Has women’s entitlement issues squashed masculinity once and for all???

Bad DateI just love the title of this post… but the question is a serious one that needs to be addressed.

Let me ask you this… Have you ever been out on a dinner date and when the hostess escorts you and your girl to your table your left with a decision about where you “should” sit and where she “should” sit? Has that same hostess or host made you follow them to your table and they have already chosen where the man should be seated and where the woman should be seated? I bet you have and if you haven’t realized this is happening, GO ON A DATE TONIGHT AND SEE FOR YOURSELF.

Usually in most restaurants or lounges they will have some of their tables lined up against a wall. Now, the wall seat will usually be slightly more comfortable than the ordinary table chair its opposite and the nice comfy wall seat will be facing the entire restaurant. In other words, who ever sits with their back against the wall gets the GOOD seat where you can take notice of all the action that particular venue has to offer and your ass will feel all the more better because it will be placed on a rather plush soft material. I don’t know about you guys but my ass likes warm, soft, plush seats and my wonderful brown eyes love to gander at all the happenings of my new environment. If you’re not like me, speak up now…

But this post isn’t about soft seats or wandering eyes. It’s about the fact that ALL WOMEN seem to think that it’s their God given right to sit in that seat regardless of who’s paying.

And to make matter worse, the hostess or host is on dating auto-pilot and has her side in the matter. I.E. Your hostess will automatically guide your date to the better of the two seats, THE WALL SEAT. It’s almost a conspiracy and what your left doing, that is if you are man enough to grab that seat is almost push your hostess out of the way to get it.


This is insane if you ask me.

The other night I was on a date with an awesome woman. She’s probably the closest thing to my perfect 10.. I nicknamed her “The Fish” for reasons I don’t feel like sharing with you guys. We’ve been dating for almost 4 months now and she’ll definitely be reading this post and hopefully she’ll reply but I won’t count on it. Anyway, about a week ago we went out to dinner at our favorite restaurant and lo and behold our hostess guides us to a long row of seats against a wall. And yes, the seats against the wall are super soft and cozy. I can tell she has her eye on it before we even get there but I am just slightly ahead of her and I start to sit down against the wall and out of the corner of my eye I can tell she has a problem with it.

She says, “What? You’re going to take the nice seat?” and I say “Yes. Of course!”

I can tell she’s upset and offended which is quite baffling to me. Here we are at a great restaurant, we were laughing, having an awesome time getting to the restaurant, she knows I’m gonna pay for this one and yet there’s a problem! SO, you guys know me… I decide that we should talk about “her problem” and we do.

I proceed to tell her that I don’t think it should be automatically assumed that she or women in general should automatically get the good seat and that I’ve been on so many dates where the woman thinks that she is entitled to some sort of special treatment just because she’s on a date with me. What the hell is that about? I ask her if she thinks that’s fair and of course she has no other option but to agree because if she disagreed it would show an extreme amount of selfishness on her part.

I also tell her of a story where I was out on a date with a different girl at a sushi restaurant and that this particular place has a row of wall seats about 30 long. That’s 30 tables long!!! It was a Saturday night and like you may already be suspecting, EVERY SINGLE TABLE AGAINST THE WALL HAD WOMEN SITTING IN THOSE SEATS! It looked so awkward to me. All these guys trying to “do the gentleman thing”, win the affection and attention of their dates and the women were just sitting back and judging with prissy little smiles on their faces! YUCKKKKK! Guess which seat I took that night? Damn right! I sat down in the wall seat, leaned back and smiled! I was the only guy out of 30 or so that was sitting against the wall and it felt awesome!

Getting back to the Fish… She actually started to take my side in the debate after she heard what I had said and realized that women have certain entitlement issues when it comes to dating and being courted! I also told her that if she wanted to take me on a date, she could sit in any seat she chooses. We laughed and then I told her that our conversation would make a great post for my blog!

The funny thing is that when I sit down in the wall seat I notice all the other girls eye-fucking me so much more. Somewhere in their female subconscious minds I must be portraying an air of Alpha Male to them.

Now, I do believe that men should be men and that there is a time and place for romance and chivalry but when a woman automatically assumes certain standards that you must meet and do when it comes to dating because she has the “all elusive-prized-vagina” that we are all after, that is where I draw the line in the sand!

Women just have some really amazing, unjustified entitlement issues and there’s no way around that and you’ll be hard pressed to change them so you’ll just have to learn to deal with them as they arise. We can thank all the Beta Boys that have tried to court her before you for her current state of entitlement. In reality it’s not the woman’s fault, it’s just what she’s used to and expects. So, don’t hold a grudge against them for being women.

When a woman has an entitlement issue and you fall for it, you lose a part of your Alpha masculinity and the attraction she has for you. She, more than likely will not even realize that this is happening but on a deep subconscious level your Alpha-ness will be on a decline and you’ll be on the road to next-ville!

If we continue down this path of catering to the whims of women and their entitlement issues it will be an endless decline for men. At some point it might become impossible for a man to regain his title of king and there will no longer be Alpha Males to swoon the hottest women into their hearts.

Be a man. Be masculine! Be Alpha and keep the girl on her toes, excited and feeling alive when she is with you! There is no reason why men can’t start being men again and doing the opposite of what Oprah Winfrey has convinced her female audience of what the appropriate male behavior towards a woman should be.

You are the leader. You are the PRIZE not the other way around!

16 thoughts on “Has women’s entitlement issues squashed masculinity once and for all???

  1. Lol Guilty! Saying no to what is automatically assumed and retracting attention when girls act up is something I’ve been working. It’s not easy but you really don’t have a choice if you want to keep the girl.

    • Selekta…

      Hahahaha… Thanks for owning up! I think we’ve all been guilty of this from time to time. I’m not saying that you should always make sure that you come first. I’m saying that it’s wrong for a woman to think that she automatically comes first and deserves preferential treatment.


  2. Haha!! The Fish makes an appearance! I love it!! I’m so glad our date inspired a blog post. 🙂 It truly amazes me how you are so great at helping me see things from a different perspective. I remember feeling really annoyed that night that I didn’t get that seat…because it that’s what I was used to. After we talked about it, it made me realize “Wow, he is SO right!” It was an eye-opening experience for me and it was so refreshing!! I really appreciate you keeping things exciting and helping me grow as a woman and I am so grateful to have such an interesting and inspiring man in my life.

    The Fisher

    • The Fish….

      hahaha…. There you are! Thanks for chiming in… It’s official, this is your first public appearance on my blog even though you’ve been a reader for quite some time! LOL And I still laugh about the High-beams in your car after our night out! So much fun!

      I hope some guys read your reply and learn… It’s funny how we, both men and women sometimes take the normal situations in life for granted without ever questioning them or the overall effects it has on us.


  3. Haha, really I love the connection between you 2. I can’t beleive she is even writing.. The exciting thing is that women want us to be fair because this makes us genuine.. Is that right fish?i am glad about this post it makes love wonderful , have an awesome time together;)

    • Chrys….

      LOL… i can’t believe she wrote in as well. It’s kinda cool considering that so many chicks have found my blog and she was the first!

      And you’re right about being genuine!

      And thanks for your support!

  4. Great thoughts Glenn. The key part of this story, for me, is that you explicitly talked about the issue. A lot of guys would think in their head “hmm, this isn’t right” and just take the seat, but without breaking it down and explaining it to the girl, she will see him as an asshole. But when you explain it to her, own up to it, have confidence in your decisions, she loves that and appreciates it.

    Speaking of women’s rights and women as equals, I think this gets to another important point: a lot of men think they just “can’t talk” to women, that women are irrational beings or whatever. Ironically, it’s often the beta, subservient, “chivalrous” men who think this way! They think they are “respecting” women, but in reality they are treating them with kid gloves, which is actually demeaning. Women are a lot stronger and smarter than men tend to think, including and especially when it comes to romance and dating.

    As far as feminism and women’s entitlement, I think it’s complicated. There are some parts of our society that are still very backward in that regard, and others that have swung to the opposite extreme of neutering men. It’s a mishmash.

    • Playboy….

      “Speaking of women’s rights and women as equals, I think this gets to another important point: a lot of men think they just “can’t talk” to women, that women are irrational beings or whatever. Ironically, it’s often the beta, subservient, “chivalrous” men who think this way! They think they are “respecting” women, but in reality they are treating them with kid gloves, which is actually demeaning. Women are a lot stronger and smarter than men tend to think, including and especially when it comes to romance and dating.”

      That type of thinking is exactly why most men will never meet the woman of their dreams! They will see her and create and excuse for himself to not to talk to her! It’s basically an expression of approach anxiety.

      There is nothing respectful or chivalrous about Beta behavior. It’s actually quite the opposite! You are doing the woman an injustice by acting this way! That’ll be hard for most men to swallow but it’s the truth!


  5. Glenn!

    LOL!! I see this all the time…everywhere I go…especially in the sushi joints!!! I can’t help but point it out to my GF every time we go out.

    She’ll sometimes snatch that comfy seat against the wall when i’m not paying attention…if that happens I’ll just make her scoot over and sit next to her or make her get up and have her sit in my lap! I refuse to sit with my back to everyone!

    It is definitely a game with in a game when your out on a date…crazy world out there…

    • Lenny….

      Ok… You just made me literally laugh out loud!!!! I love that you two fight for the good seat!!!!

      And I totally do the same thing sometimes and share the comfy seat with the girl….


  6. I’m a good friend of “The Fish” and she wanted my opinion on your post- I have to say, I agree with you! I honestly don’t know that I ever put thought in to which seat I got in that scenario- I’m usually more focused on having a great time with my date! Sorry, “Fish”- cant imagine getting annoyed by it! (love you though!). If I had to choose, I prefer sitting next to each other anyway. It’s far more intimate. To be fair though, I don’t have the most traditional relationship, and when I go out with my boyfriend or he goes out with his other girlfriend (or both of us), he always decides where he is sitting first, and the girls adjust accordingly. It’s just how we roll.

  7. Its soooo funny how cashiers and waitresses assume im paying the whole damn bill, Ihave to say were splitting it all the frickin time. The girl im with knows ill pay for her wen I feel like.

    • Hahaha…

      All waitresses assume the guy is paying the bill… Such crap! For once I’d like to see her hand the woman the bill.

      Nowadays… When the bill comes, I say to the girl… “Do you have a quarter?”… She says why… “Here’s what were we’ll do. Let’s flip to see who pays for who. Heads, I pay. tails, you pay or we can just split it and neither of us loses!”

      this works like magic….

      I think I might actually have to post about it…

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