Friday Opener Challenge…. How would you open this set?

opener2OK… This Opener Challenge is a little more difficult… Keep in mind that your Opener doesn’t always have to be verbal! These two chicks are obviously high-value, hot and extremely high-energy… With these chicks you only get ONE chance! I promise you that. Open them wrong and you’re done. (You can click on the picture to enlarge it if you want a close-up view.)

Let’s keep the Openers to 100% original material. No canned routines! Observe the picture and try to come up with something that will spark their attention, generate attraction and get you in!!!! Good Luck… I will critique all of your openers and give you feed-back!

Don’t be scared to give this a try. I’ve seen girls like this a million times while I’m out. Drunk, silly and ready to have fun. Being able to open strong in situations like this is what being a PUA is all about. And by giving this a try, you’ll be sharpening your improv skills so that one day you’ll be able to be “Natural” when you go out  and not have to rely on routines.

22 thoughts on “Friday Opener Challenge…. How would you open this set?

  1. I can only think of one way to do this:
    Tap both of them on the shoulder, then grab both of them by the hair, pull them apart, and start grinding them in turns (to the music).

  2. “Hey guys, quick female opinion…” Ha, just kidding.

    This calls for a nonverbal or mostly nonverbal opening. I would get right between them and put an arm around both of them and pose in the picture with them. From there tell the girl to put her leg around me for another picture.

    • Lenehan…

      What’s going on man??? You have the right idea for sure. Putting your hands behind each of their heads and having a three-way makeout would be much better. You would have to OWN this to make it happen… Or you can just walk right up the one with her tongue sticking out and just start kissing her!

      But great job man!!!

    • Ej…

      I would think that this would not work well. They are in FULL party attention getting mode and you would definitely have to open them much stronger to gain their interest and math their state


      • Hmm yeah you’re right they’re like really hype and drunk. How about a pick one up, spin in a circle, set her down, ass slap then go for the neck bite?

  3. High energy set requires high energy open. I’d probably not have the balls to go into something like this sober, but drunk I’d just walk up, put an arm around the waist of each one, and pick them both up at the same time and spin them around a few times. Then offer a hand to each and lead to the dance floor to run dance floor game and go for a quick make out. They don’t look much in the mood for conversation!

    • Yousowould…

      Pick them both up??? Jesus, you must be a powerlifter!!! LOL

      I like the idea of picking one them up and then doing something with her. But if you can pick them both up… God Bless you!


      • Haha, it’s kind of my party piece. I’ve got a really strong back from deadlifting – 2 slim girls are relatively easy compared to a bar stacked with 45lb plates!

        Mind you, I once attempted it with two of my 250lb friends. The heap we ended up on the floor, my lower back spasming painfully, bore testament to the stupidity of that idea…

  4. I would have a friend stand a little away with their cell phone or camera out ready to take a picture. Then I would go up to both girls with high energy and say

    ” Hey paparazzi over there! Smile for the camera!”

    Then get in between then and pose for a picture. Then I would bust on them saying the pictures arent sexy enough for the tabloids of TMZ and bust on em and play off that. Thoughts?!

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