A Hard Question…

redwineSometimes, girls can ask you some really annoying and surprising questions when you’re out on a date with them…

When they ask these questions they are usually very personal, shit tests or just outright inappropriate! These are the same questions that if we had asked them it would make them run for the hills with creepy guy vibe!

But, our little lady friends think that it’s ok to ask awkward questions while they are out on  a date and they are used to the Beta males before you answering everyone of her little questions with big “I’m going to buy you dinner, drinks and compliment you to death just to get into your pants” smiles on their faces!

Questions like… How many women have you been with? Do you go on a lot of dates? When is the last time you had sex?  How many girls are you talking to now? What are you looking for? Are you looking to for a relationship? Etc… You get the idea. There are a million different types of these questions and these are just some of them… Either way, these are questions that if you asked your slender hottie that you met at Whole Foods over a glass of red wine that’s making her perky little nipples stand at attention would make her say… “Ummmmmm.”

You see, I LOVE it when women ask me questions like the ones above but there was a time when I hated it. That was before I learned how to handle their probing into my personal life.

The best way to answer these types of questions if you don’t handle it like a shit test is to let her know that she’s asking ridiculous questions. Punish her for asking these questions early so that there’s little or no chance that she asks more of them throughout the date. The more of these questions you allow her to get away with, the more she’ll ask them. Remember, it’s always a battle for dominance. If you continually find yourself complying to her, she will run the show and you will go home to watch some online porn instead of pulling her panties down around her ankles while scrambling around in your back pocket for the condom you know you put there!

So…. When a girl asks me these questions. I’ll either treat them as shit tests or take her question(s) and turn them around on her…

Her: How many girls are seeing right now?

Me: Why does the thought of me sleeping with 10 hot chicks right now turn you on so much?


Me: Whoa lady…. Isn’t that like a 3rd date question?


Me: You don’t go on many dates, do you?


Her: Are you looking for something serious?

Me: Nope! I just wanna have multiple fulfilling monogamous relationships! (you should see their face when you give that answer!)

Me: Do guys actually answer that question when you ask them?


Me: Any more questions like that and I might have to go home.


Me: Did you just get out of a relationship or something?

Add a little negative body language to this… AND IT’S GAME OVER FOR HER!

I promise… If you let a woman know that you’re judging her unfavorably for asking those types of questions, SHE WILL STOP and you can enjoy the rest of your night knowing that you are the man and the battle for dominance has been partly if not all but won…

8 thoughts on “A Hard Question…

  1. A belated happy new year! I like the concept of humor by exaggeration:
    Her: How many women have you been with?
    Him: Oh…14,999. I have a few candidates I’m considering for the 15,000th spot. This is a hot spot. Would you like to join the list for screening?

  2. Glenn I literally laughed out loud reading your responses to the girl in this scenario! If I was drinking something, it would have been spit all over my computer screen uncontrollably. Your blog is too fucking good! Stop it!!


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