FRIDAY OPENER CHALLENGE…. How would you open this set?

The Opener Challenge last week was amazing. There was a ton of people who joined in and killed it. Here’s the next one, another day-game situation. One we can all certainly relate to. Next week will be a night-game situation, get ready!

Remember that all the openers have to be original! There were a few last week that were borrowed from others. Make it fun, flirty and original. We want to spark explosive, instant attraction!

Also, you are all encouraged to comment on anyone else’s openers. Let them know what you think and why you think that way. If you love it, tell them. If you hate it, tell them.

Now go ahead and pick this chick up! Let’s hear how you would open this set!

22 thoughts on “FRIDAY OPENER CHALLENGE…. How would you open this set?

  1. “For me? Awww… Who says chivalry is dead in New York…. What? Hey guys need a little romancing too, honey. It keeps the spark alive.

  2. I totally saw you steal those flowers! You are such a little criminal! But, your secret is safe with me. These will be perfect for when we have dinner tonight.

  3. “Oh. My. God. You remembered!! All my friends keep saying that you’re a jerk but I just knew they were wrong about you!”

    • Captain..

      Definitely like it… I prolly would have said it this way for more impact!

      “Flowers??? Do you really think that’ll be enough to get me back?
      Flowers??? What part of “WE’RE THROUGH” DID YOU NOT UNDERSTAND? Gimme one good reason why I should reconsider!


  4. Oh for me!? Oh my gosh that’s soo nice of you! You’re just way too good to me. You’re making me blush even though I’m black it’s there trust me!

  5. Flowers! Awww….that is so sweet of you baby….but if you really want to have your wicked way with me, you’re gonna have to go the extra yard…you know, cook me a romantic dinner, ply me with quality wine, and then give me a sensuous massage…

    • Monsterman…

      I really liked what you said but it might be just a little too long to get out in one sentence… I’d leave out “wicked way with me” and “buy me quality wine” and I would have said… FLowers! Awwwww, that’s nice…etc

  6. My opener:

    “Miss…There’s an incident of shoplifting…You’re going to need to bendover and spread’em…cuz, I’m about to…FFFRRISK…YYYOOOUUU!!!” 😉

    I wanted to put an sexual understone on the punchline

    • Ken…

      Very, very, very… Risky with this one! I’d even go so far as to say that it would probably get you and most men immediately blown out.

      BUT…. I loved the shoplifting frame!!!


  7. Awww… C’mon, you didn’t have to.. But I appreciate the gesture, even though you forgot the champane !

    Glenn this is a really productive exercise, and I can’t wait for tomorrow’s senareo.

    May I suggest future senaros where:
    -You’re approaching a woman walking towards you in the street?
    -You’re approaching a woman walking infront of you in the street?

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