Monday Morning Banter….

???????????????It seemed like a lot of guys loved last weeks banter lines. So, here’s a few more to have some fun with. As always, gimme some feedback. Let me know if you used them and let me know if you have some great banter lines that are original to you and we may like…

Stop thinking with your pussy. You’re such a girl

If we were walking down the street together, I wonder who would get more attention?

Keep touching me like that and I’m gonna make you my new booty call ~or~ You have serious booty call potential…

15 thoughts on “Monday Morning Banter….

  1. These are totally awesome dude.The last one is genius! I’ll definitely try it out.
    One that I use that gets a good reaction is just calling them out if they aren’t doing much by saying “Why are you so boring?!” with a smile at the end. It’s not as flirty as yours but the reactions are priceless!

    • Kris…

      Can’t wait to hear your results from you trying these out! they are killer and they will also give you the frame-work to eventually learn to come up with flirty things to say on your own!


  2. I was gonna write I love number 2 .. then number 2 and 3 .. then I decided that I love all of them.

    I will certainly use them.

    Looking forward for the next set of cool Glenn banter ..

    • SK…

      You’re right about being non-outcome dependent! If you’re nervous dropping these, you’re done! lemme know if you try them out and the results you get.

  3. “If we were walking down the street….”

    I’ve been testing that out for online game and the results have been pretty good!

    Me: If we were walking down the street together I wonder who’d get more attention…
    Girl: Blah Blah Blah
    Me: I’d have you all dress up in hot little outfits and sexy high heels when we’re out…
    Girl: (!)

    • Lenny…
      the man, the myth, the legend!!!! What’s up?!?!?!

      Never thought about using that online!!! Consider it done and tested soon on my part! Thanks for the great idea and taking something I said and running with it in your own way!

      Miss ya…

  4. These are great. I am looking forward to your products and can’t wait to do a 1-1 when you have a schedule up. I’d probably say something like “I bet your pussy is so juicy right now” or something funny like that. But your lines are great too!

    • Kemper…. Glad you loved my banter lines!!!

      The statement, “I bet your pussy is so juicy right now”. Would only be good at the moment the actual hook-up is going to happen! And if you said the word JUICY to a woman, I’d bet she’d get turned off. Juicy is not the word they like to hear. Better off changing it to wet. or you could say… “I’d be willing to bet that if I slipped my hand down down your pants right now, your little pussy would be dripping wet!”

      have you actually used the word juicy and have you actually said that to a woman?


  5. Love the “pussy” one (the all good ofc), flipping scrips it always fun, I have been using on one of my FB “you are such an ass-hole” all the time, and she always cannot believe hearing it lol.

    Hot chicks just not used to it.

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