It’s Halloween time… Have you ever worn the “Creepy Mask?”

Creepy, scary and weird are words that you NEVER want to hear uttered out of a woman’s mouth during or directly after you’ve approached her. OUCH! Talk about a blow to your confidence and ego. Can any man recover his composure after being called weird or hearing a woman and her friends while laughing at you say the words… “Dude! You’re creeping us out. Go away!”

I can’t speak for most of the guys reading this but I’ve definitely heard those words myself back in the beginning of my journey…  Some of the mean things women said to me took days for me to get over. It just hurt so bad. I felt defeated. I felt depressed. I was left feeling like an unconfident fool. It made my next approach a million times scarier. I wanted to give up. I would always expect to hear the words again and again and again… Luckily, over time. The words creepy, scary or weird were being whispered about me less and less until the point that I rarely ever heard them and my resilience to harsh ramblings from women who rejected me and my approach affected me less and less. Do I still sometimes creep a chick out??? Of course I do! There’s really no avoiding that. You will be no different! I hate to say that to you but you’re gonna creep chicks out from time to time! Get used to it. Do I allow the fact that I may creep a woman out affect me negatively? Not at all!

Now… I’ve been thinking about writing this post for a few days now but I wasn’t ready until I had it all figured out in my head. I’d like to spend this time teaching you how to NOT creep girls out but there’s no avoiding it, you will. I’d also like to teach you how to handle being called a creep and how to bounce back but I don’t think I’ll be able to do that right now but maybe by reading this post it will help you in those ways!

Instead, I’m going to tell you why women get creeped out and why they can be downright mean to us when we approach in a way that doesn’t get their feathers ruffled with lustful attraction! Some guys might call it a bitch-shield or they might make up an excuse for their behavior something along the lines of… They were just mean people! But… I’d like to defend our pretty little ladies and give them the benefit of the doubt on this one.

Here’s the deal! A typical woman has been hit on thousands upon thousands of times and that’s if she’s not even cute. A hot chick, who’s in a city or a highly populated area has been hit on probably at least 10,000 or more times during her lifetime. When I say hit on, I don’t mean approached. An approach is very different than hitting on a girl. Hitting on a girl is just saying a random something to her and hoping it goes well. Usually those random somethings are a degrading kissing sound, a “Hey Baby”, You wanna come home with me, DAMN GIIIIIRL, SEXXXXY MOMMMMA, etc…. An approach is done with tact and an intention by a real man who knows what he wants. The both are very different.

Women aren’t bitchy nor do they walk around their entire lives with bitch-shields! They’re just tired of being hit in a way that’s lame! They’re tired of guys saying stupid shit to them. They are tired of fat, ugly, unsuccessful, unmotivated men taking their lack of experience and hatred towards women out on them by saying stupid shit to them and acting in a degrading way with the hopes that she will magically turn around and say, “Hey… I loved what you just said. Wanna go have sex with me?” Guys who say that stuff have no clue how to actually meet a woman nor do they ever get laid. They need to learn how to be a man!

Chicks have very little tolerance for men who exhibit undesirable behavior! And I don’t blame them. If you’ve been courted and hit on as much as women, do you think you’d act the same way? I know I would. How would your impressions of women be??? I always hear the same words from women… “I just wish a real man would approach me.” Hmmmmm…. You mean to tell me none of those men were real men??? That tells me something very important.

Women get creeped out so easily because of the fact that SO MANY guys who have no game have hit on them well before you ever got there. Those guys helped ruin it for YOU! Let’s put some of the blame on those guys for the modern behavior of women when it comes to getting approached and creeped out. The rest of the blame is on ourselves and our approach that we’ve chosen to make on her! I would say 95% them, 5% us!

Guys who don’t study Dating Advice or how to become a PUA will CREEP women out consistently! Not knowing what to say to a woman or how to say it will make women run for the hills. Their Creep Radar goes off and their gone. Once you find yourself in Creepsville, there is no return. Once you’ve been labeled creepy by a girl, that’s it! You’re creepy for life in her eyes. And most men will be considered creepy to some extent whether or not you truly are until she knows other wise.

Here’s the deal… Not studying dating advice and how to approach women is actually downright creepy. When you study it, it’s because you want to have better interactions with women, make them feel better and excite them in attractive ways, grow as a man and understand them better. By trying to understand why women think the way that they do is actually an admirable undertaking and you should be proud of your decision to join our community.

Almost 100% of the women I meet sooner or later learn about the fact that I’m a Dating Coach. I usually end up having some fascinating conversations with them about the male/female dynamic. I’m here to tell you that ALL of them LOVE what I do. None have had a single problem with it. As a matter of fact they’ll usually say something like… “I should send my X-boyfriend to you” or “I wish all guys took your classes”. For some reason they think I teach in a classroom setting… That’s always funny to me!

Back to my point….

Chances are, if you’re not studying Dating Advice and how to approach women you’re creeping them out if you actually take initiative to make an advancement towards a woman you don’t know!

The guys who haven’t studied and learned how to interact with women are the MAIN reason why women get creeped out! They are the ones doing creepy and weird things when it comes to women, like stalking them because they have no other options or self-worth, saying stupid and inappropriate things to them, not being able to take a hint, not understanding that no means no, being a womanizer, trying to win them over with money and gifts(buying their attention), trying to be their best friend when their true intention is to sleep with them, etc…. Men who don’t bother to understand women and better their games are the creeps, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND!

You will never see any guy in the Dating Community ever do any of the above. Why? Because we know better  because we’ve learned what women want and need. Sure we’ll win some and lose some. We’ll still encounter relationship problems and fail from time to time  but overall our success will make the Non-study’er of the arts success look like a downright slaughter and maybe change the minds of a few women and how they view men down the road.

Be proud of yourself for taking this journey and stay on the path.


12 thoughts on “It’s Halloween time… Have you ever worn the “Creepy Mask?”

  1. I love it! Very self-less post as usual! For some reason I was expecting a sales pitch at the end and I was pleasantly surprised =)

    • Phazer…

      A sales pitch?!?!?! lolol

      Glad you liked the post… And you dressing up for Halloween? Still not sure what I’m gonna be this year! But Halloween is one of the best nights of the year to meet some ladies!!!! What happens on Halloween stays with Halloween.


      • GP,
        Didn’t mean it as offensive, I thought it might have been a sales copy for one of your bootcamps…hard to tell sometimes cause your writing is soo good!

        Anyways yes Halloween is absolutely the best night to go out. Women can feel and dress slutty without being judged and its the best time for us to unleash their “inner slut” =) Opening is mad easy as well…no explanation necessary!

        I got a great costume idea for you if you have a solid wingman (aka Disco lol) you can be Montoya and Westley from the movie Princess Bride…always a hit with the ladies!

  2. Awesome post brosef…

    While I enjoy reading your thoughts on different aspects of the game, the parts I find to be the most valuable and helpful for me are the insights you provide about the time when you were still learning. When I recognize myself in some your old bad habits/beliefs, it helps me to focus more on the learning process and the actual adjustments I need to make.

    Keep it up!!!

    • Jayce…

      Glad I can be of service… If you have any questions or would like to see a specific blog post, please ask! I’ll be more than happy to give you my thoughts about whatever it may be!!!

      The funny thing is, even though to some it may seem as if I “have arrived”, I’m still learning everyday. Each new situation and encounter with life and women still feels like the beginning. It’s always going to be a learning process.


      • Great stuff… And now that you mention it, there’s a topic that I would really like to hear you on…

        Sometimes, I find myself being unsure as to what my goal should be when I go out… A common saying in the community is that we should always aim for “outcome independance”, so we are really focused on learning a skillset, instead of getting too attached to any particular girl. However, another common saying in the community (that you have written about not so long ago if I remember correctly), is that we should try to push every set as far as we could, not ejecting too soon, etc. What sometimes happen is that I go out with the intent of opening 10 or 20 sets to work on something specific (stacking attraction routines, for instance), but then my 6th set is going particularly well and I don’t know if I should just eject and continue the drill, or keep talking to her and try to push it as far as I can, even if it means that I won’t have the time to do 20 sets on that very night…

        Basically, to what extent should you stick 100% to your game plan when you start learning this? Moreover, what would really be really helpful is if you could write about what your typical cold-approach session looked like when you were still a beginner/intermediate. An old FR (not LR…), for instance, would be really cool to read!!!

  3. “Women aren’t bitchy nor do they walk around their entire lives with bitch-shields! They’re just tired of being hit in a way that’s lame! They’re tired of guys saying stupid shit to them. They are tired of fat, ugly, unsuccessful, unmotivated men taking their lack of experience and hatred towards women out on them by saying stupid shit to them and acting in a degrading way with the hopes that she will magically turn around and say, “Hey… I loved what you just said. Wanna go have sex with me?” Guys who say that stuff have no clue how to actually meet a woman nor do they ever get laid. They need to learn how to be a man!”

    This is a freaking PHENOMENAL paragraph. One that I will add to a Best of the Manosphere very soon.

    I was out with a 9.5 out of 10 family friend the other week and this guy came up to her and said “I like your boots”. She was like “thanks”. Then he just stood there. No wonder girls don’t put up with shit, they see SOOO much of it.

    Yes I ran and promoted Flake On Girls Week to turn the table back in our favour more as a whole. But I still say that the majority of the onus falls back onto the guy failing to escalate and create attraction. For example, see here where I analysed a Washington Date Lab post:

    “My take is different, putting the blame for it fizzling squarely on the guy. She was interested and open to him, but his lack of physical escalation put him squarely into the friend zone, Let’s examine further”.

    Keep it up Glenn!!

  4. Hey whats up Glenn!
    great post as usual. many a times i have found myself hanging out with guys who dont game in a social setting. and many a times they cannot believe that canned material works. they only believe it when they see women’s reactions to it. i agree 100% that learning how to do pick up a great way to learn to understand women a lot better, and how fucking different they are from men in how they go about things. NOW for the question:

    i approached a 3 HBs set at a bar. babe1 loves me, babe3 is on listener mode but babe2 is looking totally creeped out. how would you go about “decreepifiying” yourself to babe2? more details:

    babe2: “why would you call my friend a horsegirl? thats fucking rude man. it is also creepy, you cant just go around calling people you dont know rude names.”

    i assumed she was seeing me as a creep becuase she verbalized, but i think it was just a shit test, what you think? unfortunately babe2 happened to be the fatty(alpha female) of the group so she took the other 2 babes away after she said the above. she didnt even let me respond. also i feel like when this happens, i find it hard to respond in a way that keeps me at high value without sounding like im kissing ass after someone is being rude to me.

    thanks in advance for your reply and again thank you for the post.

    • Lithius….

      What’s u man?? Good to see you out the other night!

      I love the word de-creepify!!!! Classic!!!!

      A few things…. A 3set isn’t necessarily a 3 set! I know it sounds confusing but when you have 3 girls, it will quickly be just a 2set or one-on-one. If one of three is creeped out and the other two aren’t, then what you have is a cock block and she needs to be disarmed. Usually engaging her more or throwing a compliment her way will do the trick. She just needs some attention as well, which more than likely she hasn’t been getting… OR…. You could ignore the creeped out one-box her out with body language, win the other two over and sooner or later she will have no choice but to join in and play nice or make conversation elsewhere but it’s usually a good idea to win over the group and isolate your girl ASAP as to avoid any situation that you may not be able to handle!

      There are many times when girls don’t hear the whole opener and get offended because they think you’re calling them a horse. In those cases I will say… “I’m not calling her/you a horse, she/you just looks like a girl I knew who loved horses! I love that you’re like the protector of the group.(and high five her) and DROP THE WHOLE HORSE GIRL BIT and transition into something else!

      There are going to be times when you have to sort of ass kiss but that doesn’t mean you can’t still remain high-value. Night game is hard because there are so many factors especially booze and drugs. Chicks can get pretty damn moody quick and when you see this happening you need to change gears or you’re done with!


      • Im good man just working on my game as usual. ok i see:
        -“i love that you are the protector of the group” and high five.
        -drop the horse girl bit and transition into something else.
        -box out the CB and once the others love me then the CB will have no choice but to go with the flow i have already established with the group.

        ok awesome. thanks for the input bro. i have been working on those tips you gave me last time to increase my horny state before and during approaching and it is slowly working out. thanks again : )

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