What does being a great Pick-Up Artist mean?

What does being a great pick-up artist mean? I think this is the million dollar question for most men. How will you know when you’re finally good at meeting women from a cold approach? What is it all about? It took me a few years to figure it out for myself but when I did I had a smile on my face for days!

Being a great pick-up artist isn’t about being to pick-up ANY women that you see. Let’s face it… Anyone claiming that they can do this is full of shit and there are a few guys out there making this outrageous claim but not me and not anyone I know personally. Although many of us have come to believe that this is what life is like for most PUA coaches and the like. Nothing can be further from the truth.

Becoming a great pick-up artist isn’t about being able to sleep with any women you see, it’s about creating the chance to sleep with any woman you see! Being a great pick-up artist is about not screwing it up with ANY woman you may have the chance to sleep with. It’s about being able to have sex with EVERY SINGLE woman you have that chance with!

Learning seduction and becoming a Master Pick-Up Artist is about creating that chance with every woman you decide to talk to. When you study pick-up advice and start to implement it what you are doing is creating many chances you’ve never had with women. Those chances I would like to refer to as generating attraction. When you generate attraction and interest in a woman you now have an amazing chance to get to know her more intimately. Once you know her more intimately you will hopefully be able to seduce her into bed with you and not mess things up beforehand!

What learning pick-up does is it gives you the CHANCE to sleep with any woman in the world that you choose to approach and you will know you’re great at seducing women when you don’t fuck up those chances you’ve created for yourself! Are you with me???

When I was first learning pick-up I screwed up more chances than I would like to admit to but I stuck with it. I figured out where I was screwing up and when in the interaction I was screwing it up. I was relentless in figuring out why I was messing things up with women. I was able to generate attraction in just about every woman I talked to but I was not able to seal the deal. Why? The reasons are too numerous too mention but I persevered and always kept my eye on the prize. Over time I figured out “How not to screw up the chances I created for myself.”

Now when I see a woman that I would like to get to know better, no matter where I am or where she is, I know that I have a very good chance to sleep with her. It makes feel so empowered! I know that if I can create that chance I will almost NEVER screw it up. I say almost because sometimes even I mess it up. It’s very rare but it happens. Nobody is perfect!

So…. get out there this Summer and create some chances. If you see her, approach her! You’d be surprised at just how many women you’ll be able to meet and sleep with if you just walk up! Put one foot in front of the other and GO! If you mess up your chances to sleep with her… Oh well! There will be countless others to meet just moments away!

How many chances will you create this Summer?

Let me know your thoughts and feeling about what I’ve said… I love hearing from you guys. It keeps me inspired to write and share more with you! Hope you guys are having an amazing Spring! I’ve got some amazing stories I’ll be sharing in the weeks to come… Some of them are… let’s just say, very interesting!

10 thoughts on “What does being a great Pick-Up Artist mean?

  1. I must be missing something here. So being a great PUA doesn’t mean sleeping with every woman you meet, I agree with that. But it sounds like you’re saying that a great PUA can A) Give himself a chance at sleeping with every woman, and B) actually sleep with every woman he has a chance with. That sounds the same as saying that a great PUA can sleep with any woman. What am I missing?

    • Captain…

      Every and Any…. “Every” in the sense that you and I referring to is definite and “Any” is just a possibility or probability.

      So… You can not sleep with EVERY woman you meet but you may have the chance to sleep with ANY woman you meet.


      • HI Captain

        Just to add what Glenn said , try this out.
        Go out and say ” Hi , how are you?” and smile at 10 chicks. Nothing else.

        You will get 3 distinct response:
        1- She will answer you back with a smile with a positive body language.
        2- She will reply but nothing strong.
        3- She would walk away from you without speaking a word making you feel like a stalker (Glenn , how would you deal with a walk away case internally – I hate it when it happens to me). This will be like a punch in stomach.

        Now clearly case 3 means you stand no chance of sleeping with her.

        Case 1 means you should be sleeping with until something beyond your control happens.

        Case2: Chicks from this case should be moved yo case1 in higher percentages.

        With practice case 3 will reduce.

        Glenn , I guess this is what you meant. Please correct me if I missed out.

  2. This PUA journey seems like a “J” curve, going on an almost flat curve for a long time while you are getting the pieces together, and then at a certain point, your progress seems to begin to accelerate. Would this analogy make sense to you? In looking back, what would you have done differently to have sped up your progress?

    • Kojo…

      Good to see you man!!! I hope to bump into you sometime very soon!!!

      Looking back on things I don’t know if I would have done anything differently. My progress was in direct relation to my perseverance and willingness to go out and meet women. I come from the school that it all depends on how bad you want it and what you will do and will not do to achieve your goals.

      The road wasn’t an easy one but it was a fun learning experience. My life with women before learning dating education was wretched. Now, I’ve got that area handled and am a better man for myself and the women I meet.

      Learning Pick-Up isn’t just about learning how to meet women, it’s also about learning how to make women happier people. I enjoy giving women mental, spiritual and physical pleasure. Women LOVE being around me which is something they once were very opposed to…

      But it’s all up to you… Everybody’s learning curve even if they put their hearts into it will be somewhat different. Just enjoy the path as there are many but the goal is always the same.


  3. Hey, Glenn

    I haven’t seen you, I’m from Bulgaria (Europe), but I just wanted to make a quick comment .. I’ve read a lot of PU and other motivational materials, but yours is the ones that really inspire me!! Plus I really love your game, I love that whole sexual vibe that you’re putting from the beggining and putting the frame of you and her being “lovers”/”boyfriend and girlfriend” etc. I want to have your game and I’m going out, but I’m still dealing with my fucking fear in so many areas .. anyway, I’m going to overcome it at some point!

    I love you man, I hope you don’t give up on this blog sometime and continue writing for us, because I personally am becoming truly motivated by your posts, they fill me up with so much energy, thank you!

    I want to say I hope to see you someday but I know that dream has the chance of like ..0.00001%. But I am still able to read your blog, so .. yeah!

    Have an AWESOME day Glenn, bye!

    • Hey Zlatan…

      Dude… Bulgarian chicks are smoking hot!!!! You’re lucky to be where you are!

      Keep going in the direction that you are going… By continually going out the “fears” you talk about will start to fade away one by one but it does take time. For some the fear goes away at the very beginning of his journey for others it goes away after years. We’re all different in terms of ridding ourselves of fear but we are all the same in terms of fear being capable of going away or at least not letting it get in your way of your success…

      I will always continue writing… Have no fear! I am here for you!

      And if you want to see me in real life and get the coaching it’s as easy as saving up some money! It can happen and I hope one day to meet you in person and help wherever I can.

      Thanks for commenting and if you have any questions feel free to ask away!

      Your friend in USA,

  4. Nice article Glen.

    You know that makes me define myself as a MPUA?The ability to approach any girl(irrespective of how hot she is) and charm the fuck out of her.

    Not that I WILL lay her or any girl I approach 100% of the times.But the chances are greatly increased by approaching.

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