FRIDAY OPENER CHALLENGE… How would you open this girl?

Hey Guys… Sorry for not putting up an Opener Challenge last Friday. I ended up celebrating the July 4th weekend last week and things just got a little to busy for me.

So, here’s the new challenge. How would you open this set?

Last time I got some great openers and I think many people learned a lot. Let’s keep it up.

Flirty, spontaneous, roll-playing openers have gotten me laid more than any other opener out there. They have the ability to instantly attract women to you like flies on shit!

But in order for them to truly work they have to be funny, witty, delivered correctly and LOUD ENOUGH FOR HER TO HEAR YOU…. Just because you’re in a grocery store and there are people around you doesn’t mean you get to be a pussy when you say your opener. Who cares if other people can hear? As a matter of fact if they can’t hear you and they are standing close by then you are speaking too low and you will creep the girl out… Not to mention, you’ll hear the worst words in all of pick-up when you are done saying your opener- “Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?” When you hear “Whaaaaaaaaat” from a girl because you’ve spoken to low, you’re done! It’ll always sound the same, long and whiney- Whaaaaaaaaaaaat? And then a good-bye.

If you’re not sure how loud to be… then be extra loud! It’s always better that a chick asks you why you’re talking so loud then “What did you say?” You won’t get blown-out for being too loud but you will get blown-out for being creepy and soft spoken like a beta bitch!

Now go out and meet some chicks but before you do… give this challenge a try and leave a comment. I’ll give you as much feedback on your opener as I can and so will my other readers.

36 thoughts on “FRIDAY OPENER CHALLENGE… How would you open this girl?

  1. Before I deliver my opener,I wanna give a quick background.

    The guru in which I learned how to open up HB’s in grocery stores is David Wygant(years ago).He’s the best at opening girls @ the grocery store.So following what I learned from him,I’d open that HB in the pic above with this(original on the fly opener by me):

    “Hey,my little sister been BUGGING me about getting her candies for her birthday party in a few days.But I’m a guy,and I don’t know what the hell kind of candies little girls eat.So…help me out”!

    I’d deliver that routine in an exaggerative manner(opposed to a low-energied tone).

    And the beauty about this routine is that the girl has to respond with dialogue opposed to a yes,no,maybe.

  2. Hey Kenny…

    This kind of opener is very much the same as a female opinion opener and unless your super witty and experienced around women what you follow that opener up with will be the determining factor as to whether or not she’ll stick around and you’ve generated attraction…

    I try teach guys how to generate INSTANT attraction with the very first things they say. Get attraction off the bat or move on. In reality you only have a few seconds to get her attracted.

    I’ve never been a fan of building attraction. Either you get it with the first thing you say or move on to the next one.

    But I’m sure you’ve got some game that works and can pull this off.

    • P.S. Wygant is a numbers guy. He gets lots of phone numbers really quick and texts them all the same thing. Pick-Up in a sense is a numbers game but I prefer to have those ratios much less. Rather than 1 in 20, I prefer 1 in 2-3.

  3. Without a doubt a guy would need a decent level of calibration and congruency to pull of my type of opinion opener.So newbs might have probs’.

    And as expected,I’d pivot off that opener with some attraction related to the opener.

    I can dig your insight on instant attraction.

    And what about your opener?What would you say or do?

  4. I can’t believe you’re getting the pre-washed, packaged lettuce again. We talked about this when we got the salad spinner that we’re only going to buy cheap, dirty vegetables from now on. This is why we never have any money…

    • Irv…

      Read some of the other openers people have commented on and give it a try. The worst that will happen is you will get blown-out by a picture!


  5. Direct: Blow me or blow me out:
    “Hi, something about you from a distance that I couldn’t quite put my finger on, and I had to come over to find out more. My name is….”

  6. I would say….

    Whatever you do…. DON’T pick up the green spinach. You KNOW when I eat green spinach I go insane and beat women like crazy. I thought I taught you your lesson last time?!?!?

    • Chris…

      Lololol…. “Beat women? And taught you your lesson last time?” Definitely funny to me but probably won’t be that funny to her. I would stay away from creepy topics like that… Just my opinion!

      Switch those around a little and let’s hear a new one… But the roll play is nice!


      • Lol… Ok lemme give it another shot…

        “HEY….” (pointing and squinting to get her attention… “You look confused….” (pause for her to start talking)

        This would get her to start talking to me and open up a little or blow me off.

  7. Hey Glenn
    Thanks for the reminder of speaking loud enough! AND the consequences of not doing so. 😮

    Looks as if she is trying to decide.

    A variation of Quality Control comes to mind

    I see you’re having your usual hard time of making a decision!
    Wait for her to make eye 2 eye
    Hi I’m LnM, Team Leader of (Ralph’s, Vons, CVS, Whole Foods) store name Decision Helpers!
    Tell me what your considerations are for buying this (prepackaged head !??) _ _ _ !

    • Phil…

      Love it but I would change it just a little to maybe something like this…

      ” Hi, I’m Glenn, founder of the National Association of Lettuce and (you fill in the rest)


  8. You’re giving that cucumber a dirty look, like you wanna do something really bad with it…. You’re not going to make me another damned cucumber and tofu sandwich are you? You know I’m a meat eater.

    • Captain Caveman…

      Digging it…

      I would only say… “You’re looking at that salad with a dirty look, like you wanna do something really bad to it.”

      The overt sexual reference about the cucumber and her masturbating with it may be a little too much to soon!

  9. “We’re having cauliflower, again??… I know I’m organic these days, but at least get creative with it somehow… make some FAUX mashed potatoes or SOMETHING, geez.”

    If she gives me shit, maybe follow up with “Better watch it, I might just trade you in for a young model. I might be old, but I’ve still got it, baby!”

  10. “Hi… seem to me like you are ready to put that can in your bag and sneak away without paying for it ;)”

  11. “I didnt know picking vegatables was rocket science, u look very challenged with ur hand on ur chin”

    “What are you doing randomly standing next to all these vegatables, you look like your about to rob shit, yea look at yuh standing all thugged out with ur lil pink t-shirt” Then depending how things would go “Damn you got guns or what, here flex for me” then squeeze her arms. If she doent let me squeeze them I always say “Ahaha u look like u have mashed potatoes in there anyway”

    Or just horse girl that bitch, works like a charm every time 😉

  12. Question:

    Are students going to need to be playfully teasing/flirting to open their sets?
    Basically, BT spiking the girl by improving from the onset.

    Or will they still rely on canned routines as their openers?

    Perhaps, both?


  13. I would say:

    “oh no…you’re not going to choose THAT one again, are you?? You KNOW that feeding me that stuff turns me into an insatiable sex machine!! You are SUCH a bad girl…..”

    Role play from there….she can’t get enough of me and is looking to get me in the sack at every opportunity….I’d follow up with

    “I really ought to take you over my knee right now…but we both know where THAT’S gonna lead……..and besides, I’m starting to get tennis elbow from all the spanking I have to do…”

  14. My opener:
    “Excuse me miss…But did you know that…YOUR ASS IS AS BIG AS THAT WATERMELON…lucky for you that I’m … HHUUNGGRRRY!!!” 🙂

    Then I get slapped in the face. LOL!

    I think there has to be an idea/structure to be able to deliver a playful tease/improv opener.

    When I read Bradp’s instant attraction, he encouraged you to come up with your own routine/shocker opener.
    1. you start with a hook question
    2. you come up with a story line
    3. you build social tension
    4. you deliver a punch line And hopefully the girl has a sense of humor.

    From where I look at it
    1. You’ll need to observe her (and/or her surrounding)
    2. Exaggerate something about her. To me teasing a girl is humor directed at her (or someone) non sexual. Flirting is humor directed at a girl in a sexual manner.
    3. Punchline.

    It could be:
    “I love that way your hair flows out from your head…IT LOOKS LIKE A TREE!”

    In addition to speaking clearly, You’ll also need to be able to deliver your line and have a good sense of timing which are a mark of a good comic.


  15. I : Are you Botany professor at University of xyz ?

    case 1 : Pink girl : No (high chances)

    I : Then can you share the secret of how to stalk veggies 😛

    case 2 : Pink girl : yes (low chances but she will be flattered)

    I : I knew that

  16. i would walk up and say “OK, you somehow found out pink is my favorite color(while pointing to her shirt) and that i love lettuce conversation at the supermarket, i give up you can now go ahead and ask me what my name is”
    then take it from there…

  17. Salad?! Again?! Seriously?! I know we’re trying to stay healthy and all – but C’MON. This is like the 2nd week in a row! AND I thought tonight was supposed to be spaghetti night!!

  18. I’d wait for her to grab a bag of whatever and then put my hand on the same bag and say – no way, you like salad leaves too? that’s just crazy. Maybe this is a sign or something . . .

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