfortunately in the eye of the beholder!

Personally, I think it’s fair that this is the way things are but I didn’t make up these rules up, I just use it to my advantage. Do you? Why not be the “book” that is judged by it’s cover if it can have a dramatic impact in a positive way on your life?

Basically, dress awesome and be perceived to be higher value by women and the world regardless of what and who you are on the inside. Sounds good to me. Why wouldn’t you take advantage of that? The more value you project, the more women who want to fuck you!

Most men haven’t a clue when it comes to fashion. They have no clue what is sexy and what is not.

Many guys at some point in their lives have had another women take them out shopping for some new clothes to help make them look more appealing. Bzzzzzzzz, wrong answer! The last thing you want to do is have one of your so called “lady friends” take you clothes shopping or help you develop a sexy look!

As the age old saying goes, “Never take advice from a woman when it comes to women.” NEVER!

Women couldn’t dress a guy sexy if they tried! Sorry girls but it’s true!

Most women and men have no idea how to tactically put together a sexy outfit that tells a story, conveys HOTNESS and extreme value!

When you are deciding on what to wear, how to dress or what to buy are you making sure that your look is telling a story with NO in-congruencies? Did you know that any in-congruenices in fashion are giant RED FLAGS to women?!

Your look has to be fully developed but yet easy for the woman to understand. She has to get it. You need to fall into a particular stereo-type that women find sexy!

What are some stereotypes that women find sexy you ask?

Man in uniform(fireman,military, police), GQ, Rocker, Skater, Hip-Hop, Movie star, Cowboy, Hipster, Jock/athelete, Yoga guy, CEO, Geek Chic, Normal well dressed guy(David DeAngelo), Male model, Movie producer just to name a few!

These are stereotypes that ALL women can relate to and find sexy. Every single woman on planet earth has had a crush on a man who has embodied these looks. The preppy Wall Street girl has had a crush on a dirty rocker guy as well as a GQ looking guy. A rocker girl with tattoos has had a crush on a guy in uniform as well as a Hip-hop looking guy. Get what I’m saying? Because it is a stereotype that society has deemed sexy, women have no choice but to consider that look as an viable option.

Chances are, if you are going to change or enhance your look you will need to push your comfort level and not let your fear of being judged by your friends and family get in the way of YOUR success. Changing your look and conforming to a particular stereotype can be a scary thing.

ONLY you are responsible for your success and you deserve it. It is your GOD GIVEN RIGHT! Most men are downright scared to change the way they look for fear of judgement by their friends and family. Fuck THAT!!! You owe them nothing. Step out of the box and watch your life change in ways you never thought were imaginable.

I encounter students of the Game who rarely consider fashion to be an important part of their success and I feel so bad for these guys.They refuse to acknowledge the importance of fashion. They say things to me like… “I don’t want to change the way I look to get more girls”, or “If she doesn’t like the way I dress than I don’t need her in my life”. More irrational bullshit from guys who are scared to change and be judged!

Women spend their whole lives trying to raise their value and nobody will doubt this, not even women! And women will be hard-pressed to do anything that may jeopardize their hard work. If your perceived value is less than the woman’s she will NOT let you into her life for fear that you may lower her value! She has to be able to introduce you into her world without losing a drop of value. You will either have to be able to maintain her value or raise it or it’s “GET AWAY FROM ME NOW”!

Unfortunately, most guys just won’t change the way they look and it saddens me to see them not live up to their potential. It actually makes me mad as hell because I want to help everyone! I just don’t get it.

Pick-Up is hard enough without considering fashion as one of things you will have to learn and change… but changing your look and doing it right will have a profound effect on your over-all success. If you’re going to work on one area of your life, why not work on ALL areas of your life. Your look will have an INSTANT affect on your success.

Here’s a tip… You will ONLY date girls who are within the level of VALUE you project and not a drop more. Unless, you’re a natural but most guys aren’t naturals.

I once had a student who told me that he was dating 7’s & 8’s all the time but wanted to date 10’s! Imagine that!!!! But, his fashion sense was that of a normal,non-descript personality. His look was all over the place. His shirts were loose fitting and wrinkly. His shoes were horrible. His hair?!?!?! Wretched! But he had great game and that allowed him only a certain level of success which was the land of 7’s and 8’s.

I talked about fashion with him and he was stubborn to agree with me. So, I took him to a high-end lounge in NYC which would have tons of 10’s running around! He was getting blown out left and right by these chicks. At one point I sat him down and told him to observe a crowd of chicks who were all 9’s and 10’s… I told him to look at the guys that were hanging around them. I sat there with a straight and serious face and asked him… ” Tell me honestly. Can you sit here with me and honestly tell me that you look like you can belong to that group with the way you are dressing right now? Do you really think that there’s no difference between the value they project and the value you project? How out of place would you look to an outsider if they saw you in that group?” At that moment he saw the light. He knew I was right. He hated the fact but knew he would have to change up the way he looked in order to get those girls.

Our next coaching session, I took him out shopping. I gave him a new killer look. He was transformed from head to toe with a sexy look that he felt comfortable emulating. He looked like Tom Ford from Gucci and he immediately started getting 9’s and 10’s… But remember, his game was already good. It wasn’t the fashion alone that got him in the pants of some retarded hot chicks! It was the fashion that gave him that extra needed edge!

Now… You may be saying to yourself that you want a change in your appearance but you don’t know how or where to start?! Maybe you’ve been thinking about this for a while now! Maybe you’ve never thought about it but after reading this post, now you are. Changing your look is a tricky thing. The attention is in the details. I could write a novel on fashion and how to change a mans look.

For now… My best advice is to study famous people and mimic their look EXACTLY! Don’t change a thing. Buy the exact brands they do and wear the exact outfits they do…

Get some professional fashion advice. I’ve been in the fashion industry for almost 10 years now. It’s been my lifeblood! In a matter of hours I can take a guy and turn him into a super-star when it comes to fashion that will turn the heads of the hottest women. It’s an immediate improvement that allows him to see the results instantaneously! All of a sudden you will start getting looks and smiles from amazingly hot women! Your approaches start to go better. Your dates go better and your confidence starts to grow.

Spring and Summer is coming up and there will be millions of women walking around. There will be countless chances to approach fantastic women. Why not approach them looking and feeling like a STAR?

Sometimes, change starts outwardly and works it’s way in inwardly and I want to be a part of your change!

Because you guys have made this blog so successful, I would like to offer you a helping hand with your fashion! I want to help you develop an awesome look and i want to do it for free!

For 1 whole week, I will be offering a FREE Fashion Consultation to anyone who wants it. No strings attached!

If you would like a free 15 minute fashion evaluation call me up at 917-588-2139. I’ll have you email me some pics of yourself in the best clothes and outfits that you have. I’ll listen to your story, help you decide on an appropriate look and then give you advice on how and what you can do to immediately change things up to give yourself a better chance at seducing 9’s and 10’s.

This FREE fashion evaluation is only good until Wednesday April 3rd at 7pm! No exceptions. Call me up 1 day later and you’re on your own. Pick-up the phone now and call me at 917-588-2139 for a FREE fashion consultation!

16 thoughts on “One thing you can do right now to instantly change your results with women…

  1. Fashion evaluation? That’s revolutionary. And it’s free too! I can see how that would go down, where a guy tells you what he usually wears and you’ll get a mental picture of how it looks and then tweak it via phone.

    • Sk….

      What’s up man? Yeah… I got a ton of phone calls. I’ve been having them send me emails of how they look and then I get them on the phone to do a critique!

  2. Glenn…

    I absolutely agree “Fashion” creates a bit of a dream, that’s the whole point of dressing up, is… you feel better about yourself, is an enhance version of who you are!!
    And when you buy something, you often do believe “If i have this, i’m gonna put it on, i’m gonna look great, i’m gonna meet this beautiful girl, we gonna go out together and she’s gonna LOVE me!!” and everything is gonna come together.
    Now that might or might not happen, but just your feeling that it might happen, might make it happen or help it happen, because you’re feeling good to showing apart inside yourself that maybe you wouldn’t be showing if you were walking around with those old boring clothes.

  3. Just wrote a post today on men’s shoes, lol. Yeah fashion makes a big difference in how a guy is perceived. Women are especially sensitive to it. Fashion is critical in New York City game, probably more than any other city in the world. If you aren’t dressing well, there’s always going to be a cap on your potential.

    • Hey Glenn, I was so shocked when I saw your offer, am so excited to have some help for you but am living in Europe in Cyprus and it will be too expensive for me. I am 18 and I am not so good with my English and I don’t want to waste you 15min . However, I will be so pleased if you only accept my emails and my photos.. Just tell me what I have to do.. Thanks in advance,

      • Hey Glenn. I made a call on 2nd april and left a message regarding consultation. Maybe you had a problem getting back to me, could you please contact me about it via mail so we can arrange that as I am dieing from curiousity. Thanks in advance

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