A great video to watch…

My good friend Phill sent me this video late last night and I wanted to share it with you guys. The video was filmed and produced to motivate people to actually use the information they actually study or buy. An interesting fact was revealed in the video saying that 72% of people who purchase a self help product NEVER use the material they just bought. I’m curious as to what that number would be if you included the people who started using it and never finished the work. I’ll bet that number would be around 97%… Enjoy guys, it’s a great video! Please tell me what you think and if it inspired you. It sure did me!


6 thoughts on “A great video to watch…

  1. Great video indeed. Arrived here via brad p email. Perfect timing as i’ve recently decided to stop reading and actually do the exercises provided.

    • Mike…

      Hey… Glad you liked the video! And yes… Doing is better than reading! Reading is great because it gives you the knowledge and background info to help you understand attraction and female psychology better but you won’t fully internalize that info unless you actually experience it first hand!


  2. Yes! union square is the place to be this season. I was there a couple of days ago, and man, am I glad I live in NY!

    Finally freed myself up from working too much because of a prior high debt issue that is now under control. More time to go out now!

    I expect to have a good summer!

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