I remember when I used to do that…. BUT BETTER!!!!

As of lately there has been a new crop of eager young men/PUA’s trying to better their skills with the ladies floating around Union Square here in NYC…. They are young, eager, riddled with Approach Anxiety and just doing things wrong on so many levels it’s actually quite embarrassing to witness.

I love Union Square, it’s one of the best Day-Game areas in NYC. It’s got tons of hot chicks strutting around all day long just dying for for a prince charming to come walking into their lives. It’s the perfect PUA training ground but all the training in the world isn’t going to help one single bit if you’re out there day after day doing things wrong.

I’m more often than not doing a little gaming there myself or just sipping on a coffee waiting for a friend or a date to show up when I typically see these guys.

They really remind me of myself back in the beginning when I was out there day after day doing thousands of approaches. YES! Thousands!!!! Me and my friends would stand in a little football type of huddle, talk about sets, openers, body language, etc… and just wait until one of us saw a pretty girl and the we would take turns trying to approach her. That time was so much fun!!! If it wasn’t for those days I wouldn’t be here right now writing this blog post or I wouldn’t have become Brad P.’s heads coach… I would never take those back.

The difference between me and them was the fact that I was constantly improving. My progress was very noticeable and predictable. The progress with the guys in this group(about 5 of them) has been the same for almost 8 months now. Now, you may be asking how I can tell there hasn’t been much improvement since I’m not actually with them all day long, every single day! You may have a point but being a coach for the past 5-6 years and working with 100’s of guys, I can INSTANTLY tell what a guy is doing wrong and can see exactly why his sets aren’t going well. I have a unique gift in this area. I usually don’t even have to hear what is being said. I can see it all just by observing.

This is a group of guys where the blind is leading the blind!

I have been watching these guys make the same mistakes time after time! As soon as I see one of them leave the group and start to approach a hottie, I say to myself or the girl I am with… “Watch this. He’s gonna do this and this and that and then she’s gonna walk off!” And like clockwork…. He lost the girl! This has been going on with these guys for almost 8 months now!!!

They must be so frustrated! There is NOW WAY ANY OF THESE GUYS ARE GETTING GIRLS! But there must be something to be said about their willingness to still try and do the approach. Maybe they just think that magically one day things will just change for them?!?!?!  Go to sleep that night shitty and wake up a PUA ROCKSTAR… Bullshit they will!

At times I can feel their pain. After all, I was them not so long ago!

But these guys are refusing to acknowledge that they are doing it all wrong! Especially their fashion!

Half of the time, they are dressed like homeless guys with flip-flops and khaki pants on! EWWWWWWW! They’re walking up to super hot fashionable women with horrible body language, bad tonality, some shitty opener that never makes the chick smile and to make matters worse…. THEY LOOK LIKE SHIT! Are you kidding me???

When you go out to meet your potential soul-mate during the day, why wouldn’t you look your best???

It makes no sense…..

Here’s the TRUTH…


What’s not easy is working on yourself. Accepting change. Being willing to humble yourself and realize that you may need to do things differently than you have been. The positive work you do on yourself will be in direct relation to your success in the field.

If you really want to get good at attracting women into your life, you need to be willing and ready for drastic change!

In my workshops, I work on all these areas with my students. I leave no stone left unturned!

It’s a complete transformational experience.

I start on the outside… Fashion, routines, body language, tonality, positioning, kino, female psychology, etc… And once that’s looking good, I start to work on you from the inside…. Presence, identity, attitude, positive outlook, etc… This is the only way to get your game to the next level.



On October 6th, Saturday… I will be teaching my first and last ever Day-Game workshop here in NYC… You will not want to miss this. It will be a small intimate group of only 8 guys in total and 4 of those spots are already gone and we still have a month left to sign up!

We only have 4 seats left… You will now want to miss this.

If your DayGame is not producing results, you need to take this workshop!

I’m gona give you my best routines that nobody else knows. I’ll teach you how to stop a moving target every single time and get her to commit to the interaction.

You’re going to learn my secret DayGame spots…. These places have the hottest girls and no PUA’s are ever there.

You’ll learn advanced kino and sexualization techniques.

I will fix any sticking points you may have.

I will show you how to eliminate approach anxiety once and for all.

You will also have access to me ALL DAY LONG… You can ask me anything you want all day long. All of your questions will finally get an answer.

I’m going to help you develop a killer DHV story!

The list goes on and on….

I will 100% give you all the tools you need to be become a master PUA or I’m giving you your money back! My workshops and coaching are always 100% guaranteed. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with my coaching, just ask me for your money back and it’s yours! No questions asked!


10 thoughts on “I remember when I used to do that…. BUT BETTER!!!!

  1. What is it about Union Square and day game?

    Seems like every PUA is set on setting up shop there to Game (even Justin Wayne used to run bootcamps there).

    I’d prefer Columbus Circle area.

    But what both locals have in common is flash game requirements since the targets are always on the move.

    • Kenny…

      Union has the most turn around, shops, and highest energy for DayGame… Truly an awesome spot.

      been to Columbus Circle a bunch and in my opinion, not nearly enough chicks… Now, 5th Avenue is a completely different story.


      • Yea,and it’s for that reason why one has to have their flash game on high since most HB’s @ Union Square is moving. Oh,5th av. is ridiculous!! And how about subway sarging downtown like at 34 th and Penn Stattion and stuff? I think Eric Disco does that (if I’m correct). You wouldn’t take students subway sarging, or is that too intense being that they’re crammed in the cars where passengers can hear their convo?
        Sent from my BlackBerry® device

      • SK,

        Subway sarging would scare the shit out of most guys… I only take guys down below if it’s of particular interest…

        But… I think the subway is amazing for gaming although I never rise the damn things. Wanna buy me a metro-card??


      • LMAO I love community via subway(although I’m not in the city now).
        I can imagine subway game will be petrifying for newbies. The fear of being rejected on the platform next to commuters will be tough
        Sent from my BlackBerry® device

      • SK…

        On the subway… There is NO WHERE TO HIDE if you get blown out. You just have to ride it out(no pun intended) until the doors let you out to safety from judging eyes!!!


      • Social Kenny…

        Also… I’m never one to gossip about community guys and their bullshit but…
        Keep posting about all the so called coaches that are up to some shady ass shit!

        I hate PUA coaches who prey on the weak.

  2. “When you go out to meet your potential soul-mate during the day, why wouldn’t you look your best???”

    Totally reframes the PUA experience. Of course, that’s what the vast majority of us want. Good on you for acknowledging that.

    • 3 MM,

      Thanks for the comment…. Hope to hear more from you!

      And… First impressions are everything… That’s why I’ve always said… YOUR WHOLE LIFE SHOULD BE ON GIANT FIRST IMPRESSION…


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