Are you aware of your habits?

habit1Many guys ask me why women fall so hard for me. To be honest, I could probably talk about this for days on end but for today I’d like to focus on what I feel like is a BIG reason for their undying emotional addiction to me and it has to do with simple habits!

Whether or not you subscribe to the theory of evolution and natural selection I think the what I am about to talk about will truly hit home deep in the minds of many people who are lucky enough to be reading this. If you don’t believe in mental/emotional evolution and the natural selection process to ensure a species survival please continue to read anyway as I will be making my argument from this prospective and how the concept of habits relates to better game and success with women and vice-versa.

Going back to the early days of mankind and his natural mental development we have developed certain innate skill sets that we today as modern man are not even aware of consciously. They are within all of us whether or not you can perceive them. If we weren’t capable of learning and mastering these particular skills our very existence would be doomed and our DNA would be erased from this big blue ball floating in the middle of the vast vacuum of space!

The ability and will to survive is one of mans strongest attributes. We will go to any length to make sure that we continue on as a species as well as preserve our own lives and one of the best ways to ensure that that process takes place without premature interruption is man having developed the fine tuned ability to predict with certainty the element of danger. Without the ability to sense danger you can kiss your ass good bye!

I would imagine that there is an unimaginable number of ways that the ability to correctly predict danger would exist in all of us but the main area I want to focus on and how that relates to Game/Dating Advice is with having that ability to predict just that potential risk in other people. The ability to sense and predict danger with another person was and is in some extreme contexts crucial for our personal survival.

One of the ways that we have developed this is with an ultra extraordinary ability to recognize and interpret  a persons habits. All people are hyper sensitive to ANY change in the habit of whatever it is and has been observing.

From the very first second you meet a person your brain starts recording that persons habits unique to them. You record each new persons habits and store it away for immediate or later use. Eye movements, voice tone, body language, smiles and so on… You will be unconsciously recording  their habits and many of them are completely un-perceivable by you! Try as you may to notice all of their habits and you will fail 100% of the time. That is the beauty of this post and what I am about to explain to you. Think of it as a secret back-door into another persons mind! Just knowing that this is taking place gives you an almost unfair advantage. Where do you think the phrase “I have a hunch” comes from?

We have become so accustomed to recognizing peoples habits that we don’t even realize that we rely so heavenly on it and it becomes even more imperative to be able to correctly interpret these the better we know someone. The more we start to know someone the more sensitive to any deviation from their habits we have become familiar with we become.

How many times have you heard or thought the words from yourself or someone else… “It’s just not like them to do that’ or “that’s not their typical behavior”, “I can’t figure out why they would act like that” or “He/she wouldn’t do that”? The reason why we jump to these conclusions and many more is because we have come to know and recognize a persons habits. There only needs to be a very slight deviation from the norm to sound off alarm bells in our ready to worry brains.

Now… How can we use this to our advantage? Easy!

Maybe one of the best ways to explain how to use it is with an example. I’m only going to give a few for now as I’m sure most of you are bright and intelligent enough to figure out other ways for yourself. Keep in mind that this works best with people you already have some rapport with and even better with people you have known for a while….

Think of a time when you were together with a woman for more than two weeks or who you are with romantically now(And two weeks of knowing someone, maybe even less is all that it takes). Do you remember? Good! Now think about the ways in which the two of you communicated with each other when you were not with each other. That may include getting on the phone to talk, texting or emailing… Hopefully you have a recent example in your head.

How often would the two of you text each other? How soon would she respond to your texts? What was the tone of your phone conversations? Etc… Without doubt you could predict her behavior with certain accuracy and she could yours!

If you were used to her texting you right back and she didn’t do what was normal to her, what did you start to think? Did you get worried? Anxious? I’ll bet you did. If she responded less than enthusiastically when she normally responds very happily to you, did you think that something was wrong with the way she was feeling towards you? Did you think that maybe you were losing her or that you may have done something wrong?

If you were used to having really awesome phone conversations with her and one day you got on the phone with her and she was acting strange, did you take it personally? Especially if you asked if anything was wrong and she said no and that she was actually having a great day. Where did your mind go? Did you start thinking crazy thoughts? We’re you frantically trying to figure her out and if it was related to her feelings towards you?

The reason for this is because you have become ultra sensitive to her habits and like I said earlier, any deviation from her normal habits will make you start to think that it might have something to do with you and how she feels towards you. This comes down to the ability to recognize the possible danger of losing someone you have emotionally invested in. It’s not life threatening in todays society but back 10,000 years ago or more it could have very well meant the end of food and water for you, shelter and so on! A form of danger.

Now take the same example as above and think of a person who’s behavior you could not predict with certainty! How did her unpredictable actions make you feel? Are you seeing where I am going with this?

If a woman has become accustomed and approves of your habits she will feel safe in being with you romantically but does feeling safe make her go crazy with wild sexual lust for you? Of course not! On one hand being predictable can make a person feel secure but on the flip side it could possibly and in most cases have an adverse affect on the relationship that you have or are trying to build.

We all know that women want what they can’t fully have. That’s what we all first learn when you start to study dating advice. It’s a contradiction to all that we have come to learn as we were growing up.

One of the most powerful ways in which a person can drive another person wild with attraction is to always allow the other person to feel as if they fully do not have you, i.e. making them chase you and uncertainty combined with unpredictability is deadly. When you are constantly exhibiting predictable behavior/habits, they in turn if it is directed positively towards them will not value your attention but once you stop doing what you have been doing the tides will be turned.

If you want to be more successful with women or in any relationship for that matter try deviating from some of your normal habits at certain times. You only want to do this a little here and little there. Over do it and she’ll walk because in her eyes you would have changed far too much. But when done correctly it has some devastating effects on women and men.

Some of the ways you can start doing this right away is with texting… Every once and a while deviate from your normal texting habits with a particular woman especially in relation to the amount of time it takes for you to respond. In an ideal world she will never fully know how and when you’ll respond but will think she has a good as to when you will. You will be keeping on her tippy toes and a woman on her tippy toes will be smitten with loyal devotion and lust towards her man.

Or…. If you normally use emoticons when you text a girl, spend a few days purposefully not using them and then RETURN to using them again.

Or… If you and your lady have an insanely verbal sex life. Which means that you both talk really dirty to each other while having sex, every once in a while DON’T talk dirty while you’re romping around the sack.

You may even want to try to turn your phone off at night/during the day every once in a while if you have the type of relationship where you call each other at random or if you’re typically a very punctual kind of person, show up late and act as if you did nothing out of the ordinary.

Now.. Remember that it only takes the slightest little deviation from your normal habitual routine with a girl to make her go crazy! Handle with care! It’s DEATHLY EFFECTIVE!

And once again for all the people who might not have read my last post… I am no longer working with BradP…. So if you want to take your game to the next level give me a call on my personal number and I can explain the different types of coaching services I am offering at this time!


Please share your thoughts and ideas with us….

14 thoughts on “Are you aware of your habits?

  1. I just did something I would “never” do… I texted a girl “I was just thinking about you…. I miss you.” something completely outside my “normal” habits lol.

  2. Dear Glenn.
    Congrats on your decision to start your own company, i’m very excited by the material you gonna release, but even more excited to work with you.
    I can’t stop being amazed by the ability you have to break down every part of the game.
    Every time i read one of your post i learn something new, but i have a question that it’s been killing me lately.
    How do you create that attraction and feeling of not fully having you when you just met the person and just got the number?!?

    • Onyx…

      The best way to do this is to be NON-NEEDY or OUTCOME DEPENDENT! Just by adopting that mentality, it will come across in your overall attitude and how you interact with her!

      When we get together, please remember to ask me that question as I have a ton of more concrete answers with many examples!


  3. “Or… If you and your lady have an insanely verbal sex life. Which means that you both talk really dirty to each other while having sex, every once in a while DON’T talk dirty while you’re romping around the sack.”

    Glenn, If I randomly stopped doing that it would drive my chick bananas! She would demand to know what is going on with me! Great advice…I need to be more conscience of my habits.

    • Lenny…

      As always… Nice to hear from you!

      She would go bananas?!?!?!?!?! So funny! Glad you understand where I was getting at… But remember, if you do change it up just a little and she starts asking questions you have to say with a smile on your face, “Nothing, why?” 8)

      If she says, “Welllll, you didn’t seem to be yourself”, just say, “Really? Hmmmmmm, that’s strange. I think you’re over thinking things.”


  4. Yo Glenn, Good stuff! I had to read it twice; I guess I’m a little slow… Look forward to working with you. btw, do you have a forum? would like to meet up with other like-minded guys in NYC to hang out with and put this stuff to use.

    • C Lee..

      Sorry for the late response.. Been crazy with the holidays… No forum as of yet… Maybe I’ll do one in the future but the moderating end of running a forum is a nightmare!!! Maybe you should start a forum of your own!!!


  5. Great post as always, specially for me as i am in a LTR. When can we expect your products to start coming out? i am very curious in checking them out. what will be different between your material and Brads?

    • Lithius…
      Wazzzzzz up???? How’s the hair?? LOLOL

      The new products are insane!!! It’s going to change the face of the Dating Community… You can look forward to my first release in about 2months!!!


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