Panic… A bad move!

The other night I got a text from a friend who was in a state of panic from a certain text he received from a woman who he has been seeing on a consistent basis. What the content of that text was is irrelevant to the point of this post. So like I said, he got a text from a chick and immediately went into panic and without really thinking it through or waiting for me to respond to his text asking me what he should do, he took matter into his own hands in just micro-seconds and his decision was the wrong decision. He did not stop to think!

What I would like to discuss briefly in this post is acting out irrationally due to your emotions rather than your logic or knowledge. This woman in his mind created a sense of emergency, it “seemed” as if if he didn’t respond fast or to her statement that he was in jeopardy of losing the woman or control of the control dynamic he was trying to create with her. In reality the situation was a very common one and didn’t deserve such a quick and decisive response. He acted out of fear. He could have dead aired this text from her and it only would have made him the man but he did not.

Sometimes women will say or do something that short circuits our brains at that moment, but it is in reality only that moment that we have to deal with. There are times when you should react quickly and moments when you need to step back, calm down, think about it and respond with tact. He did neither and when I did respond to him just minutes later he had already said the wrong things to her and when I told him how to rectify the situation he was too scared to take my advice and follow orders. Even though he knew I was right, he still decided to disobey my coaching advice which only created a dynamic in that relationship that will be very hard to undue especially with his level of game at this point in time. Basically he was too scared to follow orders. He was still in panic mode and therefore unable to act accordingly.

When you are getting coaching, YOU NEED TO FOLLOW what the coaches are telling you. Sometimes things will not make sense or even scare you because the advice will go against everything you think you should be doing but you need to trust and surrender to the people you put in charge of your success. We know better.

When you respond to a situation out of fear, you are without a doubt not thinking rationally. You are in state of panic and the neurons in your brain are firing off in patterns that create emotional responses due to our reptilian brain which is responsible for the flight or flight syndrome in all of us. You don not want to make any decisions in this state of mind. This is not good for you unless you are actually in serious danger. When it comes to women, you are never in danger unless she’s holding a gun to your head and is demanding an answer. If that is not happening then you have time to settle your brain down, re-think the situation and seek out the appropriate response from yourself or your coach.

You will never lose a girl by NOT RESPONDING to her request right away. You always have some time to make an informed decision. You never want to act out while you are in an emotional frenzy. If you do not know what to say to her. DON’T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL!!!!! SHUT UP!

I have to admit that this actually affected me deeply because there I was on the phone with him telling him exactly how to rectify his horrible response to what she had said and he completely ignored me and did what he had already told her he would do which was 100% the wrong thing in that moment because he was in a fear based state of mind and my advice caused even more panic due to the fact that know he was thinking that he made the situation even worse. A repetitive loop of irrational thinking due to his emotional responses.

Now, not everybody is receiving coaching but even so, you need to act out with logic and tact regardless and not with emotion.

Remember… IF YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO SAY….. SAY NOTHING!!!!! Wait until you have the answer and are thinking rationally!

5 thoughts on “Panic… A bad move!

  1. Hey Glenn, love your blog, and am actually going to be doing a bootcamp with you in NYC next weekend! I have a question that relates to a different kind of panic. My wing and I have been sarging twice a week for about a month now, and while earlier we were doing maybe a dozen approaches a night, the last two times, we actually got into a kind of “paralysis by analysis” panic. We would get to the bar or lounge, and not open the sets around us, even if they were giving us IOIs or proximity. We would even try to avoid losing value by maintaining a good talkative emotional state and not “eye-fucking” the girls around us. The first time, we were able to turn things around about 90 minutes in, opened some girls beside us and then got opened by a three-set of girls next to us. The second time, we never did turn things around, and left the venue after two hours and a half. I know the answer is to do warm-up sets and to observe the three-second rule, but the question is, how do we turn things around if we get into another one of those funky “paralysis by analysis” panic situations where we’re an hour or two into the evening, haven’t opened anyone, KNOW we haven’t opened anyone, and are going downhill real fast. What we tried last night was to bounce to another venue and make a fresh start, but that seems like a pity, because we left a rooftop patio that was chock-full of HB8+s. I guess what I’m asking is, how do you get out of that fearful, panicky headspace when you’ve let literally dozens of opportunities go by. Is this answer as simple as: just GET SOME BALLS and OPEN?

  2. G man! question:
    does his response to this specific girl have to do with scarcity mentality? reading over this i remember when i used to go through this. would he have responded better if he had 7 or 8 chicks at the moment? meaning he would have more abundance?

  3. Yes!!!! it does have to do with scarcity and the lack of courage to do what I told him to do.

    You don’t need to have 7 to 8 chicks around to be scared of losing even 1 of them.

    What you need to have is the willingness to let a woman know you walk away and not look back if need be not matter how many you have around.

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