I WANT TO (fill in the blank)!!!!

WANT: Verb (Used with object);  To feel a need or a desire for; wish for: to want one’s dinner; always wanting something new.

Want- is the one word I hear from guys from all across the pick-up community more than anything else. They say things like, I want to sleep with 9’s and 10’s, I want to start going out more to meet women, I want to open better, I want to stop being scared to approach women, I want to learn Day Game, I want a threesome, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want…….. The list goes on and on. Could there possibly be an end to any of this? Chances are, if you are saying “I want” to any of the above than you are more than likely saying “I want” to ALL of the above and then some!

In the above definition of WANT… It’s funny how the word “wish” appears!

 The word wish, at least to me means the same thing as hope. Is there really much of a difference between saying “I wish I could get good with women” and “I hope I get better with women?”  How much power does the word wish or hope have behind it? Do the words wish and hope have a connotation of definiteness of outcome to it? 

When we say we want something, what we are essentially saying is, I wish I could have that very same something I want. “Wanting” is not being sure you will have it. Wishing, hoping and wanting just won’t cut it when it comes to learning how to pick girls up.

At times, to be fair, I do hear the words “I want” come out of a guys mouth and he backs that “want” up with definite actions and beliefs that produce the desired results. When you tell someone else that you “want” something you are conveying to him a desire or wish for something that is not yet in your life and we all need to say the word “want” to make sure whoever is listening understands us and our needs. In this case, I think using the word want is fine. It’s when you are repeating the word “want” to yourself in your own mind that I think it becomes troublesome.

Let’s try an exercise for 2 weeks…

Replace the word “WANT” with the word “WILL” and see what starts to happen! I bet your whole life will start to transform. Change, “I want” to overcome my approach anxiety with “I WILL” overcome my approach anxiety and so on… Do you see the difference? Can you feel the difference? Say the two sentences out loud right now a few times and see which one gets you more motivated!

“Will” is a powerful word and having “WILL-POWER” is the key to all of your successes! “Will” is definiteness of purpose, “Will” is determination”, “Will” is overcoming all obstacles and stopping at nothing to achieve your goals!

I love hearing from everybody, so if you have anything you would like to add in response, please do! Let me know if you’re going to try my two week exercise.

6 thoughts on “I WANT TO (fill in the blank)!!!!

  1. Let’s say that you know you “will” continue to evolve through your actions (towards a desired destination), even when everyone around you thinks you are full of shit for even trying. What do you think of the concept of “blind faith”?

  2. Hey Glenn and guys…here’s my 2 cents’ worth:
    I think this is a strategy DEFINITELY worth trying. I’ve been using it for several years in other areas of life before discovering the PU community.
    It is based on a principle that is widely accepted in psychology:
    What most people don’t realise is that your beliefs are created and reinforced by that “inner dialogue”, or “self talk”, or “stream of consciousness” (it has a number of different names) that is running in your head every waking moment of every day.
    If you don’t know what I mean – because we are “self-aware” creatures, we can “step outside” ourselves and contemplate ourselves as if observing another person. Use this ability to observe your own thinking. What you will see is that this internal dialogue is running all the time (you can’t switch it off except when you’re asleep) – rather like the text in a Naomi Wolfe novel like The Lighthouse. Read a few pages of that book and you will immediately recognise what I mean.
    So….this internal dialogue forms and maintains your beliefs (especially your beliefs about yourself) and your beliefs largely govern your behaviour and interaction with the outside world. Thus, not only do you become what you believe, but also how you interact with the world governs the opportunities, choices, and results that you experience in that world.
    For example, if you believe that you are not worthy of women who are 9’s and 10’s, guess what?
    Your own behaviour in the world (remember it’s governed by your beliefs about yourself) will sabotage your efforts to attract & seduce 9’s & 10’s.
    SO HERE’S THE GOOD PART (and what Glenn is suggesting in his 2 week exercise above):
    You just have to be self-aware enough to monitor your self-talk as much as possible and when you catch yourself saying in your thoughts “I want..”, IMMEDIATELY repeat the sentence but replace the “I want” with “I will..”
    If done consistently, this change in self talk will start to change your beliefs, which will start to change your behaviour in the world, which will start to change your results in the world. It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen.
    Personally, I am in favour of replacing “I want…” with “I AM….” and, as I say it, visualising in my imagination that the desired result is already here, right now in the present.
    Just follow Glenn’s exercise every time you think of it and catch yourself saying “I want….” Even I get slack in monitoring my self talk, no-one can bat 1.000 with this all the time, so don’t be too hard on yourself!!
    I’m going to commit to diligently doing this exercise for the next 2 weeks and see what results I get.
    I’m keen to read any comments you have, Glenn? Guys?

  3. I want to try this exercise…. Jk

    Yeah I’m gonna do it for real, I can feel a difference in the energy of my body when I say I will do something instead of I want to do something, like the vibe I’m putting out into the universe maybe?

    But yeah I think it makes sense, like wanting something doesn’t require anything to change; you can want something the rest of your life and never get it. But declaring that you will do something requires for it to happen, for something to change.

  4. It’s an Action Based Mindset, and a very Powerful one.

    You combined that with what you’re goal/definite of purpose is (approach and talk to beautiful women) and HOW you go about it (your plan/process in going about talking to women) and its a definition for success.

    I believe Napolean Hill talks about Definite of Purpose, whom I’m a Big Fan of. Love his work!

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