I’m exhausted… 4 nights in a row!

I’d love to write a LR for each girl this past weekend but I’m just waking up and not in the mood to write a full novel but what I will do is break it down to a degree. My game right now is on fire and I have more women in my life than I can possibly handle. I think I’m going to do some Spring cleaning and narrow it down to the ones that I have a higher compatibility with and cut the rest from team GlennP.

Thursday night is when it all started. I had dates planned for every night over the weekend but I was sure that at least one of them would flake but nope. They all came through and I’m paying for it now both physically and mentally. Dealing with multiple women is not easy nor fun at most times. I know that to most guys this sounds like a dream come true but it’s hard work…

So, back to Thursday… I already wrote a LR about her. Check it out here…

Now, on to Friday… Friday was crazy. This date is with a Romanian model that I had met and we’ve been texting for about 2 weeks and finally got it together to meet up. She was supposed to meet me at 8pm. I get there at 8:10 and she’s not there so I look at my phone and see a text saying she’s gonna be late. It’s damp and cold out, so I decide to take a walk to a book store and wait it out because I knew she was coming. 8:45 I get a text from her saying, I’m here where are you? I tell her that I’m up the street and she should come meet me. No response. I wait 10mins and nothing, than I start to walk to where she was and she’s not there????? Now I’m getting annoyed. I text her saying “Where the hell are you?” She responds by saying, “Foot tapping.. Still waiting!” WTF, I was the one foot tapping for 45mins because she was late?!?!?! I call her to figure this out and no answer? I’m seriously on the verge of leaving and going home to watch Game Of Thrones… I shoot her a text  saying, “I’m on the corner of 17th and B-way. If you’re not here in 5 mins I’m giving up on you.” No response?!?! AAAAARGH!

As I’m waiting on the corner I see a really hot model chick who looks like my Romanian but it’s hard to remember what she looked like and she’s smoking a cigarette. Because she’s smoking I assume it’s not her because she told me numerous times that she doesn’t smoke but she is hot so I’m deciding on whether or not to just open her and ditch my date. As I start to walk over to her she jumps in a cab! Oh well. I wait another two mins and give up on my little Romanian model… Oh well again… Kinda sucked because I remember her being so damn hot!

AS I’m walking back to my place she starts texting me…  She’s like I was so excited to hang out with you but I’m in a cab on my way home… I tell her to get the fuck out of the cab… We text a bunch and figure out that it actually was her on the corner of Broadway smoking a cigarette and she was just too shy to come over to me because she was thinking that I didn’t remember what she looked like or I would have come over to her?!?!? What a mess…

She lives in the Bronx and I start thinking that I can still make this happen with some fancy text work. She tells me that i looked hot and I shouldn’t let that go to my head and I tell that I always look hot and she was the 3rd girl to say that to me today… I tell that if she didn’t live so far away I’d jump in a cab right now and come to the Bronx to yell at her and give her a spanking. That was my way of testing out the waters if she was open to me just coming over to her place… and she says…. Drum Roll please….

“The Bronx isn’t far at all! 8)”

Bingo! She’s cool with me coming up there. I tell her to give me her address as I’m in a cab right now. She puts up a little fight about it but that’s because she wants me to think she’s usually not a bad girl. I false time constraint and tell her that I can only stay for about 45mins as I need to get up super early. She says fine… I get to her place we order in some food, take a few bites of our Chinese food and then take a few bites of each other! I still can’t believe it went down like that. It actually worked out better… If I wasn’t capable of deciphering that one text message as her inviting over without actually inviting me over it never would have happened.

Saturday night: This is a big one! She’s hot, blonde, funny, short and a total b-list celebrity who’s done movies with Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Michele Pheiffer and has her own sitcom on national television. When I met her I had no idea who she was and she just told me she was an actor and I told her that I’m over actors and teased her pretty hard about it… But during our texting she eventually gave me her email so I can send over a link to something I wanted her to read and her email had her last name in it. So, of course I google her and HOLY SHIT!!!! She’s all over the net, tv, in Hollywood blockbusters! What did I do to deserve this?

We met at my usual spot and sipped on a few drinks. It was a sort of slow start but it picked up fast. At one point she starts telling me that I am not like any date she’s ever been on and that I don’t ask the typical date questions… Big IOI! We’re really having some great convo and we are constantly going into deep rapport and connecting and then coming out if it to laugh and flirt heavy…

At one point we’re sitting outside at some tables all by ourselves and another couple comes out and sits next to us and it was such a buzz kill for the both of us… We start whispering about ways we can get them to leave… So she’s an actor and I decide to show her that I can kick her ass at acting and improve… So, as we are whispering I can see the other couple eve’s dropping so I say OUT LOUD and very LOUD!


She looks at me and LOVES it… She goes right along with it and we have a fake fight right there. She tells me that if I learned how to use my little pecker she wouldn’t have to cheat on me all the time… I love it! We go back and forth and then just sit there quietly… AS you can imagine, the other couple is very uncomfortable and finally gets up to leave us alone! It was awesome.

A few mins later we’re touching and looking at each other and we go back to my place! We walk in, start fooling around and her body is even sicker that I though. We didn’t have sex though… 8(

There was no way to breakthrough her LMR and as I tried I could sense her not liking it… and it was genuine. Sometimes but not always girls just won’t have sex on the first date because they’ve made a contract with themselves and are extremely good at keeping it. I hope to see her again as I really liked her and could see myself spending some quality time with her… We’ll see..

Sunday: I reunite with an old flame that I picked up 5 years ago. If anyone has heard my “blow-job movie story” they will know who this girl is. If you haven’t you’ll just have to find the audio yourself somewhere on the internet.

Pick-up, when done correctly is so powerful. You have no idea. It’s 5 years later and she still remembers everything about the night I romanced her. Now that I think about it, Hyper was actually there when I picked her up at Barnes and Nobles watching the whole thing go down… When I met up with her it was as if no time had gone by at all. We shared some stories, caught up and left my favorite spot in the city to head back to my place. I forgot just how awesome this chick is and will definitely be be bringing her back into my life…

All in all a very fun weekend but like I said earlier… Juggling women is hard and a lot of responsibility. If this is the lifestyle you find yourself living because you haven’t found the “ONE” as of yet then be sure to keep in mind that women are fragile and have feelings just like you and the last thing you ever want to do is leave them worse than when you met them. If you can’t properly handle multiple women and keep them happy and satisfied than maybe you should only have one or two in the mix.

12 thoughts on “I’m exhausted… 4 nights in a row!

  1. The part where you guys role played made me laugh xD

    I’d love it if you could expand more on that last paragraph about properly handling multiple women and keeping them happy and satisfied.

    • Irv…

      When I meet women I make sure that I add value to their lives and don’t lie or manipulate them in ways that is not congruent with who I am. Being honest where you stand with the women you meet is the best policy…

      Women need attention as do men and if I can’t give them the attention that they need and deserve and I feel like they are falling for me too hard I will say good bye as to not make them wish they hadn’t met me…


  2. That sounds like one hell of an amazing weekend! Learning to juggle multiple girls who’ve been seduced, or in various stages of seduction is something I’ve really focused on in the last year. Man can it be tough! But the fruits are rewarding… So much more for me to learn! I strive to be on your guys’ level one day!

    A quick question sir! What sorts of things do you ask girls typically on a first date??? Any major themes you routinely cover???


    • Jason…

      Every date I have is different. I am very organic with my dates but what I don’t do is interview them… If I ask a question it will be because I genuinely want to know their answer… I wish I could break it down for you but like I said I am just always present with my interactions and go with the flow of what is happening…


  3. Hey Glenn,

    Inspiring as usual. Im right now working on implementing new beliefs into my brain. In this regard I have a question…

    What are the 5 most important mindsets/Beliefs you personally have that makes you succesfuld with women…

    An answer would mean a lo to me as Im constantly working on my game and going out.

    Thank you

    • MArtin…

      it all comes down to 1 belief and one belief only… Deservedness!!!

      Live by that word! You deserve it all and all the beliefs which you are questioning will follow.


  4. Do you ever feel guilty about sharing the intimate details of dates with girls who really like you with the whole internet?

    • Miller…

      Excellent question.

      The answer is NO… If I were to feel guilty it would mean that I am doing something wrong.

      The real intimate details of ones life is never revealed by me. Sure I tell you what happened and what she said, bla, bla… But you will never hear me tell you very personal facts about any woman anywhere on the net…

      90% of the women I hook up with know what I do and LOVE it & give me permission to write about them… That’s 90% and the others I just don’t tell because it didn’t come up…

      And if you want to get technical with intimate details, let’s look at facebook, Gossip mags, Google and Apple sharing your info with everyone… Nothing is private anymore but I always respect the women I am with…


    • Social K…

      I’m always narrowing down. It’s a never ending game of chicks in my life and then chicks not in my life. For me, it’s hard to find women I like to spend a lot of time with. I am a very picky guy and have little tolerance for emotional hysterics or games. BUt the more you meet the more likely you’ll find some women that last more than a month. Typical time for me is about 5-7 times. Usually after that I’m done with her and on to the next. I love sex but I also love energy and connection.

      I like to seduce a woman and then decide just how compatible we are out of the bedroom…


      • I feel where you’re coming from.

        Each of us may reach that plateau after a while,where we look for quality(in the sense that the HB actually has something going on for herself).

        I’ve been having that prob over the years,where I’d have to cut and run after a 2 off because the chic turned out to be extremely bland.

        A chic can’t connect with me on a deeper level:she’ll be cut off briskly.

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