FRIDAY OPENER CHALLENGE……How would you open this set?

A while back I posted a picture of a hot chick on the beach fishing and asked all you guys, “How would you open this set?”. That post was a huge success and many guys seemed to really enjoy it and learn from it as well. So, I’ve decided that on every Friday for now on I’m going to run the same challenge!

Every Friday I’ll post a new picture of a woman or women and ask you guys how you would open that set and give as much feedback as I possibly can to the answers that you give. I’m a slow typer so bare with me.

I’m super excited about my Friday Opener Extravaganza! Please be sure to ask questions and respond. Feel free to respond to other people responses as well. I love seeing a good debate.

This blog is about my personal expression but I want everyone to feel free to express anything they want whenever they want. We are all in this together. You want to debate me??? Let’s do it. I would love that and we will both learn.

You want to debate someone else who posted? Do it!!! I’ll jump in if I have to.

Some rules to follow!





EVEN IF YOU CAN’T THINK OF AN OPENER…. SAY ONE ANYWAY (How else are you going to learn if you don’t speak up and mistakes?)


Happy Friday!

32 thoughts on “FRIDAY OPENER CHALLENGE……How would you open this set?

  1. Hey Glen,this idea is fucking ingenius!!

    I actually had a similiar segment to my blog,where I had my readers judge body language.

    I’d open this 2-set of vegans with this:

    “Hey guys,I’m really tempted to go Veg,but would yall call me gay if I wore one of those lettuce biki”?

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  3. On the real, the first thing I noticed was her feeding her the hot dog. So I would probably say ‘awww yeah, put it in her mouth’. In an exaggerated sexual way.

    • @Zlatan-The reason this line wouldn’t work is because it’s too direct,and it sounds like a pick-up line opposed to an opener that would get a dialogue started.

      It was humorous though,but I can picture it weirding out the girls.

      • Yes, it is fucking direct and I like it. I’m starting to appreciate direct game more and more and that’s where I’m headed. I don’t want to get girls by asking them about their opinion on sth or asking them if I look gay. For now I’m going to try a few months perfecting my direct game and approach and see what happens. Especially here in Bulgaria it’s like girls respond better to direct.
        If I just want to get the dialogue started I would ask them about the time. That’s not my goal.

        Thanks for the comment though.
        Everybody has their own views and I’m sure a guy like Glenn can make ‘what’s the time’ approach work, but for me direct is what I want to use right now.

  4. “I’m going to guess that your favorite colors are both green. If not, I’ll be very surprised”
    (This should evoke a response from them, and I’ll feed off those responses)

    • Ben…

      Cute opener but don’t think you’ll get the response that you might be looking for.

      It sounds a little try hard and the “Overt” sexual reference will more than likely fall short.

      Give it another go!

    • LGS…

      Love your name!!

      I love where you were going with this but I think you can kick it up a notch!

      The frame is great but you can make it a little flirtier. Just rearrange it a little!


  5. Ive been in a very similar situation before. In a fun flirty manner Id suggest saying: “OMG! I thought I was the only one wearing a salad g-string!” (insert double high-five) They will definitely comply and giggle if your vibe is fun/awesome. Must add: you can make almost any line work as long as you make them feel great and show them you really are the mayor of Fun-Town. To be the mayor you must truly not give a damn if they want to join your awesome world or not. If you can genuinely take the “town” with you- that’s power. Keep up the great work everyone.

  6. Ladies, we have a problem…some of the customers have been complaining that you’ve been putting pickles in their McChicken sandwiches. Are we going to have to go over the employee handbook again?

    • John F…

      Tried to edit what you asked but wasn’t able to. i think you have to take care of that one!

      LOVE the roll-play opener. Some of my favorite openers are roll playing… But I think McChicken should be replaced with “pickles on their buns.”

      but other than that, this is great!


  7. DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT! Or I’m gonna have to report you to PETA! Bad Bad girls!! Geez… WHAT am I going to do with the 2 of you!?
    (commanding tonality and pointing)

    Then probably bust on them for pretending to be vegans – just trying to fit in, impress me, etc.

    Think it’s best to go with something commanding as opposed to something try hard or obviously sexual.

  8. So you guys just woke up and decided to stand by a table in your underwear and feed each other hot dogs all day, thats awsome, dont you think its not a good idea cause if you keep feeding her she looks like the type that passes gas pretty fatal and what if she ends up with a fancy shit stain? So make the other laugh, then say “Look see that face shes making, looks like shes about to dump one right now!” On whatever face shes making. Saying this regardless of the outcome would defanatly make my day.

    I would open the girl on the left and say: “Omg…I am so going to take you out for a mcdonalds salad, then we’ll climb trees and make elephant noises while acting in exotic ways with racoon face paint, you’ll be momma monkey and I’ll be daddy monkey.(In a sexual mysterious voice tone constantly raising one eyebrow to add to the mysteriousness)

    Go up to them shaking my head slowly “You guys look to damn healthy with those big ass smiles, stop being so healthy, look at you, you look like your made of vegatables, and look at you damn you drink all your milk or what! No, your the bad girl that dumped her milk down the sink when mommy wasnt looking huh! I cant tell by the look on your face.

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