BIG NEWS…. Wow!!!!!

bignewsI’ve got some BIG news to reveal to everyone…  Some major changes are happening for the New year. I’m not even sure where to start and I’m not exactly sure how to break the news to you guys. I’ve been putting off writing about anything new this past week until the words felt natural for me to say. It’s 6am on Friday morning, I have a cup of coffee sitting on my desk and the words finally came to me…

I’m leaving BradP….

Yup… I hate to say it but after years of loyal service to Brad I’ve decided to quit for good!

Nope… This is NOT a joke or some fancy marketing plan to get you to spend money!

Yup… There’s some good news to come very shortly. Please don’t stop reading now.

I had a great talk with Brad P. the other day and basically told him that I was no longer going to work for him. Unfortunately, he wasn’t very happy and genuinely sad and shocked that I was leaving. Quite frankly, I don’t blame him. After all, we’ve been friends for years now and I was his first head-Coach from the very beginning of Brad’s adventure. BradP just wouldn’t be the same without me.  To think of it, I wasn’t going to be the same without BradP… It’s going to be a New Year in a few weeks and it’s time for some major changes for 2013 (If we survive 2012 and the end of the Mayan Calendar)!!!

But…. There’s light at the end of the tunnel. All of my readers know how important it is for me to guide, help and teach you as best as I can on YOUR journey. Helping guys in their dating and life adventures means the world to me. I could never quit doing what I love.

What I’m trying to say is…

I quit because…

I’ve decided to go off on my own and finally start my own company!

It’s called Seductive Approach and I have ton of products,  training videos, live approaches and coaching videos ready to be released to the world. I am going to change the way we look at Dating Education and self-help in this area for good. You have no idea what you’re in for!

There are a lot of things about the Dating world that I don’t agree with and finally decided to do something about it.

I know how to get guys the results they are looking for and I have developed a unique ability to teach all that I know in an easy yet practical way that will allow everyone to experience INSTANT and permanent results.

I will hold NOTHING BACK! My complete brain will be emptied out to the world for all to learn from and I will stop at nothing to make sure you succeed! I’m going to hold your hand all the way.

I may have quit working for BradP but I will NEVER quit working for you!

As of now, there’s no official website to go to. It’s going to take a few months to get all the messy stuff done!

In the meantime, keep checking back for news updates and awesome Dating Advice! If I’m quiet, it’s because I’m hard at work putting together the final details of my new company.

Here’s my personal phone number if you want to reach out to me, get some coaching and take your game to the next level!


I’d like to end this post by thanking Brad personally for all that he has done for me and the years of awesome friendship. Thank you Brad. I will miss you!

Once again… Here’s my phone number. If you need some one-on-one in field coaching, a fashion make-over, a personal internet dating coach(I’m the first dating coach ever to offer this service) or  Skype/Phone coaching please call me ASAP! I will be personally answering the phone.

2013 is going to be OUR year, the year it all changes!

GlennP- 917-588-2139

28 thoughts on “BIG NEWS…. Wow!!!!!

  1. Hey Glenn

    I’m happy for you. I’m wondering if you’re ‘style’ of game is going to change or if it’s going to be the same but without being under the Brad P. name?

    I’m on track for Pickup Mansion 2014 so disappointing to hear I may not get to work with you as your game sounds very similar to mine but I truly wish you all the best.

    – Raijn

  2. Oh, well, all things come to an end. But there are always new beginnings. I thought you guys were such a great team, and I am glad I experienced the combined coaching experience of you both at the 2012 workshop in NYC. I am sure you will do well on your own, with such a natural charisma. I will definitely be in touch.

    • Kojo….

      Yesssss… All good things come to an end! That workshop you attended was legendary. That’s the same workshop where I met a Love Systems coaches girlfriend and had sex with her! LOLOL

      Can’t wait to see you again. Happy Holidays!


  3. So you won’t be operating from this site anymore (once your new brand comes on stream)?

    Sounds good nevertheless. I actually think that Brad P was stumping your progress as a PUA dating coach. Well at least his company was overshadowing you.

    • Kenny…

      This blog will always be up and running supplying killer Dating Advice…. But there will be a “more” official” website to go to very soon!

      Thanks for the support and kind words of wisdom!!!


  4. Glenn,
    First, congradulations!
    Second, Are you going to take a different appraoch to appraoch anxiety? If so, how is it different from the rest of the industry in general and BradP in particular.

  5. Hip hip hooray !!

    I am joining the list of people who congratulate you ! Nice move! I like it, because in reality you’re bigger than somebody who is working for some company other than having themselves as the n1 person in his own company. I am very excited for you to put your own stuff in the internet for us, since I like your game the most.

    If I may suggest: the n1 thing you should be aiming for in your (new) material is not only for people to read it and listen to it, but to see it on a video. What I mean is for you to record your voice or yourself in a video, picking up women. That’s the best lesson you can give us, besides being there right next to you.

    I wish you all the best in your new journey Glenn!

    And um .. I agree .. 2013 is going to be OUR Year, fuck yeah!

    • Zlatan…

      Or as like to say “Hip Hop Hooray”!!!!

      Thanks for joining my list of supporters! LOL

      And don’t worry man… There are going to be TONS of videos of me coaching and approaching!!! Plus an array of audio recordings for you guys to listen to! Sooner or later this blog will go completely audio and visual!!! It’s going to be an amazing experience for all of us including me!

      You’ll get to finally put a face to the words!

      Thanks again man! And Happy Holidays!


  6. Best of luck with your new company… I´ll reach you when I go back to USA for a bootcamp (If we all don´t die at the end of 2012 haha). Peace

    • Iggy…

      Thanks for the best wishes!!! 2013 is gonna be huge year for all and excited to start it off right!!!

      Looking forward to one day meeting you in the flesh!!!!

      ps… Where you from??

  7. Hi Glenn….best wishes for the move ya’re making!! Im just curious – how wud your approach to pickup in ur own company be different from
    1) Brad P 2) rest of the seduction company
    p.s. ‘women will actually let you know that they want to sleep with you…..u just hv to be smart enough to figure it out’ was a great piece of advice! helped me a lot….Thanks Glenn!!

  8. Great news Glenn! I have been a big fan of yours ever since listening to your audio pickup recording from years and years ago and knew you were something else. rock on brother!

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