PODCAST NOW AVAILABLE!!! My recent podcast with Eric “disco” is here for you to listen to…

sexycoupleEnjoy this podcast on relationships that I just did over the weekend. We got a lot of really great questions from our readers and answered every single one of them! Hope you guys enjoy. Please comment and give me some feedback.


17 thoughts on “PODCAST NOW AVAILABLE!!! My recent podcast with Eric “disco” is here for you to listen to…

  1. Just finished listening to the podcast, it was awesome. Some really good thoughts there. Relationship skills is something I’ve been working on recently, so I will definitely be putting some of these ideas to use.

  2. Glenn:
    Why don’t you and Eric team up? You guys have such great chemistry!
    Btw, the podcast is very insightful on various “deep” topics. Hope we can have more of them!

    • Kojo….

      Love that idea. But Eric and I concentrate on two completely different areas of dating. I wouldn’t be surprised if we teamed up on a product in the future though!


  3. Great podcast. Relating to women (relationships) is a such an under discussed topic but just as important, if not more, than the other over-discussed topics.


    • Bill….

      Thanks for taking a listen. Glad you liked it. We tried to keep it on simple terms and not go into too much theory. Just nice and easy to understand.


  4. Glenn I LOVED the Podcast !!

    Some of the advise I loved..
    Moving in brings a plethora of expectations
    As someone who’s lived with girls from the age of 20 I can attest to that. If I were to do it all again NEVER EVER EVER move in with a girl until you know how to handle them or be prepared to be dominated.

    I would say Women are born to dominate if they are not being dominated.. they will dominate your ass living with them. Now that I’ve studied pickup I can handle myself pretty decently around tests and her wanting her way etc..but keeping up the dominance is a constant job that never ends. There are TONS of tiny decisions you make together when you are living together and every one of those decisions is a chance for her to dominate you. When you aren’t living together you can regulate how much of that you get.

    “Women are incapable of validating themselves” ..they are always pushing for the next step in a relationship to seek more validation. Going from casual relationship to committed is validation; committed to engaged is validation, having a baby is validation..etc.. I’ve known they are always pushing for the next step in the relationship but I never thought of it in terms of her getting VALIDATION. Excellent point !!

    The longer the relationship the more you need to have actual conversations about the relationship. You can’t just make jokes about it and brush it off like you can in the early stages.. Yeah the longer your in the more serious the talk I hear that.

    Love the answer to (if a girl says she’s going to see other guys).. Hey if you feel that’s something you need to explore, something you need and if you feel you can get someone better than me.. hey man I think you should do that. I don’t own you.. WOW !! That nugget of gold speaks volumes. I do believe it will not only make her think twice or three times but she will think you are sooo not needy and don’t really need her to make yourself happy in life.

    Also loved the “Run your non-committal game and let her come at you for a relationship.. ” give her a taste of what it might be like.. make her work for it..she’ll appreciate more what she works for.. so true ! This is kind of what’s happening to me now.

    Here’s my comments to your reply to my question and THANK YOU for answering.. I knew you’d love the question man 🙂

    Firstly I LOVE the “get into relationship on MY terms..” in other words be sure I’m the one making the decision and not as a result of her ultimatum. I think that is CRITICAL for maintaining power in the relationship. I could not agree more. What an eye opener it was to learn THAT and by the way it feels SOOOOO GOOD when she’s the one asking !!!!

    I think I do have more time; it’s been 4 months so far entering 5. I believe your spot on..if I give her amazing sex etc.. she’s not going anywhere anytime soon. However I don’t want to chance it so I’m at a point now where I’m trying to figure out new ways to rock her world in the bedroom and dominate her emotionally to learn and also make sure she’s not leaving.

    I’m definitely falling in love with her but I’m not telling her; I probably won’t tell her until I do decide to commit. I’ve told her I have a daughter but she doesn’t even know I was married 13 years.

    She’s told me she adores me (I’m sure she’s in love but isn’t saying it); nobody’s ever made her feel the way I do, loves how I touch her and she looks up to me. I’ve never had a girl tell me she looks up to me. We have the same sense of humor and get along so well together it’s stupid. Put all that together and yes I don’t think she’s going anywhere but at the same time my motivation, interest and intensity to game is very low making me question the idea of prolonging this as a casual relationship.

    I still love to flirt and appreciate a hot girl and that will probably never every go away. I still enjoy going out gaming with fellow PUA’s. The interest and intensity is not as strong as it was but I still get some thrill out of it.

    I’ve just moved out of the mansion and into a really pimp area of town (I got an amayayzing apartment !!) and I’m still looking for a job; been out of work so I’m trying to get my life together. I think it would be a good time for me to have a relationship, be more settled and really enjoy this girl. After all it’s been a really long time since I’ve focused on one girl and enjoyed everything about her deeply. Actually now that I think about it I’ve not done that in 20 years !! Every relationship I’ve had in recent years I’ve either been casual or cheated on the girl. Being that I’m 46 I’ve matured soo much more, know a LOT more about life and how to enjoy and get much more out of relationships AND put much more into them. At the same time I’ve just been in LA for a year, don’t have a settled job yet and still kinda finding my life here in LA so there’s no rush to be committed. So yes your comment about keeping it casual at this point in my life is appreciated..

    I’ve recently been spending too much time with her; I went to a anime convention in Maryland with her for the weekend.. but I’m aware of it. Because my life is topsy tervy right now I spoiled myself spending more time with her to make up for other negativity going on in my life. That’s right I used her to make myself feel good..don’t judge me 🙂 She’s enjoyed every minute of it. Now I want to work on acting a little more busy spending a little less time with her. This is going to be a battle not only because we both genuinely want to be with each other but also because I’m seriously teetering on being in a committed relationship with her.

    Thanks for the great answers … awesome podcast !

    • Mark….

      My pleasure man! Glad you got a lot out of it and it seems like you’re doing everything right when it comes to scooter girl! just keep doing what you’re doing and if you decide to take the commitment plunge… take it! but game on the side! Not like cheat on her but still go out and game! Maybe go on a date once in a while just to make sure you can still pull if you have to. Going on a date IS NOT cheating! Keep your skills and that you have learned sharp in case there’s comes a day when you have to use them to your full advantage again!!!

      Love ya man…


  5. Can you give us a taste of what type of products you’ll be releasing and when? Also are you going to be holding bootcamps? I don’t know if I should wait for you to start offering services or if I should just work with someone like BradP or Lovesystems. Let me know!!!

    • Kemper…

      A taste, huh??? There is way too much to go into detail at this time but I will have a few products that have NEVER been done in the PUA community, including an ultimate coaching program. It’s sick!!!! trust me…

      Also, I am not doing workshops right now BUT i am doing tons of one-on-one coaching which in my opinion is much more personalized. With a workshop, you get the added benefit of working alongside other guys just like you but with a one-on-one coaching, it’s just you and me!!! You get me all day or night long and ultra personalized attention. All of my focus is on you!

      Give me a call at 917-588-2139 and we can have a little talk where I would be more than happy to hear what’s going on with you, where your sticking points are and let you know how I can 100% help you!

      Hope to hear from you soon!


  6. Glenn… That response to “are you dating other women” was pure fuckin’ gold!!! My mind literally went numb thinking about how that woullda played out in my life previously should I had had that information. Definitely worth listening to that painful podcast for that one golden nugget. Fuckin brilliant man!

    Guys!!! Glenn P ua is the best thing that ever happened to the community. If you haven’t already taken a one on one with him, DO IT while he’s still teaching this stuff. It’ll without a doubt change your life!

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