Insta-Date with a PLAYBOY BUNNY….

playboyWow, and wow again! One of my students while out on a coaching session with me was lucky enough to insta-date a Playboy Bunny. She was the hottest thing ever and I was soooooo envious! But, I had to just sit back and watch him game the girl of my dreams!!! And YES!!! She really was in an issue of Playboy, so at least I got to see what she looked like with no clothes on!

On my last session, Glenn and I…were perusing one of his favorite midtown spots. To be honest I had been struggling with HG so he told me to go direct. Glenn would pick the women. After one successful approach with a really hot blonde, Glenn spotted another stunner in the distance. I walked up to her, tapped her shoulder, said “you’re pretty cute”, and extended my hand to introduce myself. She looked a little bewildered but went with it. Up close she was one of the prettiest women I have ever met. She introduced herself and I went into the ‘my first girlfriend’ routine. This broke the ice and got the conversation flowing. This naturally led into chatting about where she was from. After a few minutes I asked if she was up for a coffee. She said should couldn’t because she was on her way to workout. If this had happened to me two months earlier I would have given up after the first attempt for coffee. Instead I continued to chat and keep her engaged. After a few more minutes I suggested coffee again. She looked at her watch and decided to skip her workout.


We grabbed coffee near bye and chatted for a good hour. It turns out she is an aspiring model. She dropped a few hints about recent success but I chose not to take the bait. I could tell she was at least moderately successful in the modeling field but I wanted to know more about her, not her modeling career. Throughout the coffee Glenn is texting and calling me to tell me to advance more physically with kino. As I’m still new to this, I resisted for the better part of the hour but became more comfortable as time when on. Glenn is in pure stealth mode because I haven’t seen him for an hour. Not to mention I’m captivated by this beautiful women in front of me.


Our coffee cups were dry so I suggested we go for a stroll and maybe grab a drink somewhere else. There was more hand holding though she appeared to be incredibly shy in public. Conversation advanced to deeper topics such as family and friends. A few people in the new location ‘noticed’ her, another sign she was fairly well established. We chatted for another hour until I had to meet a friend for dinner. We hugged with a quick peck goodbye after exchanging numbers. I was on cloud nine. I had just met an extraordinary women and had the pleasure of turning it into 2 hour date.

The next day I was running the events through my mind. I realized she had made two or three Playboy references so I googled her name with “Playboy”. To my surprise, I had gone on a date with a Playboy playmate.

This was on my fifth coaching session with Glenn. He’s a tremendous coach and I look forward to the next time! Thank you Glenn!

12 thoughts on “Insta-Date with a PLAYBOY BUNNY….

  1. Glenn P. is one of the best coaches out there!!!…..
    He not just understands female psyche but he explains it to you in a way that is very easy to understand. In my 1 on 1 with him i learned so much about women and inner game than all those years reading about the community and trying different techniques. Within those hours i spent with him my game improved a lot, my confidence went through the roof and the response from women were absolutely amazing.
    The best part is that he will not just teach you that day and forget about you. He’ll try to help you as much as he can. Proof to that is that he does what none of the other coaches do, and that is this blog, where he gives you information on how to develop and improve your game, you can ask any question and he’ll answer it. It might take time, but hey!! What else you expect from the world greatest pickup artist?!?

    • Hey I.P…

      You’re name suits the post!!!! And you’re right, you never know who you’re gonna meet. I met Kirsten Dunst a while back. We chatted for about 45mins, I tried HARD AS HELL but she shacked up with some dude…. But I know she was into me!

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