Are you bringing ROMANCE into her life???

Before I get into the nuts and bolts of this post, I’d like to apologize for not posting in a little while. Actually it wasn’t my fault!

WORDPRESS, put a block on my blog! I was essentially locked out of this account until I  “mailed” them all of the information that they requested! What a bummer and what a nightmare that was! But, they just allowed me access a day or two ago and now I’m back in action and ready to have some fun again, are you?! I hope you didn’t miss me too much. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that it doesn’t happen again!

Let me ask you this! Is the text message picture I posted above romantic in any way shape or form?

Guy: Give me a blowjob

Girl: Can you be a little more romantic?

Guy: Give me a blowjob in the rain.

On the surface, most people if not all would love to analyze that relationship in a negative way because that is what we’ve been taught all of our lives. It’s obvious. He’s just a chauvinistic pig who degrades women and only cares about himself, isn’t he? Women have been told that boys shouldn’t talk to them that way and men have been taught that they shouldn’t talk to women that way, correct? I know that was the case for me when I was growing up! But then… WHY DO WOMEN LOVE IT SO MUCH WHEN WE SPEAK TO THEM THIS WAY????? It doesn’t make sense!

But, truth be told! After reading that text message exchange, I think it is quite obvious that they are a seriously happy and perfectly content couple, more than likely in love or on the road to a serious relationship that will last the test of time! 100% guaranteed!

THAT WOMAN LOVES HER MAN!!!! No doubt about it!

What exactly is romance and what should it look like? Let’s see what Webster’s Dictionary says it is:

ROMANCE: A feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love. Ardent emotional attachment or involvement between people; love: They kept the romance alive in their marriage for 35 years.

How weird that in every definition of romance I came across while writing this I NEVER once read that – Expensive dinners, Flowers, Gifts, etc., were part of the romance factor!

Now, do those sweet things boys and girls do for each as a token of their love and esteem for one another play an integral role in romance? You bet they do but so does being the MAN, the true man that she desires and has longed for her entire life. Remember the above definition… “Excitement and mystery”.

Excitement and mystery to a woman is like heroin to a junkie! They need it, they can’t resist it, they can’t walk away from it and they can’t ignore it no matter how hard they try! And being the type of man that would send his girl the text massage from above does exactly this for her. He makes her feel alive and truly smitten. She showed that text message to her friends and they all wished that they had a man like him in their own lives or wished that their boyfriends/husbands were more like him! He gives her excitement and mystery but obviously also knows how to make her feel the excitement she is looking for and craves so desperately from a man she has decided to devote herself to. Women do not walk away from a man like him for another man or lack of excitement! Women walk away from men who no longer excite them or who have lost their Alpha Male qualities and turned into submissive Beta Boys.

Women will actually learn to resent the man that was once Alpha and then turned Beta. Yes-ing her to death or not having anything you could call your own, I.E. making your while life about her will actually make a woman run faster than just about anything. Letting her control you 100%, which is what women will instinctually try to do is the quickest way down the break-up trail!

Women will try to dominate men every chance they get. They will try to change us form who we are to what they want us to be(on a surface level) and 9 out of 10 times they are not even aware of this and what they’re doing. But on a subconscious level they know exactly what they are doing. They’re screening for the Alpha male. Women will constantly make sure throughout the relationship that you are in fact who you say you are. Women need to know on a primal level that they will be protected and cared for. So, they will systematically TEST us to make sure we can do this for them and they do this by trying to change us or win the age old struggle for dominance. Lose this struggle completely and you lose your woman!

Dominance is NOT a bad word. Dominance is a display of personal power, that’s all.

As we are learning the art of attracting women and relationship management it is important to play your role as a man as best as possible. She deserves this and you should want to give that gift to her but without losing yourself or compromising your values.

In every relationship there will always be a struggle for dominance! ALWAYS! If a woman can dominate her man, it’s GAME OVER. You might as well call your best friend and give him permission to sleep with your girl before she makes that happen behind your back!

This is all quite odd!

We’ve been taught through society, our peers and media that the way men should act towards a woman is to do anything he can to make her happy by doing everything for her. What’s the saying??? “Happy wife, happy life!” Now, I agree with that statement fully! If you’re with a miserably resentful woman, your life with her is going to be hell. BUT, there are more ways than one to make her happy and feel alive that don’t include being her little YES MAAM slave. Are you with me so far? Flirting, teasing, randomness, unpredictability(in a responsible way) and just being a true confident Alpha man are the true keys to a lasting relationship and a happy life with any woman.

And how come I’ve never heard a saying like “Happy Man, Happy Maam?”

A relationship should consist of two people who make each other happy in the TRUE ways that we need to be happy.

So good to be back! Hope you enjoyed my first post in a long while. But don’t worry, I’m here to stay.

Please chime in and let me know how you feel about what I’ve said. I’d love to hear what you guys are thinking and PLEASE let me know how your Summer has been!!!

12 thoughts on “Are you bringing ROMANCE into her life???

  1. I love you man but saying “give me a blowjob in the rain” isn’t romantic whichever way you slice it.

    Its hilarious though. 🙂

    • Miller….

      Thanks for sharing!!! lolol

      If you look at the definition of romantic and not our preconceived notions of what romance is… I do believe that you will certainly cause a bit of excitement within her. When you look at the statement, “We kept the romance alive for 35 years” that will include flirting, teasing, playfulness and of course candlelit dinners.

      It is all how you view it… It’s just that the term romance has been misconstrued to only refer to the typical things we associate romance with.

      And to a woman with a fantasy of doing that in the rain… And I’m sure there are plenty, to her it may very well turn out to be romantic but obviously the author of that text wasn’t saying that because he was serious. He said it to have fun with her.

  2. Very well said, Glenn. I was wondering what had happened, and was hoping that you were all right.

    I consider myself a recovering “nice guy”, and you cannot imagine how long it took me to “get this”. Very counter intuitive, but in this article, you demonstrate a real understanding of female psychology!

    I am glad this site is back. I find it quite personable.

  3. Glenn,
    I love this post! I always look forward to your blog posts.

    As for the guy’s text message, I would have preferred that the guy didn’t ask his woman to “give” him something, but instead commanded her to do something. I would have enjoyed seeing the following text exchange:

    Guy: Suck my cock

    Girl: Can you be a little more romantic?

    Guy: Suck my cock bitch

    I recall a text exchange I initiated with a FB. I sent her the following to set up a f-date:

    Me: Do you feel the urge to merge?

    Her: Ha ha! I miss you too David.

    Me: 🙂 I meant to say, “I miss you. Do you feel the urge to merge?”

    Her: Yes I do!

    Me: Cum over Saturday at 7:30.

    Her: Ok!

    I gave her what she wanted and needed, but I still maintained the frame. And of course she followed.


  4. I’m very good at creating this with a girl I’m in a relationship with, I’ve never had a girl dump me, always the other way.

    However, I find this very hard to create in the “courting stages” of a relationship, before it’s official that we are an exclusive couple. I am finding at the moment, as I am trying to set up a small rotation of girls (say 2-4) that I don’t care much about any of them. I am not letting myself fall for one of them as I want several at once. I would hate to lead them into thinking we were exclusively in love and then she find out there were others I was seeing. Therefore, the relationship never has a chance to become intense enough for the romance to blossom. Make sense?

    I suppose I could try allowing myself to fall in love with multiple girls at once and just lie to them but I’d feel a bit of a cad! I can’t see that ending well at all…!

    • Gift….

      I totally understand you. I NEVER support lying to women to further your personal needs! You should always have a level of respect for the people you bring into your life. Be honest and upfront. If they ask you about your private life, tell them! If they don’t ask, THEY DO NOT WANT TO KNOW!!!

      When it comes to having multiple partners, it’s really quite more common than you may have previously thought. Every single woman I have ever had this sort of conversation with has stated clearly that they have had periods where they had multiple partners at once.

      Sometimes you need to be with a few different people to figure out who you are best compatible with. It’s all about being with somebody out “WANT” not “NEED”!


  5. If this was the real David Shade, then this was funny!

    Guy: Suck my cock

    Girl: Can you be a little more romantic?

    Guy: Suck my cock bitch.

  6. Awesome stuff Glenn.. I went to your seminar and David´s here in NYC and for me you r just the best of all puas I´ve studied or whose seminars I´ve been. And this post it´s just been awesome..Unfortunately Iam going back to Spain on sept 30 but I would have gone to your workshops for sure..Lets see next year when I come back to NY…. Keep posting my friend!!

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