A thought for your weekend…

“If what you are currently doing would produce the “more and better” (results) that you are seeking in life, the more or the better would have already showed up! If you want something different, you are going to have do something different.”

The above quote from Jack Canfield sent chills through my bones when I first read it. My first thoughts were instantly how I could relate this to fellow philosophers of seducing beautiful women. My second thought was… Why do my students come first before me? My third was, how does this relate to my life?

I sat and thought about it for a while. What “more and better” do I want in my life and what am I doing about it or even better, what I have I done about it so far if anything?

When it comes to learning to seduce women and learning pick-up, one of the most common things I come across when I’m getting to know my students is that they ALL want “more and better” in their lives but have done almost next to nothing to get the desired results they are so desperately seeking (I’m guilty of this myself in other areas of my life and maybe even to a limited extent with pick-up.). When guys reach out to me for coaching, they expect ME to give them the “more and better” without taking the responsibility on themselves. They want me to “fix” them when in reality, I can only inspire you to “fix” yourself! Only you can give yourself the “more and better”.

BUT….. What I am almost NEVER guilty of is doing something that is not getting me the “more and better”  I want over and over again expecting it to one day magically change and produce something different! If I’m doing something, anything and it’s not working I always take the initiative to do something differently or change to get the results I am looking for.

Do I procrastinate on certain changes in my behavior? Of course… I am human! But what I will not allow myself to do is fall into a repetitive loop of failure in any area of my life.

More times than I care to remember when I meet up with students of “The Game” I hear their personal struggles with learning to meet women and if they are meeting women, then the next usual complaint I hear is that they want to meet hotter women. I then ask them what they have been doing and I always hear the same answers. Those answers are… “Wellllll, I haven’t really been approaching”, “I’ve been using the same routine stack for a long time now”,” I can’t approach her, there are too many people around and they will hear everything that I am saying”,  “I don’t approach the really HOT chicks” or “I still have a lot of approach anxiety and rarely approach women or put myself into situations where I will have to approach”! If any of those excuses are a part of your life, how on earth do expect to get better with women? You can’t!

Does any of that sound familiar? How long have these thoughts been going on in your head? What have you done differently lately to expect a different result?

I hope this post inspires you to walk out into your life and get the “MORE AND BETTER” that you deserve and if what you are doing is NOT working than it is time to change and do something differently. Maybe that something will work, maybe it won’t work but if it doesn’t work than it’s time to guess what????? Try something different again.

Now, what if you try something different and it doesn’t get you an immediate result?

First off, immediate results are very rare! If you get an immediate result from a change of behavior that you have started to incorporate into your life, give yourself a big pat on the back. If not then how long do you wanna keep trying something “different” before you give up?

I’m not sure I have answer for you but what I can do is give you an example from my own life in regards to my learning process with dating education….

When I first started going to meet women I would pick two different openers a day, everyday. People usually chime in and say but how can you know if something was working for you if you were only giving it a day?

Here is the difference between a great pick-artist and a novice.

In the beginning I was approaching on average 35-45 times a day! EVERYDAY I COULD!

Like I said, I would pick out two new openers a day, everyday. I would even choose openers I hated and was scared shitless to use. At that time, who was I to say that one opener was better than another without thoroughly field testing it? I was still new and I had to trust that other people or dating guru’s knew better than me.

So, I would test a new opener out about 20 times a day. Sometimes, these openers I chose would fail miserably ALL day long, approach after approach but did I give up? HELL NO. I would walk right up to next chick and say it again just to be extra sure that what I was saying wasn’t right for “ME” but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be right for you.

When I found something that worked well for me, I filed it away in my mind and moved on to the next. At the end of a few months guess what I had stored away in my personal memory banks? You got it… A full list of things that would give me the “more and better” I was looking for.

The advice I would give is, if you are going to try to change something in your life to get the ” more and better” you are looking for give it enough time to know for sure that your new “thing” whatever that may be is certainly going to yield favorable results or vice versa!

Take this weekend and go out and get the “more and better” you deserve. This weekend could be the weekend that changes your life forever! This weekend could be the weekend that you start to do things differently. If you use this weekend wisely you will be that much closer the “more and better” than you have ever been!

Be sure to leave a comment and share your thoughts with the rest of us…

6 thoughts on “A thought for your weekend…

  1. Although I do some online coaching,I really couldn’t fathom actually being a bootcamp coach or having students per say.I’d fucking go nuts like some gurus do(I heard that Sinn and BradP has had instances where they flew off on students).

    Like you said,they want grand results,but they never do shit to make that transition!

    • Social…

      Can’t recall speak for Sinn about flying off on people but Brad??? Been working for him for almost 6 years now and haven’t heard a bad story. Where did you hear or read that? He’s one of the sweetest guys I’ve met.

      And guys learning this stuff tend to hope that one day they will wake up and things will be different but day after day they wake up the same.

      When it comes to coaching, I still love it and desperately pray that every guy will do the “work”. I enjoy the challenge of changing a stubborn belief system and procrastination and typically get amazing results.



  2. Awesome post Glenn, its so easy intellectually but can be hard to “get it” emotionally and practically that doing the same thing over and over won’t get you anywhere. As Einstein said;

    “The definition of stupidity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”

    • Yo Miller…

      How have you been??

      I’m a little tempted to reverse what you said… I think for most guys they “get it” on an internal emotional level but their rational or should I say irrational intellect/mind is what stops them dead in their tracks from doing what is they need to do to get the “better and more” they are searching for…

      As far as the Einstein quote goes… You hit the nail on the head!


  3. 35-45 approaches a day! That is super inspiring and where I want to be. I’m still trying to get used to going out alone. I approached one set last night. I need to turn my brain off and rapid fire! I’m usually one and done when out alone. I can do more with wings.

    You are the man Glen!

    • Nickgp…

      Thanks for commenting and contributing to my blog!

      Wing dependency is a big issue that you will eventually have to overcome but keep doing what you’re doing. At least you’re approaching and not sitting around on your ass! The more you approach the easier it will be once you are alone. But go out alone whether or not you’re approaching… You never know when the mood will strike you as “right” to start approaching on your own!


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