You’re so into me…. Time for some fun!

Lately I’ve been really focusing a lot on Inner Game. I just love that topic and could talk about it for weeks on end. Human potential fascinates me. As a matter of fact I just finished a Life-coaching Program to become a certified Life-Coach and I will usually read and study about 2 books a month on just that subject alone. I will be incorporating all that I’ve learned into my Dating coaching. I’m going to set a new level of standards for Dating Coaches!

I’m pretty certain by now whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned veteran of Attracting Women and the art of seducing women you will understand why that aspect of your game needs to be fully developed before your start seeing measurable results. But now it’s time to have some fun and get back to some of the techniques we use and why they work so damn well!

Toady I wanna talk about a mentality that when employed correctly and sparingly will have a devastatingly effective impact on on a woman’s Alpha/Beta Male unconscious screening process and without fail will get her wildly attracted to you and in the “she’s chasing you” frame of mind!

I use the word mentality because I believe it’s the only way to teach this. It’s a technique at heart but you will have to adopt this mentality in order to get it to work and come up with the appropriate responses to her and what she says! I am going to give specific examples but in reality when you’re out there talking to chicks every example and situation will be different.

I call it… “You’re so into me frame!”

Basically, that means that everything she says or does is because of the fact that she is so into you! She’s trying to get into YOUR pants and not the other way around. Let me give you a few examples and then we’ll talk about why this works so well!

I’ve been semi-hanging and texting with this Blonde B-List actress. She’s like super high value and is basically in major television commercials and movies. I’ve never heard her name before meeting her despite her claim to having had been in so many movies but when I googled her… Whammmmo… There was a tons of search results! She’s feisty, knows how to flirt and has a fine tuned screening process to weed out undesirable men with Beta tendencies that would make every woman on this planet jealous. With her, there is very little room for error! When I first started texting with her I knew exactly what I was dealing with. I loved it. It can be so hard to win these women over. They just have way too many options. They can take or leave just about any guy they meet! I needed to make myself stand out.

Here are just a few texts between her and I in the beginning.

Me: Hey… Why am I craving chocolate ice cream and a game of pool??? Are you any good shooting pool?

Her: No… But I will try anything. 8)

Me: Even “trying” not to impress me so much with an answer like that??? (example of “you’re so into me frame”)

Her: Oh… You’re good!

Me: Actually, I’m not that good at pool either! Does 8 still work?

Her: Yes! But I have a 5am call time tomorrow so you get to hit and run

Me:Whoa… Hit and run?? I’m not that easy. You girls all have a one track mind. Let’s start with pool and drink and see how it goes first! lol (example of “you’re so into me frame”)

Her: No. No. No. That’s not what I meant. 😉

Another example….

Whenever a girl says something about herself I’ll use this same technique/mentality.

Her: I love Yoga

Me: No you don’t. You’re just saying that because you think I’m hot and because I just told you I do Yoga. (You’re into me frame)

-or- You don’t have to say that just to get me to like you! (You’re into me frame)

Here’s another example:

Her: So, where do you live? (typically asked in the very beginning of the rapport stage)

Me: Welllll… I guess we can go back to my place. (You’re into me frame)

-or- That’s a great idea. My place is close by. Let’s go! (You’re into me frame)

-or- Wow! You’re very forward. You wanna go back to my place already? (You’re into me frame)

Here’s another example:

Her: Do you know where such and such a  place is???? (she stops me on the street and is asking for directions)

Me: That was the lamest excuse to use on a guy you thought was hot and wanted to talk to! (You’re into me frame”)

One more example:

Her: ok… Text me later or tomorrow. I need to jump in the shower now.

Me: Stop trying to get me to think about you naked. You perv!!!! (example of “You’re so into me frame”)

I’m sure by now you get the basic idea! This is an awesome technique that you should be using at all costs. When you use this, please only use it a few times on any one particular girl. You don’t need much of it for it to be effective. DO NOT go overboard! If you do too much of it, she will know that you’re full of shit and will not help you display that characteristics that you trying to display. It will have opposite result!

So, why does this type of flirting work and why does it work so well?

First off, I promise that you will almost certainly be the first and only guy that she’s ever met that has said anything even remotely close to this to her. By saying things like this to women, you will immediately make yourself stand out from the masses of needy guys who have had previously tried to get into her pants and failed miserably! Being different, unique and standing out is a very good thing!

It displays pre-selection, which means that you are communicating to her that you are used to many women just saying and doing things to you just so that you’ll notice them and like them more. It also shows her that you can be flirty, fun and witty, a major turn-on for every woman! It can also sexualize the interaction especially when you turn around/purposefully misinterpret what she says as a sexual advancement towards you! A lot of men struggle with sexualizing their interactions. Here is an awesome way to inject a little bit of sex into the interactions in a non-creppy or try-hard way!

It will also work amazingly well because all of these things that you will be saying to her will immediately put her in the “She’s chasing you” category. I love it because whether or not she is actually is chasing you, you will let her know that that is what you are perceiving and because you a perceiving her that way and letting her know this, she will have no choice but fill that roll of the chaser!

You will also be a little more in control of the interaction/frame control because it will seem as if SHE is revealing her feelings towards you before you reveal any feelings towards her. If you have ever been in a situation with a woman who knows that you are interested in her and you are still wondering if that feeling is mutual you will recognize how this feels and why it can work so well if you flip the script on her! The person who reveals themselves and their feelings first ALWAYS has less control in the relationship. Even if that relationship is just 10mins old, this will still be the case!

Remember how I’ve talked about the struggle for dominance? If not, go read some of my old posts. But, in every relationship there will always be a struggle for dominance. END OF STORY! Multiple scientific studies will prove this! There are no equal relationships in this sense! I’m just referring to the word dominance, nothing more. By using “You’re so into me frame” in your interactions, you are immediately displaying Aplha Male qualities and filling the dominant roll.

Once you start using this in your game you will see that it is very hard for the girl to win the frame over and get you to fill the roll of the chaser. Women love to chase. Don’t believe me??? Go out and ask 100 women if they like to work for a mans attention and I guarantee that 98 of them say with enthusiasm… YES!

As men, we’ve been taught by bad social programming that we should chase women. That women should be the choosers and men be the askers of their attention! Why do you think that it’s the mans job to approach the woman and not the other way around??? In most of the animal kingdom, also known as nature it’s always been the males job to attract the female. Male animals have developed some sophisticated means by which this can be achieved over the course of thousands of years of evolution through certain sounds, scents, bold protruding extremities like feathers, scales, whiskers, horns, colorful hair and mating dances. Where do you think the term Mystery uses called “Peacocking” comes from??? Although this is an evolutionary existent trait that still to this day lies deep in our reptilian brains it doesn’t mean that there aren’t other ways to attract  the opposite sex besides flaunting the biggest, brightest and most colorful feathers. We, unlike our wild counterparts can use carefully chosen words that have meaning and substance to take the place of elaborate feathers, dances and pheromones.

Luckily we are different from our animal counterparts that roam the earth in search of food, shelter and copulation for the sole purpose of not pleasure but spawning new youth to carry on their gene pool/DNA and ensure the survival of their species. We have the ability to rationalize consciously to make decisions and if you can understand why men and women rationalize their behaviors and elicit the responses that you are looking for you can have more success in what ever area you are concentrating on!

Have some fun with using the  “You’re so into me frame.” Experiment with it. Make it a consistent part of your flirting repertoire. Learn it, practice it, have patience with it and somewhere down the road you will naturally be the man that women chase!

If anyone has some examples of this, I’d love to hear them… Or if you have any questions about what I discussed, just post your questions and I will be sure to answer them all!


9 thoughts on “You’re so into me…. Time for some fun!

  1. Don’t get the wrong idea but…. “i love you man” i’d tried many methods before and when i met you and Brad P. my whole world changed, the way i see women and how to communicate with them. And this new technique is just genius, thanks for sharing this.
    P.S… looking forward for a one on one with you

  2. Hey Glenn

    This is something I love to use but I do have a question.

    I occasionally find a girl who attempts to use the same frame back at me. I say things like “now you’re just copying me” and such like that. Can you explain how you handle it?


    • Raijin…

      Hey man… Thanks for commenting and asking a question. You’re question is a good one.

      I sometimes get girls who do the same thing. Sometimes, they beat me to it and when they do, it makes me like them more!!! I really get turned on by women who know how to flirt back!

      I would absurdity their comments to the fullest! That means taking whatever they say and amplifying it back in a way that is obviously bullshit. Basically, flirting back.
      Her: You’re just saying that because you like me.
      Me: You’re right! I like you way too much! I knew I was being obvious… I’ll probably ask you to marry me any day now, get you knocked up 4 or 5 times and when you get all fat I’ll leave you for a younger skinnier girl!


  3. The last one I used was a few nights ago, I got a number and texted her the next afternoon:

    Me: So I hear u met this pretty cool guy last night?!
    Her: Ohhhh which one hahahaha
    Me: The one you can’t stop thinking abt ;p
    Her: bahahaha u r so funny.


    • Shwayone….

      Love it… I think you may have even been able to amp it up a little though…
      Her: Ohhhhhh which one hahahahaha
      Me: You little tramp! The one you were tossing and turning over in bed about all night! Sorry if that kept you up!
      Me: The one you’re gonna wear red lipstick and your sexiest pair of high heels for.
      Me: Awwwwwwww… that’s cute! You’re trying to make me jealous already.

      You get the idea….

  4. HEy Glenn. Great post. I am just wondering if this stuff ever backfires or doesnt work if your value is equal or above hers. I just know that when a girl says something like this to me, that i know i already have, it is almost unattractive or comes across as try hard. I know this frame is great to set, but just wondering if there are times it wont work.

    • Josh….

      Awesome question…. I’m excited to answer this as it’s a little advanced and a problem that myself personally encounter at times!

      Equal value- WORKS PERFECTLY!!!

      Higher Value than hers- When you first meet a woman the value assignment isn’t 100% reliable nor determined by either of you and until you can establish whether or not your being viewed at a much(and I say much) higher value than hers you will want to be fun and flirty as usual. Once you can definitively determine whether or not you are perceived at a higher value than you’ll either want to not say things like this at all or say it in a way that doesn’t make you over-game her or extend your value even higher. When you’re viewed with a value that is super high, the littlest things you say can just make you seem like a dick.

      Example: (You’re higher value)
      Her: I love Yoga
      You: Ohhhh, come on! You’re just saying that because you think I’m hot. I like that, it’s cute. I think you’re sexy as well.(compliments will ALWAYS bring her value up to where yours is)
      You: Ohhhh, come on! You’re just saying that because you think I’m hot. I like that, it’s cute. That’s why I told you earlier that I liked (something she said)!
      Same principle but you are calibrating it to your particular situation.

      Remember, that a man has to always seem attainable or she won’t pursue! You can’t be too far out of her league, just as you’ll give up on a girl who’s way out of you’re league a little easier than normal!

      Don’t worry about it being try hard! If it’s said at the right time and only once or twice you’ll never seem like you’re being a “try hard” type of guy!

      Just because you perceive something that a woman says as try-hard doesn’t mean that they will interpret it the same way! Women and men think very differently and what seems a certain way to you will usually without fail seem like something completely different to a woman.

      Did that help?


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