What does the word “Game” really mean? And why do we use this term?


Personally… I hate that word but only because of it’s negative associations with the Dating community!

GAME!!!! It has to be one of the most misunderstood and naively misinterpreted words in the whole of the English language when it comes Dating Education, especially from an outsider to our little world of personal development!

Maybe, we have Neil Strauss to thank for this? After all, he did write a book about Pick-Up Artists called “The Game”. But as we all know, that book wasn’t so much about becoming successful with women as it was a book on a particular persons journey into bettering himself. The deeper message of the book was about Personal Growth and Transformation. It was look into the life of a man who had chosen to become a better person and stopped at nothing to achieve this under the guise of attracting women.

Who cares when and where the word became synonymous with the Dating Community. The fact still remains is that it’s here and it isn’t going anywhere. It just sucks when I hear people give their limited bias opinions about the word “Game.” It makes my blood boil.

I think EVERYBODY who has been around or involved with the community will certainly understand where I am coming from. I’ve talked to just about every other Dating Coach there is and I know that they all share a very similar view as your author!

The word game DOES NOT IMPLY  “games” of any sort, as in playing games with people. That would be manipulative and dishonest. I think it’s safe to say that none of us here want to hurt, manipulate or be outright dishonest with anybody we meet, let alone a woman that we may one day have feelings for. You all know, that is not who we are. That seems to be the common understanding of the word from outsiders and if you are an outsider, YOU WILL NEVER GET IT… SORRY! Most people just aren’t willing to look past their ignorant perceived notions about a thought that they have about something that they’ve convinced themselves is correct whether it be true or not.

Game to me, is just the applied science of strategy and education in ANY given field of expertise! When you apply any strategy what so ever to a particular situation you are trying to influence a future outcome to your liking by making informed decisions as best as we can. Whether it be work related, directed towards relationships, getting someone to buy a product from you, etc… It’s all game.

When you get a new job and want to get promoted quickly you implement a “Game-Plan” to produce that desired result. If you were to leave it entirely up to chance and not have a game-plan or run “Game”, you would more than likely say good-bye to that promotion to somebody else on your team. And when you go into that all too important personal evaluation at work,  you put on your best “game” face!

When you spend months and months preparing a proposal to land a particular account, you are trying influence the future by strategically preparing a full-proof “Game Plan.” When issues arise with getting that account, you stick to your Game-Plan, run your tightest “Game”, make split second decisions based on strategy and the information/experience you have and adjust accordingly.

No matter who you are and what you are doing in your life, you are running “game.”

If you are a Politician and you need to convince people of your agenda, you will run game on the voters. Does that make him bad??? If it’s for the betterment of the people he or she has to represent, than no, it doesn’t!

If you are a teacher and you have a class room of kids who are acting badly, you will formulate a game-plan to aid them into your way of thinking. You are trying to influence the future. When you apply your “Game-Plan”, you are running Game.

If you are a lawyer and need to prove someone innocent or guilty in court, you will run your tightest jury game!

If you are a woman and you are trying to get that ring on your finger, you will have a game-plan or run “Game” on your man to get him to marry you. You will do whatever it takes to get the man to buy you that ring and propose to you. Why do women like to play hard to get??? To “GAME” men into liking them more, correct?

Think about this… If a woman said to all of her friends when asked the question, “I’m curious. How did you ever get him to stop being a bad-boy and get him to marry you and settle down?” And she responded by saying, “Oh my god. It took forever to finally convince him that I was the right choice and that he should just settle down and marry me. I had to try for years to convince him of this. Sometimes, I wouldn’t have sex with him, Sometimes I’d surprise him by wearing naughty lingerie,  I’d take him away to his favorite vacation spots and I even pretended to like sports and went to boring baseball games… the list goes on and on, but I’ve got him now and he ain’t going anywhere! I got my ring” If her group of friends heard this they would all be clapping and laughing their asses off and say good for her! She deserves him after all of that! THE WORDS I JUST HEARD IS…. SHE GAMED HIM OR RAN SOME TIGHT GAME ON HIM….

Now,  take that same situation and instead of the long answer she gave her friends, she just said, “I ran some serious GAME on him! or I gamed him into marrying me”. All of a sudden it would have sounded dishonest or manipulative. WOW! The same exact thing happened but some words were substituted and what was once applauded and admired is now shunned upon and perceived as dishonest! Why???? Subjective interpretation influenced by naivety, that’s why!

The examples could go on and on and on and on…..

A “Game Plan” or running “Game”can either be viewed as bad or good. It’s all subjective. If there is a harmful or manipulative intent behind it than it should be viewed as bad. If there is a positive or empowering intent behind it, than it should be viewed as good!

When you meet women, the idea is to have only good intentions for both you and her! Whether it be to have a successful long term relationship, marriage or just hang out with multiple women at the same time the intent behind your actions should always remain positive.

Running “Game” or having a “game-plan” is exactly the same. There is no difference what so ever!

All that we are trying to do is strategically make the best moves because the “moves” we were making in the past produced undesirable results and at worst, no results at all.

Informed, strategic moves that will produce the results that we desire is what “Game” is. Nothing more and nothing less.

You can run tight game in any area of your life!

Why else would so many philosophers, world renowned spiritual teachers and self-help guru’s always use the term, “The Game Of Life?” You’ll always hear the following quotes by those people, “winning the game of life”…”loving the game of life”… “the game of life and how to play it”… “how to succeed at the game of life,” etc… It’s because they understand that the word “Game” truly means something different than the usual interpretations.

Did I really just write a post about the word GAME?!?!?!?!?! lolol

Anyway, I hope you loved it and I really want some feedback on this.

Please share your thoughts with me on this one….

6 thoughts on “What does the word “Game” really mean? And why do we use this term?

  1. Interesting post Glenn. You’re spot on, it’s about growth and development, not PLAYING games.

    I’ve previously written about Game, where I include the best definition I’ve come across: “Game is the applied science of attraction, most commonly expressed as the art of seduction. It’s based on the supposed evolutionary psychology of human; with a special emphasis on exploiting the condition of hypergamy.”

    Full post here: http://3rdmilleniummen.wordpress.com/2012/09/01/game-doesnt-work/

  2. Hey GP,

    IMO When you are acting in a way in this incongruent with who you are that comes across as a phony or “running game”. For example, simply spitting out routines that are uncalibrated and dressing in a way that doesn’t match a guy’s lifestyle will send up a red flag to woman that this guy is just trying to get in her pants…

    Once a guy gets his shit together and becomes an attractive man very little to no “game” is necessary. Does this makes sense??

    • Lenny…

      Makes total sense!

      Sad but true! 99% of most men out there who are not studying Dating Advice will do whatever it takes, dress anyway they can and say anything they think that will get them laid whether or not it’s congruent with them or not.

      Fortunately, when you study the Art of Seduction you will realize that, yes in the beginning you may have to memorize some simple things to say to women to start a conversation because the word “Hi” and boring “normal” conversation will NEVER WORK while in the interaction but once you’ve passed the “scared shitless, I don’t what to say” period of your growth you will start to be almost 100% natural.

      Guys who come to the community will actually learn to eventually become a Naturally Attractive Man and drop the routines, which is the main idea! While men who don’t study this stuff will continue to be sly and manipulative and play “GAMES” with people. I know many men who aren’t associated with the Dating world and let me tell you, THEY ARE THE CREEPIEST AND WEIRDEST GUYS EVER!

  3. Yeah. “Game” in a traditional mystery-puaaahh-we-can-create-attraction-out-of-nowhere-sense is bullshit and weird. But its good to have a game plan. Definitely.
    Im glad you advice people to quit the routines too 🙂

    • BoyToy…

      HEy… I haven’t seen you around before and thanks for stopping by and giving us your thoughts!! I definitely want guys to eventually go natural at some point and it seems like this way of thinking is gaining some momentum in the community!

      I look forward to some more of your contributions!


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