FRIDAY OPENER CHALLENGE… How would you open this set???

Here is a very typical Day-Game set in a park. I see this exact situation all day long and watch countless so called PUA’s walk right on by because it can be tricky to open this set and scary as well! Don’t let Approach Anxiety get the best of you! Go for it… ALWAYS!

This week I would love to have you guys tell me how you would open this set. Also include, how you would walk up, positioning, sitting and go into as much detail as you can. NO KNEELING!!!!!!! Kneeling is BAD, very BAD! Sometimes you can have a great opener ever but if the mechanics of your actual approach is off…. You’re DONE!

Some of you guys have had some really intelligent openers that were funny and original. It actually inspired me to hear your thoughts. Don’t stop commenting now!

have a wonderful weekend and go get laid!!!! Summer is almost over and the last thing you want to be telling yourself is… “I should have opened more sets!”

24 thoughts on “FRIDAY OPENER CHALLENGE… How would you open this set???

    • Nick…

      Love where you were going with this… I would change your follow up line. To something a little more playful. Maybe… Wait to hear their response than improve a line…


  1. “You two seem really disappointed that there are no pigeons to feed.”

    *their reply*

    “Seriously, is that a loaf of bread in your purse or are you just happy to see me?”

    I’d open from maybe 10 feet away, walk up as I open and stand side on to them, preferably with the guy to my back. He looks like he’s not with them so I’d rather not have him join the conversation and derail it. I’d do Jake’s sprinkler method, a lot of body rocking. After a minute or so, and after hooking, I would move between them and ask the blonde to move over so I can sit them them for a couple minutes. Ideally sit between them and make her move towards the guy. If he’s not part of the conversation, there’s a good chance he’ll just get up and go somewhere else to give us more space.

    • Captain…

      Like the approach… Not sure what you meant by saying to them… “Seriously, is that a loaf of bread in your purse or are you just happy to see me?” Can you explain more??

      the rest seems pretty solid


  2. omg did you guys hear about kenny and spenny? Kenny was totally making out with benny while spenny was in the washroom at the kitkat club & I was like omg that’s so cunt.

  3. This is a tricky one!

    Would approach from the right parallel to the bench, turn my head to face them (not my body). As I open, I’d turn my body as well.

    Opener: “Hi,…just to let you guys know, a new rule has just been introduced to the park… gossiping allowed, especially on talking about men!”

    If it hits, I’d introduce myself to both of them.

    Follow up: “I’ll sit here just for a second to be sure that this rule is being strictly observed. I am one of the park rule enforcers” (obvious bullshit). But you guys shouldn’t get any ideas, because I promised myself I wouldn’t be taking anyone home today” (take away)

    (Never tried this in field, and not sure how it will play out)

    • Kojo…

      The opener was great…. I would leave out the last line… “But you guys shouldn’t get any ideas, because I promised myself I wouldn’t be taking anyone home today” That line might just be a little too much and you might over-game them super quick!


  4. I would just go horse girl on the blonde because she seems like she is directing the conversation and run some attraction standing up. Afterwards, I’ll make a comment about a spider being there on the bench or be like “here, let me check you out.” and have her stand up and spin. Then, simply take her space on the bench. And no kneeling while all of this is happening, of course.

    • Stephen….

      Good idea but in reality might be hard to execute. I’d rather you say.. Here, lemme check you out- and then proceed to game your girl standing while the other girl still sits. Maybe even ask the other girl if you guys look good as couple and then tell her you’re gonna borrow for a minute or two and just connect with your girl, get her number and then off you go.


  5. I would just open direct and not try to do something too funny if they are highly engaged in a serious convo. Walk up straight towards the two girls in line smile and confidently and loudly looking at the girl in the white on the right “Sorry to interrupt your conversation but I was just walking by and got completely distracted and now I’d kick myself all day if I didn’t at least say hi”

    Then I would turn to the girl on the left and say, “you are adorable too, but I just have thing for women in white pants.”

    Then continue from there. What do you think?

    • Boy1nda…

      Direct is fine in my opinion… In a two set i prefer to get both of the girls all hot and heavy with attraction and then pick off the one I want and when you go direct you are choosing just one. The whole dynamic of the approach changes…


  6. I’ve looked at this pic till I’m blue in the face… and honestly i can’t come up with anything better than the stock openers I use – like sexy shoe girl, etc.

    • Vann….

      That’s why it’s always good to have a default opener. Something is better than nothing. Everybody should have at least 2 default openers they can use at any given moment.


  7. I’d come in walking from the left side of the picture and turn my head to my left and look as if I know the girl in the white and point my finger (she would have to see me since she’s facing that way) and say we totally had that improv class together (as I was saying that I’d start to walk over and sit down with my back to the guy in order to have them face me both) and you seemed super nervous until we had to overly flirt with one another….Look at the girl in green and say did she show you her kissy lip pose….she’s really good at it and then look at the girl in white and say show her?

    I’d have to see where it would go or role play more…

  8. I would sit next to the blonde girl, place my left hand on the bench’s backrest (not going behind her back), just to occupy more space and say one of these:
    1)”I feel left aside from this conversation.Are you always this rude to friendly people approaching you on benches?”
    2)”This looks like a deep conversation.Are you guys talking about the secrets of the universe?”
    3)”Don’t you know it’s rude to stand with your back to people” (not sure if this is an expression used in english)

  9. Slowly walk past and then stop at the brunette with a disapproving look on my face – oh my god, did you just check me out? unbelievable. Your friend here’s trying to chat with you and I’m all you can think about . . .

  10. That guys a robber. I just saw him rob the bank. Come with me if you want to live.

    I just thought about this. And I thought it was freaken hilarious. It might not work. They might get scared and run. Either way. I would of had a good laugh either way.

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