FREE SPEAKING EVENT IN NYC- Thursday, April 11th, Save This Date!

megaphone169-408x264Hey Everyone… I will be speaking for FREE on Thursday, April 11th- 7pm to 8:30 and I want YOU to be there. I just started a 100% FREE group which will be meeting on average twice a month for an in depth lecture on all things related to Dating and Personal development! I have been wanting to do this for the longest time and now that I have left BradP, I am free to hold these events without asking permission.

It’s called- NYC- Learn To Attract, Seduce And Meet Women Mastermind Group

I would imagine that this group is going to grow quickly. I LOVE speaking and sharing all that I know with guys who are seeking to better themselves and meet more women!

You WON’T want to miss my first Free Meet Up group ever! Bring anyone you want! Once again it’s free! And at the end of my lecture, I will answer ANY questions you may have.

If you attend my first ever MeetUp, here’s what you’ll get!

I’m going to give you my personal secrets to help you Eliminate Approach Anxiety and spark Explosive Attraction in any woman the moment you start talking to her.

You will learn where Approach Anxiety comes from. How to transcend those irrational fears. I’m also going to give you my simple 4 step plan that will allow to eliminate any fear of approaching you may have.

We all know how hard it can be to make a woman instantly attracted to you and this is why I will give some amazing things you can start doing immediately that will make her instantly attracted to you.

I’ll be sharing the exact Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to the first few minutes with a woman including body language, positioning, eye-contact, tonality, mind-set, what to say and how to say it and so much more.

You’ll also get to steal my personal opening lines which have gotten me and my students laid more times than I can count. You will be able to leave this meet-up and start approaching women immediately!

Please feel free to bring your friends and spread the word! This is officially the first Meet-Up for this group and I really want you to help make it a success so that we can continue to grow together!

You will also get to meet new friends who share the same interests as you when it comes to meeting and seducing women. That alone is worth coming. Make sure to RSVP! Exact room number to be announced!

I hope to see all of you there.

Please spread the word to other PUA’s… I’m going to need a little help to make this a success. Like this on facebook, share this post, email your wingmen…. Thanks Guys…

Once again, please RSVP so I know what size room to rent.

11 thoughts on “FREE SPEAKING EVENT IN NYC- Thursday, April 11th, Save This Date!

  1. I wouldn’t miss a talk by you if it was 7 days a week and it cost sth like 5% a meeting, but I live in Europe .. I hope you can somehow manage to record yourself and upload a mp3, so the people who won’t be able to be there can hear it also.

    It’s great that you’re doing this, I wish success and I know people are going to love it .. I still consider one of your talks on opening one of the best I’ve ever heard.

    • SK….
      Yeah, people are giving talks but it’s almost never for free and it never on any type of schedule that students of Attraction can rely on!

      And I’ve spoken at about 20 events over the years! Most of them we’re in NYC… A couple in LA and Philadelphia. I’ve also been interviewed by Neil Strauss and countless other PUA’s….

      I’m going to be speaking at a major even in NYC very soon. I will announce the details soon!!!


    • Yousowould…

      As a matter of fact the event will almost 100% be video taped! If for any reason it isn’t video recorded it will definitely be audio recorded! So, you’ll get to hear no matter what happens. I will be recording all these events for my readers who live far away to see and hear!


    • Kemper….

      WOW!!! That would be awesome man. Thanks for helping to promote the event. It’s gonna be kick-ass!!! And at least… We’ll meet in person. Just say hi and introduce yourself.


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