When to kiss a girl…

sexykissHave you ever wondered when the perfect time to kiss a girl is? Have you ever wondered how tell if she is ready to be kissed? After reading this post you’ll never have to wonder about when to kiss her again! It’s almost 100% full-proof.

As many of you guys know there is tons of info floating around the internet about the tell-tale signs that a woman will give you when she’s ready to be kissed. The signs that a woman will give are usually more than 100% accurate and if you know how to read them, you’ll be shoving your tongues down countless women’s throats more times than you can count BUT………….

Most women will only give away the obvious signs telling you that she’s ready to be kissed only if she’s thinking about kissing you. I’m not here to talk about the obvious signs. Any 3rd grade boy can see those signs from a mile away!

I want to talk about the subtle signs that you will NEVER be able to read, see or tell that she’s exhibiting!

You may be asking yourself, if you can’t read or see the subtle signs, how the hell are you supposed to know when she’s ready to be kissed and that is a good question.

It’s called intuition! And it’s your intuition that you need to rely on. Your intuition will work whether or not you are experienced with women or not. Lucky for you it was handed down to you through your ancestors genes.

Let me ask you this…. Have you ever been with a woman and all of a sudden for no obvious reason you “THINK” to yourself she wants to kissed or that you should kiss her right now? What usually happens when that thought arises in your mind? Do you act on it? Most guys don’t! Why?

They don’t act on it because there was no CLEAR sign that she actually wanted you to kiss her. Kissing her at that moment didn’t make sense! It was just a hunch and without irrefutable evidence you missed your chance, convinced yourself that you shouldn’t kiss her, pussied out and then you spent the rest of the night looking for another more IDEAL opportunity and were more than likely kicking yourself in the ass for not being a man and acting on your primal instinct. Correct me if I am wrong!

Your brain is always absorbing information. It’s picking up the most subtle bits of information it can at all times. 99% of the information your brain is picking up is completely not perceivable by your conscious mind! Your brain is on auto-pilot.

I’m not gonna go to much into the workings of our minds and how thousands of years of evolutionary development has given you the instinctual ability to know when she’s ready for sex. It would probably bore you to death. But, the instinct to kiss a woman comes directly from the instinct that a woman is ready to have sex with you or at least her subconscious mind is ready to have sex with you! And just because her subconscious mind is ready to have sex with a man it doesn’t mean that she will. A woman’s conscious mind can act as the cock-block! I bet you guys never heard that one before!!! LOL

To make things easy for you, the next time your out on a date or chatting a woman up and you get that feeling that you should kiss her, TRUST that feeling, lean in, pucker up and knock her socks off with the best kiss she ever had! You will stun her when you kiss her in those moments. Guys never kiss women while living in the present moment and women love a man that can “read” her and lives his life in that moment.

Your gut instincts will usually never fail you but you need to act on your instincts at the VERY MOMENT you have them. If you delay, that moment will be gone and that’s when you will usually blow your chance or be rejected.

Please share your thoughts and let me know if you can relate to what I’m saying! Your feedback actually helps other guys just like you.


PS…. The new products I’ve been working on are insane!!!!!!! You guys are gonna love what I’m putting out. It seriously can’t happen soon enough!

10 thoughts on “When to kiss a girl…

  1. Dear Glenn…. Is your cold gotten better?!?
    Great post, this is like the continuation of “To kiss or not to kiss” lol!!
    Now i have a little problem, when i trust that instinct and i go for the kiss and i get rejected, i know that i non-affective reaction is the key in this case but, is there a way to tell the girls that behavior will not be tolerate and that she will lose me if she does it again?!?….

    P.s, i cant wait for the new products you are gonna release. And thanks for everything………………….Yael

    • Yo Yael!!!!!!
      The cold is all gone! Thanks! It was a nightmare. It lasted for almost 2 weeks! But the sniffles are gone and hopefully they’ll stay away!

      Let me ask you this… How many times have you actually had that “kiss her” intuition and actually went for it??? Also, are you sure that the intuition wasn’t just desperateness???

      And always, always, always act like you aren’t phased if she doesn’t kiss you! Brush it off and then try again a few minutes later. If she’s sticking around, she’s down and maybe she’s just playing a little cat and mouse game with you! Women LOVE to be seduced. Sometimes, they’ll even test you that way by denying you the very thing that the both of you want.

      About a year ago, I was on a date and the intuition hit me, I leaned in and she gave me a whole lot of cheek! So, I gave it a big giant, sloppy lick… She said GROSS!!! And I said, WHAT??? That’s the way I kiss. Isn’t it good??? 5 mins later I tried again and she refused but she was still laughing and hanging out. 10 mins later I tried again and she said, Are you going to keep this up all night? I said, “it’s not up yet. Here look (and pointed to my dick)”. She hit me and laughed. I then said that maybe it was a good thing that she wasn’t gonna kiss me and she said why??? I said, because if I kiss you, you’re only gonna wanna fuck me and I don’t know if I see you that way!

      Needless to say, she gave me the TAKE ME RIGHT NOW look and I obliged!

      Don’t be afraid to persist. You’ll never look bad for trying to hook up with a girl. Girls are used to it and the crave it from a man. They love to be seduced by a real man. They love to be taken! They love to submit! If you don’t go for it, you’ll almost always look bad in her eyes!!!

      Hope this helps man…


  2. There are two distinct times that I’m reminiscing about after reading this post. Both happened during my undergrad at university, and we’re almost identical.

    The first time I was on a study date with a girl in the library, I was teaching her something about math and at one point I had this sudden urge to just turn to her and give her a big kiss on the mouth! I knew she was somewhat attracted to me because of the intel a mutual friend gave me, but I didn’t pull the trigger and nothing happened! We hung out a few more times, then she got a boyfriend and we parted ways…

    I remember thinking to myself if I was going crazy/delusional, or if I my intuition had picked up on something subtle. The only clues I could think of looking back was the fact she had started leaning in closer and closer, and she stopped talking and seemed sorta shy at that moment. DOH!!! I promised myself that in the same scenario I would never let it happen again!

    Fast forward three or so years, and I’m on another study date with a totally different chick. Also knew that she was attracted, but there were some other obstacles that were a bit discouraging to me. Anyways! We’re sitting alone, beside eachother on a staircase taking a little break. While we we’re talking she got kind of quiet, and I suddenly got this CLEAR/STRONG feeling that I should lean in and kiss her. There weren’t any obvious signs…but I even remembered the last time I was in a similar situation! But then my logical conscious brain took over and I said things to myself like: we’re in public, I’m probably imagining it, she has a boyfriend, she might stop talking to me if I’m my assumption is “wrong” and I act…yada yada. Needless to say, the moment passed. And not long after that we drifted apart!


    I still think about moments like those and others (in bars/clubs) that I let pass! I like this post cause it’s a reminder that even after all the pick-up stuff I learn, nothing can replace listening to your primal intuition. And that even your logic can create self limiting beliefs that stop you from pulling the trigger, and worse yet…may cause her to lose attraction to you.


    shwayone (JR)

    • JR….. How’s it going man??? Hope all is well.

      But I know the feelings that you’re talking about. My early days were filled with dozens of missed opportunities because I was too much of a wuss. The fear of being rejected overpowered my intuition. I always felt like such a loser for not pulling the trigger! OHHHHHHHHHH, how I wish I had a time machine and could back to all those moments and relive them! 8(((

      Keep me posted on your progress…. And those “study” dates sound like they can definitely work to your advantage!


  3. Another great post! That girl is hot! Yea from my experience girls tend to not mind if you try to kiss them and they are not ready but do mind if they are ready and you never end up kissing them.

  4. I’ve had more missed opportunities than I can count, like most guys I suppose.

    Your primal instincts are definitely your friend. No amount of theory or reading can replace them. Problem is, it’s hard to overcome all the mental bullshit that gets in the way of tapping into those natural tendencies.

    Acting on your momentary urges is probably one of the most powerful tools in your toolbox as a seducer. Great points.

    • Ip… Thans for showing up on my blog and commenting…. Glad you agreed. When I think back to my early days before Dating Education I just wanna crawl up and die with all the missed opportunities.

      the funny thing is… if you aren’t trusting your instincts in Pick-Up, you’re more than likely not trusting them anywhere else as well!


  5. This is pretty much the same thing as the ”determining instinct” that I learned about. There’s always a small window of opportunity to make a move. Not just with kissing a girl,but with all other parts of the game. If you don’t act quick then that chance is gone!

    I internalized this instinct through massive field experience. Here’s a good example of how I saw this work. I was with a big group of people and there were these 2 girls I was gaming throughout the night. I already made plans to go home with one girl already,HB brunette…but really wanted to get with the other one too.. HB blonde. So greedy of me! Hehe

    We all venue change to this other bar. As soon as we all get inside the HB blonde says “I need to go to the bathroom,anyone else need to go?” Without even thinking I said ” I need to go too” (determining instinct) and we started walking to the bathroom right then and there. No one in the group said anything. Everything happened so quickly that they just stepped aside. Once we got in the bathroom it was a done deal from there!

    If I hesitated for 2 seconds or more I would’ve missed my chance!

    • Oliver…

      Great reply… You are so right! Acting instantly is imperative for success in any area of your life including women! And you’re 100% correct when it came down to walking to the bathroom with that chick! Another 2 seconds and you might not have had another opportunity to hook up with that blonde girl! Great work….

      Also, I tried to email you a few times for those recordings. Maybe it went to your spam box. Can you just give me a call at 917 588 2139 and we con figure out how I can get those recordings???


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