How would you open this set???

The past few challenges have been all about DayGame but let’s see how you will do during the night! Remember, when your running Night Game and trying to attract women, your openers should generate explosive attraction instantly and get the attention of the whole group. I think the picture I put up this week is very representative of something very typical you would see but might be a little intimidating to most, which is the whole idea of this exercise!

Let’s keep your openers original and funny!

Post your openers and either me or other readers will comment. I really the Friday Challenges!

11 thoughts on “FRIDAY OPENER CHALLENGE!!!

  1. Is that chick passed out? I would say….

    “Ok. Looks like you guys got her good and ready for me. Good job. I’ll take it from here.”

  2. Me: Hey ! And there I was thinking you’re all cute when you’re actually spiking each others’ drink !

    Girls respond

    Me: But seriously, I was curious if you all had a sense of humor before I introlduced myself…I’m Mark

  3. Hi, guys:
    Oh…I didn’t realize how poorly she’d react to my “let’s just be friends” talk with her. Let’s get her spirits back up.

  4. Glenn, guess who I run into after soon after I saw you guys: Susan Sarandon (the actress)! Had a brief chat with her. See seemed so down to earth and quite responsive! (These pua skills can can really come in handy!)…….Hope to see you again soon!

  5. Uh oh guys look shes having mutliple orgasms, im so sorry happens alot when I enter a room.

    Omg cute, thats how my grandma looks when she eats a chocolate

    Aww!!! She looks like a grandma!!!!

    You guys look like the drunk.version of the spice girls thats hot(lick my finger then put it on my ass and make the burning sound sssss)

    Ahaha! See you guys tried to roofie me and u ended up roofing ur friend! Ha ha!

    So are u gonna try and roofie me like u did her, u guys are such sexual predators

  6. So I see the rufee I put in her drink kicked in. It’s cool ladies, i’ll take it from here 😉 haha (screen for sexual sense of humour & fun)

  7. Whoa she’s fainting already!? That’s crazy I don’t know what to do guys how do you be less hot no more innocent girls should have to faint tonight! 😉

  8. no way, you guys are allowed out on a school night too? and if they responded well, I’d say something like – I have to be in bed by eleven, teeth brushed but I get to keep the light on for a while . . .

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