Monday Morning Banter…

???????????????Good Morning… It’s Monday Morning and it’s time for some more of my personal banter lines. I hope you guys have been trying them out as the weeks go by. Here’s a few more for your ever growing arsenal of funny, flirty, playful things you can say to any woman you are either trying to pick-up or you are already with!

As always, leave some feedback. Tell us which ones you’ve used and give us some of your own banter lines that you’ve been using to swoon the ladies into your lives.

Here we go!!!

Don’t get your hopes up lady. You still have a lot of work to do

You don’t wanna date me. I’m seriously like the worst boyfriend ever. (She’ll ask why)   Where do I start?  First off, I have a really, really small…(pinch your thumb and index finger together to imply penis size) and Secondly I can only last for about 3 seconds in bed but the second time around I can usually do much better. 

Hey… I just noticed one of your ears is bigger than other. WOW! That is so cool

 I like you. You’re simple.

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6 thoughts on “Monday Morning Banter…

  1. I really like this! Every line with the concept of push/pull in it is awesome and works great. It makes her fell appreciated yet challenged.

    I have been personally struggling with depreciating myself (example: you don’t you wanna date me, I’m bad in bed). I don’t know where the limit is or when I should use it. Because I want to be confident about my skills, but I don’t want to brag about it either showing insecurity.

    • Nuky…

      Yeah… it’s total push-pull and women love this!

      I call some of those lines Intentional DLV’s! I love to disqualify myself to women in a funny, obvious bullshit way! makes them go crazy.

      Thanks for commenting. I hope to see you around more often!!!


  2. Hey Glenn, just stumbled upon your site and I’m seriously diggin it. You’ve got some great stuff on here and your genuine attitude really shows. Look forward to reading more. Cheers

  3. Hi Glenn, good idea to inspire us with some of your banter lines to have more playful interactions. One question, do you have an approximate idea about when your first product will be launched? I have been following you for some time now and I like your approach.


  4. My personal favourite on a Monday morning, on the way to work on the tube/metro
    You can just catch some depressed womans eye, someone sighing with those monday morning blues

    “Another Monday eh?”
    Probably one of the most succesful openers I have ever had… long as you follow it with a constructive conversation and exchange numbers.

    At which point you can arrange an after work drink. If it’s not a fuck that same night I’ve deffinately got it by Sunday. 😉

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