Monday Morning Banter…

mondayI woke up this morning (way too early if you ask me!) with a great idea… I was thinking that every Monday I will give you some amazing banter lines/ roll plays/ and flirting techniques that you guys can use and try our for yourself through out the week.

Banter and flirting is crucial in your learning process. It is essentially female language! Decipher how to use banter and learn how to flirt and you will watch your results sky-rocket!

The Monday Banter lines will all be the very same lines that I use and have tested 100’s of times! No need to worry if they work! They do!!! Have fun boys…

Here are two awesome lines you can throw in at anytime during your interactions with women. I love these!!!

I am so attracted you (sexy eye contact-long pause)….. As a friend!

I’m actually starting to like you… So don’t fuck it up

Have some fun with these and please lemme know your thoughts, if you used them, how you used them, how the ladies responded and if you tweaked them in a way that worked!

Thanks for all the support…

24 thoughts on “Monday Morning Banter…

    • Yousowould…

      Thanks man…. And you’re right about having a solid repertoire of flirty material to use. BUT… the magic is when you can just come up with awesome stuff to say all on your own!


      • I was actually having an interesting chat with my colleague about this the other day – we decided at least 80% of being good at “banter” is merely having enough good material stored up that is applicable to any situation, that you can whisk out in a flash, without even stopping to think.

        20% of the time you can ad lib something pretty funny out, and then it gets added to the library for future reference. The more you’ve got in reserve, the more you can subsequently mesh different things together to create new ideas in the future.

        All the best comedians script most of their stuff – if anyone can truly cream out an endless supply of brand new, hilarious lines at will, then they’re a better man than I!

      • Yousowould…

        Think of it like this… the more you have in reserve and the more you have tested out, the more you can come up with on the spot! once you understand the framework and the internals of flirty frames and 1 liners it is easy to come up with stuff on your own at will.

        I will usually never use the same stuff on every girl. 90% is all original nowadays but unlike comedians who have to perform for a lengthy amount of time, we do not. This took me years to develop.

        BUt… For the beginner… USE OUR MATERIAL UNTIL YOU HAVE MASTERED IT.Then go out and try some stuff on the fly.


  1. Glenn…..This is genius!! I used the second one this morning and she loved it!!!…… Thanks for posting some banters. And it was great to see that you doing well, i’ll come over and wish you luck personally before you release your material

  2. Banter lines are actually my favorite thing in pickup.

    I love bantering with girls who work registers or at bakery. I don’t know what it is, but those HB’s respond positively to banters: at least from me.

  3. Those are some great lines! Thank you 🙂 They work great to amplify the attraction the girl has for you. But it doesn’t seem to work if she isn’t interested in the 1st place. I am still figuring out how to get more of them attracted to me. Still learning the hard way that not everyone finds me attractive.

    • Nucky…

      Don’t think I’ve seen you around before??? Good to have you on board!!! Thank you for your comment.

      Believe me when I say this… Most girls don’t find me initially attractive either. I developed a huge presence and give off an air of confidence that makes most vaginas go wild! You can do this to.

      For now, keep at it… It takes time and great routines and awesome flirty lines can amp her interest even if there was non before hand!


  4. Glenn…

    Love the blog bro. I especially like that you dose out information in little bite size chunks that we can immediately grab and put to use in the field TODAY. I also really like that you seem to take a genuine personal interest and care in your students.

    Actually I have a question for you and a story but it’s a little personal, do you have an email address where we can send feedback?


    • Seivadmas…

      Hey man… thanks so much! If only people knew how much I actually do care about their success!!! I put my heart and soul into this because I was once you! I know the feeling of trying to better myself and figure the best way to show my appreciation towards the community is give 100% of myself back to the very same community that taught me!

      If you wanna email me personally, the best way is to just post a comment on here. It won’t get posted unless I approve it first! Therefore, I can read it and answer you directly. I won’t allow the comment/your personal issue to go public! Include your email and I will email you back from address… I hope I can help you out!!!


      • Oh by the way, I tried this one out on a date yesterday:

        “I’m actually starting to like you… So don’t fuck it up”

        It worked great! I’ll be using it again.

      • Already ahead of you…. I have a new one lined up!!! And can’t wait to hear the replies to this one!!! I’m in full speed ahead mode especially after reading your blog post the other day!!!

      • Sk… No Tweeting for me just yet. But it’s coming. I may need some advice on that. I have no idea how to tweet and utilize it’s platform!

      • Lol I’m no Twitter expert neither. I just got the handle of it, but it’s great for. Posting your stuff just by hitting the tweet button. This is how powerful it is. Let’s say you have a Twitter follower who has 300 friends (pretty common). You simple ask him to tweet your post (by sending him the link to the post), and all of his 300 followers will see that post/tweet. Imagine that for blog visitors. And that is just from 1 followers. Usually, your followers would just tweet your articles automatically once you post.

  5. Hi Glenn,

    thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on pickup with us.
    Really love your blog.

    (Sry for my bad english, just started few months ago to learn it)

    I hope you have a tip for me.
    I have the problem that when i decide to go out and learn how to approach women
    I have that bad feeling about getting rejected.
    I want to have fun while on the field but i always feel sad/bad because i expect to get rejected.
    I dont know how to explain that exactly. I just have always bad feelings when i want to go out.


  6. I’m actually starting to like you… So don’t fuck it up

    This line crushed it for me this weekend….Full on make out in the bar… then later that night she text me “don’t fuck it up!!”

    Thanks Bro, i owe you a beer. let me know when your in LA

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